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Ivy on the wall, ivy on my legs... do you like patterned tights?
France or Croatia - who will you be supporting in the World Cup final? 🤔
What are your plans for Sunday? Me? I need some time to relax... ❤️
I delight in the way the morning sun paints patterns on my skin...
Beautiful Rome
More on my blog ❤️ Peonies are one of my favourite flowers, and although they are now out of season I can have a constant reminder of them and their beauty... all thanks to this colourful dress. The pink, floral fabric is so vibrant and expressive that I decided to combine it with much more subtle elements: a plain, navy blue cardigan, sheer nude stockings, and beige high heels.
After watching another emotional World Cup football match, I’ve returned to my computer to put together a new and exciting e-mail especially for my patrons 💋 This time, it will feature pictures from behind the scenes of one my latest photoshoots set in a beautiful garden 🙈 Do you want to see them but aren’t among my ever-growing list of loyal patrons? Well, don’t worry, you can add your name to that list by simply signing up at to receive exclusive content direct from me - and I can assure you, it’ll definitely be worth your while! :) ❤️
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