Anett Velsberg

food photographer & stylist 💌 ✧ DELICIOUSLY VEGAN APP⇣✧

* 1, 2, 3 or 4? ⭐️ Smoothie bowls in my favourite colours at the moment. Slightly obsessed with all the pinks & blues 💕✨
* Hot chocolate with vegan marshmallow snowmen ☃️ cute or no? Created this in partnership with @omg_superfoods and their hot chocolate mix with maca in it. So so good and such a quick + easy way to make yourself a cup of rich chocolatey goodness. Check the link in my bio for the recipe! And use the code CHOCOLATE to get a discount on their hot choc ❤️ #hotchocolate #snowman #omg_superfoods #sponsored #christmas
If they look like fruit that means I can eat them all right?☺️✨ These are vegan and gluten free lemon vanilla donuts, almost too cute to eat 💛
* Nothing like an epic vegan burger to start off the weekend 🍔 who's with me? Full recipe on #deliciouslyveganapp , link in my bio❤️ This is another video for #recipesandmelodies so make sure you turn the sound on! Custom music by @waxyhustle ✨
* LEFT or RIGHT? ✨ Coconut berry smoothies with more berries in top ✌🏼 styling inspired by my faves @pana_chocolate 💕🌸
* Vegan mac & cheese donuts 💛 tag someone who would like this! And turn the sound on if ya feel like getting groovy ✨custom music by @waxyhustle #recipesandmelodies PS. You can find the recipe for my fav vegan mac n cheese on the #deliciouslyveganapp , link in bio 🧀
* 1, 2, 3 or 4? ✨ Who knew that hot chocolate powder would make such a great smoothie bowl? I used @omg_superfoods Hot Chocolate with Maca for these ones. Just add frozen bananas, a few scoops of this and a little bit of almond milk for a super tasty, nutrient-rich bowl. Berries and bananas on top are highly recommended too! Use the code CHOCOLATE to get a discount when buying a hot choc of theirs ☺️❤️ #OMGsuperfoods #hotchocolate #smoothiebowls #sponsored #nicecream
* Too cute to eat? 💛 Two of my favourite things in one - vegan donuts and animals! ✨
* Mermaid nice cream cups ✨ who can guess the secret ingredient? 💛
* All I want tonight is a big bowl of this 👆🏼 and a movie ❤️who's with me? The recipe for my favourite arrabbiata on the app, link in bio!
* Cucumber lattice maki rolls! Tag a sushi lover 🍣 This is the second video for #recipesandmelodies , with custom music by @waxyhustle , so make sure you listen to this with the sound on! 🎶✨ Full recipe for this is on the app, link in bio 💛
* Feeling tartsy today. 💕who wants to share this with me? You can find the recipe for my fave lemon tart on the app, link in bio ✨
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