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That time I went for a hike to the waterfall in #Bali and found out this mini waterfall on the way... 😛 ————— After some time at home, I’m back on the road again. Heading to Lebanon and Jordan (both new countries for me). Any tips? Apart from stuffing my face with hummus and falafel of course 🥙😋 Then I’ll pop in to Egypt to see what I haven’t seen last time. Fun fact: Egypt was the first place I traveled to solo when I was 18 years old. Curious how it changed 🤩
Rice fields are always full of water. But did you know that rice doesn’t actually need that much water to grow? But it can survive in such watery conditions, whereas weeds cannot so it’s a natural protection against them. How cool is that? 😍 👗: @hellomolly _______ #bali #ricefields #rice #wonderfulindonesia #funfacts
Anyone wants to travel with a carry-on only? @vacaystyle offers a mix & match outfit collections that consist of 5 items. Those 5 items, combined with two basics from your closet can create up to 15 outfits. Vacay is designed to be versatile, so even if you want to try out one or two pieces, you still get a ton of new looks. Check out my blog post to see all the combinations! ☺️ #vacaystyle #sponsored
The definition of pink Valentine’s Day. I even matched the carpet woth my dress and shoes 😛 Madonna Inn is definitely one of the craziest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Each room design is also different - we opted for the blue flower room 🌸 . #pink #madonnainn #valentinesday #sanluisobispo #visitcalifornia
Tennis is more fun on a pink court! 🎾 I used to play tennis a lot as a kid but haven’t done it in years. Do you do any sports? . . #pinktennis #madonnainn #tennisgirl #sanluisobispo #visitcalifornia
“There’s only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” - Aristoteles. For a long time I wanted to please everyone here. I was worried that my posts aren’t interesting enough. I was afraid of criticism for going to more luxury places. I debated whether you might be interested in very off the path places. But no matter what I posted or said, there was always someone who didn’t like it or agreed with it. I can’t please everyone, no one can. Life’s more enjoyable when you do you, and those who were meant to will stick around ☺️ Do you agree?
Because airstreams are romantic 🧡💙 Do you like staying at unusual accommodation? Matt and I are heading somewhere pretty unusual for Valentine’s Day - follow along on our stories 😉 #valentinesday #airstream #joshuatree
Finally visited Joshua Tree National Park last week. The scenery makes you feel like in Dr Seuss books, waiting for Lorax to pop up! 👗: @sheinofficial
TRAVEL GIVEAWAY 🛍🎁 In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve partnered with @shangrilaparis to give away a romantic getaway in Paris for two! The winner will receive a 3-night stay with breakfast at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel, Paris (with amazing views of the Eiffel Tower!) and a romantic dinner for two at their restaurant, La Bauhinia! The winner is @elizasadler !
COCONUTS 🥥! In the #Maldives I’ve learned that coconuts are associated with black magic spells if cursed. In 2013, a coconut described as ‘young’, got detained by the police for loitering the elections and being suspiciously cursed. Luckily, it was found innocent and released after an inspection of a white magician (it’s not a joke, google it!). Any coconuts 🥥 fans here? —— I didn’t intentionally dress to match the sunset colors🤣 #dressedtomatch
I promised myself that I’ll be putting up content on my blog faster, so one on the Giraffe Manor is up - it answers the most common question: is it worth the price? There’s also a video! Link in a bio ☺️
I know that many of you think that you’ll probably never go to expensive resorts, because you can’t afford it. I get it. Growing up, my family wasn’t vacationing in fancy resorts, but a guesthouse by the beach that looking back, was more crowded than Times Sq at NYE 😛 When I started traveling on my own I was staying at hostels (sidenote: I think every young traveler should experience hostel life at some point). I hadn’t been to a 5* hotel (or even a spa of any kind 😛) until I was 27. But if I could finally get to the point that I can afford to stay where I want (not every place I stay at is sponsored - will explain more in my next post), I’m sure you can too, it just won’t happen overnight 😉
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