Deeper Shade of Black

🏳️‍🌈Lina Aster "I am Half-Sick of Shadows..."(с) Gothic, dark art and cosplay photographer, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. UAPF member. #deepershadeofblack

Sweet dreams are made of.... Mmm?:) Would you dare to dream of someone like her? :) . Model: fabulous @chillywillylalala MUA: @veta_makeup . Full set is already in my website.
FD: NARUTO @burri_cosplay as Sasuke @julia_harnois as Naruto . Assistance: @kirikcosplay @eldar.sama . Мы не только яой снимали, честно :) Продолжение следует :) . #Aster_n_Bridget_imaginary #deepershadeofblack
Such a rebellious and fragile beauty.. The one and only @burri_cosplay as #sasukeuchiha . My adoration grows day by day 💙🖤💙🖤 And you know, we have A LOT of super hot new shots ;) . #Aster_n_Bridget_imaginary #deepershadeofblack
Teaser from our brand new shooting. @julia_harnois as Naruto @burri_cosplay as Sasuke . Яой в каждый дом :) Спасибо всей нашей огромной (по моим социофобным меркам) команде. Ребята, вы очешуительно круты, продолжаем в том же духе! . #Aster_n_Bridget_imaginary #deepershadeofblack
#friday13th ! So, here comes my precious Elven prince, @burri_cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive. Isn't she just awesome in this cosplay? 🖤💙🖤 . #Aster_n_Bridget_imaginary #deepershadeofblack
Happy birthday to the cool cosplayer and one of the best 2b I've ever seen - @_mika666 !
Model, MUA, style: @ira_kurashyna . Seems like I'm pretty good in portraits, not only in dark art :)
I'm slightly mad about mermaids :) How do you like that steam-punk one that I was lucky to catch in Copenhagen? Model, craft, MUA: @model.anna.misty . #deepershadeofblack
Finally finished. Full set is already in my website (link in bio). 2b - @_mika666 . Села упорядочивать косплейные (и не только) тфп-съемки. Поняла, что надо брать себя в руки и ретачить в хронологическом порядке, а не как тараканы в голове решат. Вот, доделала февральский сет с Микой. . Кому актуально - буду в Харькове с пятницы по воскресенье, пишите, ежели кто хочет меня видеть. Вечер субботы отдан Даме сердца, остальное время распределяемо.
Teaser from our Sunday's shooting. Love-love-love it :) Stunning @_mukha as Raven from #teentitans . . До конца лета я в Киеве, не считая пары дней а Харькове (точных дат пока нет). На Fan Expo в Одессу всё-таки не поеду. Если кто чего от меня хотел здесь - пишите. Кстати, есть ещё 2 места на подводную съёмку 6.08 ;)
Hey, I just realized that I didn't show you our superhot #saekano cosplay! #kasumigaokautaha by @_moin_chan_ . As you can see, lingerie cosplay is lil bit out of my style, but I can shoot it quite good. And what do you think about "hot girls" on my page?
🖤🖤 NEED SOME LOVE & HELP🖤🖤 . Fluffs, my Muse @burri_cosplay is undergoing a crisis 😪. She has lost her creative faith and decided that her art is... I just can't repeat it :( So, I need your help. 💜Let's tell her that she is awesome💜 Send her lil love in comments, and this world will get one more happy artist. It's important for me to keep her in joyful mood :) . FD: Avatar CH: Zuko Cosplayer: @burri_cosplay . #Aster_n_Bridget_imaginary #deepershadeofblack
Hey-hey, have you seen our Scarecrow set? It's finished, check my website and enjoy (link in bio). . FD: Batman. Arkham Knight CH: Scarecrow Cosplay, craft, MUA: @mockingbird_shuiki . Я условно свободна до начала августа, места на съёмки есть. Например, такой сет, как этот, обойдется в 2К грн вместе с арендой студии. Фотографии отдаю в течении 3 недель.
Singing "Happy birthday" to @imzukich , cool artist, who creates freaking awesome characters. Here is our interpretation of IDJIT as a lil greeting card 🖤🖤🖤 Cosplay: @kirikcosplay Assistance: @burri_cosplay
This tale was cursed from the start. But who am I to resist an everlasting falling? 🖤 My muse, my darkest dream, my Last Enchantment. Not mine, but who am I to ask? You are on my side, so I will stand it all. Cursed for everyone. But not for you. Our fairy tale continues, once it will become history. And it will be brighter than I ever thought. . Just and advise - never shoot your beloved in fake blood if you can't split an image and reality in your head. I was fucking scared and nervous during this shooting.. . Model, everlasting dream and muse: @burri_cosplay MUA: @ira_kurashyna . #deepershadeofblack #Aster_n_Bridget_imaginary
Seems like we (@burri_cosplay and me) are going to German Comic Con (Berlin, October). I still don't know, will we both do some cosplays, or I'll stay "just an ordinary servant of her beauty" and only my Fluff will prepare something interesting. If you want to meet us - don't hesitate to contact us, we both are cute and friendly enough :) . Model: @model.anna.misty and I'll hope, she will go to the Con with us :)
Finally came back home from my northern heavy-metal vacations. And upcoming week is going to be as hot as hell :) Lot of work in the office, 2 new shootings and awful amount of retouch.. And right now I just want to hide under the table, but...
And then her beauty crushed my heart.. @burri_cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive . #deepershadeofblack #Aster_n_Bridget_imaginary
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