I keep looking back at her
🇲🇽 🤙🏾 35milli @paulowallo
no time for love. dating my self. Happy Valentines Day. Enjoy your Fucking Flowers 🧚‍♂️🌹
getting there
mood today as I enter the studio is Anthony Keidis playing Woodstock 94 in nothing but a tube sock #soxoncox
magnificent #barragan
this is the best!!! #seanscully #barragan
no clue who the artist is 🤙🏾
‘Here’s Your Fucking Flower’ closes this Sunday... and here’s some fucking film from the journey. Thanks for tuning in. @ibidgallery #uncut
@ibidgallery has two great openings tonight plus my show has been extended. Come on by #songsinthekeyoflife #heresyourfuckingflower
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do you fancy my cacti?
holidays, @everyone
please donate whatever you can to Buddha’s Smile School for the holidays. The woman on the right, Rajan, started out by walking through the slums and settlements outside of Varanasi, and convincing children and their mothers to let them come to school. “School” is really just another word for haven in this scenario. This woman has single handedly saved over 220 children’s lives. From the slums, sex trafficking, and begging, to education, and love. $25 pays for an entire year of school supplies. $180 pays for an entire years education. I will be going back there to work with these kids. And you should help out any way you can too. I love them!!!! 😻🎅🏿#buddhassmileschool #happyholidays #givebackorgetout ... link in bio
Chanukah gift to myself for myself. Feels goooooood... painting by @adamberis ... 🎅🏾🎅🏿
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