"My parents wanted me to be a lawyer.But I don't think I would have been very happy. I'd be in front of the jury singing"-JL

Here’s @jlo and @arod on a Friday night and then there’s my lazy ass
👑’s birthday in 4 days!!!!!
Click the link in @jlo ’s bio for the full trailer!!! 😍😍 #SecondAct
Sis looks so good!!!
Night 🌙
JRod lookin’ fly or whateva 😎💅🏼
Mama’s birthday in 8 days!!!
#SecondAct full trailer coming in just a few days!!! @jlo @egt239 @stxentertainment (vc @jloverg12 )
#DINERO has been nominated to two @mtv Video Music Awards!!! 🎉
Have y’all not learn not to mess with Harlee’s family 😪 @nbcshadesofblue @jlo
That hair!!!! @chrisappleton1 went off, I love it.
👀👀 what’s she up to now 🤔
El Anillo remix is here 🤙🏻 @jlo @ozuna
Golden Babe 😘
Happy birthday @j_r_o_s
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