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Join me on my mission to save the arts in public schools by doing nothing more than buying beer.

Haha! This is the funniest photo I’ve ever taken. Dave looks like a bad ass tough guy rock star and I look like my crush finally decided to dance with me. Thank you @foofighters for always being so cool and for slaying Madison Square Garden! Thanks for capturing this candid moment @atibaphoto !!
This movie is so much fun to shoot. Imma song and dance man once again! @isntitromanticmovie will be in theaters next Valentine’s Day and it’s cuteness meter is OFF THE CHARTS.
We produced this very funny movie. The bud/ director of Mike and Dave @szyjake helmed this banger. The kids in this movie are incredibly funny and talented. They are the next gen. Do yourself a favor and watch it if you like the giggles. @netflix AUGUST 10th!!!
Variety hitting you with them puns on high! Very excited to be acting along side comedy kings Danny McBride and John Goodman. Thanks for having me HBO. Its time for me to put pants back on and go back to work.
Goodbye chlo chlo zow! It was a great start to the summer I’ll be back in a month to wrap the ultimate summer fun series. I’m heading to the east coast to shoot a show that I’m very exited to tell ya’ll about but I can’t yet. Issa secret. Next time Chloe will be wearing a @captainMorganusa hat MARK MY WORDS.
Happy 6th of July everyone! It’s important to celebrate everyday like it’s a holiday! 📸 @atibaphoto
Shout out to the troops who protect our country and choose fun. Thanks to @carnival and @operationhomefront for having me. #humorforheroes
Had a blast at the @nba awards this year. Shaq says he’s never seen my movies or tv shows but he likes that commercial I was in where I ripped my chest hair off. He was everything I wanted him to be! Chuck was the man but he might be confusing me with someone else because he says we’ve shot something together. Banes was v cool and v Australian. Australians are always the coolest. And Candice was a champ literally and figuratively. We presented together and she was so nice cool and funnny. She also said her 9 year old daughter is almost my size. @adamraycomedy was my plus one and came dressed as a low level agent for Eastern European players. Thank you @nba and @nbaontnt !
I’ve had literally thousands of pictures taken of me on stage and I’ve looked like a troll who lives under a bridge or a horrific helicopter accident victim in every one of them UNTIL NOW. Thank you girl at the Laugh Factory who caught me in my NATURAL pose of a cool as ice dude. 🙏🏽 📸 @comedyhipster #CoolasIce #summerjawline
This is my dad and I in Iraq on Christmas Day. My dad is the man and is down to do anything, go wherever and meet anyone. He plays the harmonica and is a sharp shooter on the pool table. I hope to be half the man he is at his age. Call your dads and tell them how much they mean to you. Even if they’re “tough guys” they appreciate it. #wonkyeye
To all my gay friends out there! Stay prideful! Also, to that sad man in Tennessee who owns the hardware store that won’t let gay people buy a hammer to fix a shelf. Grow up, ya sad dweeb. Love ya’ll and stay safe! 📸 @babynewch
Me and the ROO boo. We had a great time at @bonnaroo ! Chlo dawg is finishing school in NYC and I have to go back to LA so I won’t get to see her for a few weeks. I’m glad we got to link up at Bonnaroo and not remember eating pizza together! #chesthair #notavneck
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