— lee (she/her)

i make ridiculous marvel incorrect scenes. key word: ridiculous.

i miss killmonger ohhhhhh god — dialogue cr: wrong_mbachalla on tw btw this is the last post of this theme, hopefully my next theme won't flop like this one shsksj
your daily sad tony dose (blame polarr and phonto and my phone for the shitty quality) — dialogue cr: Heathers
i'm going to post twice today :) also this is only like the second time i feature wanda in my edits shskdsjsk — dialogue cr: an Avatar comic, i believe
i'm not sure how i feel about a4 taking place 5 years after iw.... okay, i don't like it. also i'm 110% sure steve rogers is going to die and frankly i'm not ready. — dialogue cr: Jennifer Lawrence talking about Chris Pratt
me: brain....... please...... give me some endorphin..... brain: hMMmM what's thaaaaat,,,,, i hear that it's cOrTIsOl tIMEEE me: n-no.. — dialogue cr: i've seen the dialogue way too many times that i don't know what is the original
damn gay* — dialogue cr: idlebluedays on tumblr
i said peppernat and i stand by my words. i'm this close to calling this theme "natasha romanoff" bc i've had 3 posts featuring her now. (me: prepares self to see this post flop) — dialogue cr: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
i want to post some peppernat next but i know it'll flop bad ugh — dialogue cr: me, but i saw that quote like years ago
fourth of july have passed but i already made this so here you go. happy birthday once again to steeb. — dialogu cr: stevetonytexts on tw
it's steve's birthday. the avengers (plus his best buds bucky and sam) wish him a happy birthday. tony sends a letter. — [ happy birthday to my other half of favorite brooklyn boys ] I FINALLY FINISH THIS *wheezes* this took so long to make and i fell asleep last night in the midst of making it. well, it's done now. it's so freaking shitty but whatever. HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY, STEVEN GRANT ROGERS. i'm trying so hard not to cry remembering that this is his last birthday. goddamn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SM — dialogue cr: me (do i have a talent at writing sappy letters?) btw this is such a rush, you can see the 52 flaws it has in every slide, i'm so sorry, i just want to post on steve's birthday before it's globally too late
in honor of ant-man & the wasp coming out tomorrow dum dum dum (i'm seeing it on thursday but whatever) (istg people need to stop sleeping on this movie and marvel could have done a better job at promoting it) — dialogue cr: me
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — dialogue cr: Brooklyn Nine-Nine filter cr: @cloudfilters 💓
i'm back and i'm bringing winteriron (and minor buckynat) with me. — dialogue cr: notacyborg on tumblr filter cr: @polarrpresets
the white texts are sam's, the yellow text is bucky's in case it's not clear. i miss sambucky so much. btw my recent three posts are flopping so bad, i have no idea why. — dialogue cr: incorrectmarvel on tw filter cr: @polarrpresets
AU where peter and rhodey are sent to go on a mission to an island somewhere together — dialogue cr: Jurassic World filter cr: @polarrpresets
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