America Ferrera

While Amy & Dina take their time figuring out that they are BFFs on tonight’s episode 👯‍♀️, @laurenelizabethash and I have professed our undying love for one another long ago. Not only did I get to spend this episode acting with my girl, but @laurenelizabethash WROTE THIS EPISODE!!! Get it Mama! So proud of you! It’s a hilarious and also BIG EPISODE!!! Trust me. You don’t want to miss it! @nbcsuperstore tonight at 8pm!
Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes and love you sent my way!! Spent a gorgeous day with my beloved @ryanpierswilliams in the city we love. Feeling celebrated by the sunshine and giddy for the year ahead! Bring it on 34!
I’m just trying to get to my HOT 80’s like Maya Angelou told me to! But for now, I’m grateful for the 34 years of getting to know myself. I appreciate the opportunity to come closer to the best version of me through my friends, my family, my community, my loves, my creativity, the heartbreaks and the challenges. Today I give thanks for all the love in my life and and for all the love to come!!! 😍 #34
Some of the gorgeous Artists & Activists at our incredible HARNESS retreat this weekend. So grateful for this ever expanding community of change-makers who always show up for the work! @iwillharness #firedupreadytogo #butfirstanap #causepregnancy 📸by @davidmoriya
Real life emoji @benmfeldman 😬 directed tonight’s new & very funny episode of @nbcsuperstore - He didn’t do a great job hiding my bump in this shot, but I didn’t do a great job driving the cart so we’re even. #spotthebabybump
So sad that the beautiful and brilliant #AmsaleAberra has passed at far too young an age. She designed this dress and veil for one of the happiest days of my life. She poured her heart and passion into making me feel exactly how I wanted to on my special day. She will forever be a part of my joyful memories. May she Rest In Peace.
Let’s ignite the next generation of female explorers by telling the stories of the awesome ones who are already out there dominating everyday! Had the best morning with these rad NYC #GirlScouts and @thenorthface #SheMovesMountains #gsoutdoors #sponsored
No poopie diaper games here. Just dancing, drinking (water for me 🤗), and some of the people we love to celebrate the little human we can’t wait to meet. @beautyessexla was a gorgeous place to celebrate (👈🏽not being paid to say that). And get you an amazing friend like @elsamariecollins who always shows up for you and throws the best parties!
This is the 💩eating grin that is permanently plastered on my face when I’m directing Superstore! Find out why, TONIGHT at 8pm when @nbcsuperstore returns with a brand new episode I directed!! Hint: Cause it’s funny. Thanks @danielletbd for the fun interview in @variety
This was the first book I memorized from beginning to end as a kid! Can’t wait to read it to the bump! Give me your favorite kids’ books recs please! Update: Thank you for the recs!!! Y’all are the best!!
Oh, Snap!!! Look who’s back in the director’s chair for this week’s brand new episode of @nbcsuperstore ... ME, ME, I AM 🙋🏻‍♀️!! And I had the awesomest writer/co-pilot, Jackie Clarke! It’s a good one if I do say so myself. Don’t miss the return of Superstore this Thursday! 🎬
Season 4 officially coming your way baby!!!!! Get ready for more @nbcsuperstore Wahoo!!!! #season4pickup 😘 @jsalke
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