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Draw something beautiful for us and tag it #autodesksketchbook . We're on a mission to find the best art made with our app.

The finished version of the black-and-white drawing we featured earlier today from @devioussqurl. Stunning. Love it!
@devioussqurl is working on this antler chandelier lady, and it looks really cool. "Will add some color and add it to my collection of chandelier characters concepts I started." A whole bunch of chandelier characters? We're in.
A lovely FlipBook illustration from Twitter user ハル (@hal61821523 ). We love seeing subtle animation, and this one is a real winner. Totally cool.
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We could watch @msaninm draw stuff all day. And we'd love to see a wooden mechanical pencil like this one. Follow him if you like product design. He's good at it.
Wondering what to get yourself this year? We know just the thing. Grab a year of SketchBook for half off. It's our Black Friday sale — the biggest discount we offer, and it starts right now. We also have a Holiday Gift Guide for you on the SketchBook Blog if you're looking for just the right creative gift for your artistic family and friends. Don't have any friends? Lost all connection with your family after the last election? There's nothing wrong with shopping for yourself. Somebody has to, so get in there and get something while the getting's good:
Some lovely designs from for the #weeklydesignchallenge , which posts a new challenge every Thursday. Love that Halloween themed Jason Myers knife company design, but we love the color on those goggles even more. Looking sharp.
We've all seen it. That YouTube DMCA takedown face, which indicates that some piece of content may violate someone's copyright. On the SketchBook Blog this week we're asking the question, "Who Owns Fan Art?" How can you tell if fan art you create is on the up and up? Is any fan art legally defendable? Some IP holders — surprisingly among them Disney — even quietly bless some kinds of fan-generated content. It can be hard to know how to think about copyright when it comes to fan art, but we give it a pretty good shot. Read all about it at
A smoking pipe design by @jo_segers along with a few more that he drew for the @weeklydesignchallenge , an IG handle that puts out a new challenge every Thursday. Join in if product design is your thing.
These pruning shears imagined by totally look like crows. Just needs a big eyeball in the center. Nice job on these cutters, Elizabeth, and thanks for tagging #autodesksketchbook .
@nexo_patrimonio shares a #wip that's "reconstructing memories of the past from the Iron Age." He's an archaeologist digging up all kinds of things, so it's not surprising that his art follows the same trajectory. We dig it. ⛏
On the blog this weekend we have our absolute favorite artist and writer on all things where art meets perception @monikazagrobelna tackling the Pros and Cons of Digital Art. She breaks down what's good and bad about both digital and traditional art. Lots of people have strong opinions about what's "real" and "not real" when it comes to art. Of course, nobody's right — but there is one that's right for you. Read a little about drawing at
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