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Spreading mindful movement. Making exceptional yoga clothing. Building community around the 🌎. And taking yoga beyond the studio & into the street.

Yoga is global. So is Alo. Om-azing news: international shipping is now FAST & FREE! We just OMed our global online ordering process. Enjoy free shipping & faster delivery on ALL international orders. Get your yoga on, wherever you are! #aloyoga
“Above all else, follow the things that make you feel alive.” - Unknown. We’re feeling alive just watching these two @gypsyon__ & @pablos.perspective 😍😍😍Tag your most flexible friends! #aloyoga
Want to get the details on how to get into this INSTA-favorite pose? @martina_sergi shows us how it’s done in our Goddess Leotard. #aloyoga
"We’re here to love. Everything else is secondary. E V E R Y T H I N G. Don’t wait for the right person, the right job, the right opportunity to love. Love does not depend on your external “situation”. It is you, free from the delusion of constant danger. It’s you- surrendered to the moment. It’s you, one with the world. Joined in. In union. Don’t wait. Reach out. Love now." Want to practice with @talia_sutra ? She teaches some incredible classes on our new yoga app, @alo.moves including her #loveandalliscoming series & Hatha Bliss. Right now with any Alo purchase, we're giving you a free 30-day membership to try out the app. #aloyoga
Meet the Airbrush Thong & Cheeky! Introducing the next best thing to nothing. Invisible. Light as air. Practice perfect. Luxe, second-skin, breathable Italian stretch fabric is ultra-smooth and moves with you, perfect for working out and wearing out. Click the link in our bio to shop! featured here on @aubrymarie @caleyalyssa #aloyoga
“Protect your space and circle. Invest in people who you know will feed you just as much goodness as you do them.” - Unknown. ✨ @andrew7sealy , @meliniseri & @nwoy come full circle in Alo. Tag your circle! #aloyoga
Summertime ☀️ is inspiring us to do more yoga near a pool, though we wouldn’t recommend you try what @patrickbeach is doing at home without some major practice first 😉 Want to learn handstands directly from him & @carlingnicole ? You’re in luck 💫 they just released their new Journey To Handstands video series on @alo.moves. It’s a month long program for anyone looking to achieve their first handstand or advance their inversion practice — and right now with any alo purchase, you can get 30 days free to @alo.moves ! Tag the friends that are working on their handstands 🙌 #aloyoga
Yoga challenges on Instagram are such an inspiring way for us to all connect! Have you tried one yet? They’re great for strengthening your yoga practice, connecting with other yogis in the community & being able to be held accountable daily. Challenges are open to all levels, so ANYONE can participate (even you!), and each one has a different theme! Some we’re excited about for July: #FlexibleALOver to help you focus on expanding your flexibility, #CantQuitYourSplit for those working on your splits, & #YourBodyYourPractice for the yogi who needs a reminder to love your practice for where you’re at today (sometimes it’s easy to compare yourself to others on this little app!) Click the link in our bio for all the details on each challenge & spend some quality time on your mat this month like @kevindhofer. We’ll be following each challenge hashtag to keep up with your journeys! #aloyoga
Happy Fourth of July! Take this day to spend time celebrating you & your loved ones and how amazing it is that you’re all free to be yourselves! #aloyoga 🎥: @adellbridges @judithbrivera
Don’t you just love a little OM at home? 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ We’re giving FREE 30-day trials* to our new yoga app, @Alo.Moves , with EVERY Alo purchase! @Alo.moves let’s you practice at home or on-the-go with thousands of video series & single classes, taught by the world’s most inspiring teachers! (FYI, the trial won’t result in any reoccurring charges and only people who are new to Alo Moves can use it.) #aloyoga 🎥: @gypsyon__
Join us for 30 Days of Mindful Movement: Elements of Summer with @jadealectra , @andrew7sealy , @calvmonster , @yogawithbriohny , @actionjacquelyn , @meliniseri , & @aubrymarie for 4 weeks of invigorating & restorative flows that celebrate the four elements: earth, air, fire & water. WEEK 1: EARTH Get grounded with centering flows that support a strong & stable foundation WEEK 2: AIR Focus on rejuvenating breathwork & inversions to find more balance on the mat WEEK 3: FIRE Sweat it out with strength-building flows for waking up the core & energizing the mind WEEK 4: WATER Slow it down & let what you’ve learned sink in with a week of intuitive, meditative flows How to join in: 1. Subscribe to Alo's YouTube channel to get the daily videos 2. Sign up & get the printable calendar of each day's class: (link in bio!) 3. Share your progress throughout the week with us on Instagram & include #30daysofmindfulmovement in your post & stories 4. Tag the friends you want to do this with! ❤️ BONUS: We’re giving away 10 mats and a 6-month subscription to @alo.moves & anyone who signs up gets the chance to win one! #aloyoga
Alo Gives is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to bringing yoga to kids and underserved communities. Alo has supported environmental and pro-social causes like Yoga For Smiles, National Forest Foundation, Yoga Gives Back, GirlsBuildLA and SheLift over the past few years. And all proceeds from our Mindful Movement book that launched November 2016 have been dedicated to supporting Alo Gives. And we are deeply excited to be supporting the @baale_mane home for girls, many of whom have been rescued from child labor, domestic violence, living on the streets, or have dangerous family situations in Bangalore, India. We sent yogi @joshkrameryoga to meet the @baale_mane girls and their caregivers and learn more about their facilities needs in June 2017. We are so inspired by the girls’ spirit and dedication to yoga and knew we had to get involved with supporting them as soon as we heard their story so we’re building them a yoga pavilion and providing more hygienic facilities for them. We’re always looking for more ways to help our community through Alo Gives. What charities are close to your heart? #aloyoga
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