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Up, up, up, and away. This is how Penny feels about going to Berlin tomorrow. Any recommendations on where to go, what to see, and most importantly, where to eat are greatly appreciated! Our beautiful, and twinning outfits are from @laredoute_uk. And there’s a chance for you to win £500 to treat yourself, your kids, and your wardrobe over on their site. Just click the link in my bio to find out how to enter. #sponsored #mummyetmoi #mylaredoute
With Amelia away this week - and with my lack of pre-planning and organisational skills - we were left with a bit of quandary for this weeks #allthatisthree . Do we skip a week? Or do we draft in a stand in? I put it to a vote over on my Insta-Stories and the decision was unanimous. So, here you go, #allthatisthree (the Boy Dom edition).
I had a date this week. A date that I go on once, maybe twice (if I'm lucky) a week. A date that doesn't involve Boy Dom. And before you think the worst of me, no, this was no sordid affair with another man. This date was with someone hot, someone steamy; this someone was my shower. Me and my shower have been dating for a little while now, and we've recently decided to introduce the @RogerGallet Le Soin Aura Mirabilis ritual (Roger&Gallet’s first ever skincare range) to our plans. There’s a new post over on the blog discussing my love affair with the shower and this dreamy new collection that is making my skin glow. #rogergallet #modernempress #sponsored
For the first time in my life, I’m feeling pretty big. See the BTS on my Stories 👍🏻😉
Working together, living together, and raising kids together can be tough, at times intense, and it means that me and Boy Dom spend *a lot* of time together. Sometimes we probably would enjoy ‘flicking’ the other one away. But then there are the days, like today, when we laugh, we joke, the kids behave, all of our image ideas go to plan, and he gives me the last of the Haribos. I mean, if that’s not love, then I don’t know what is ☺️❤️
How many autumn photos would you have to post before it’s classed as ‘autumn spam’? 🙈 I think may be teetering on the edge. Although autumn does get a big yes from us, we’re thinking of going away end of this week. Any suggestions of where’s good to go around this time of year? We’re not fussy when it comes to temperature - it can be cold, hot, mild, we don’t mind - but it does need to be somewhere good for kids, and if it’s good for food then that’s even better. #allthatisthree
Penny is obsessed with bubbles. She also loves to snack. Mix the two together and you have a very happy Penny. If you’re wanting to change up the way you eat and create your snacks, then @saykallo have launched the #SnackSwap week this week. Join in with me and the rest of the #KalloCollective girls and receive advice and recipe ideas on how to shake up your weekly snacks. Share your Snack swaps using #SnackSwap for the chance of winning some Kallo goodies. Head over to the @saykallo Instagram page to sign up using the link in their bio. #KalloCollective #sponsored
I think it's fair to say that after the last two days, I have a whole new perspective on tea (perspective, get it). Spending two days with a bunch of talented Instagrammers, the ever-so-incredible @creatingforgood , and @taylors was always going to leave you feeling fired up and ready to take on the world (you need tea do to take on the world, am I right?). After a tour around the factory yesterday - which included a trial run at becoming a tea taster (my dream job!) - we were treated to an uplifting and motivational workshop ran by @belleannee and @jessonthames all about Master Storytellers. They spoke about the powers of photography, creating visions, interpreting authentically and starting conversations, and we looked into a huge variety of inspirational people, from David Attenborough, Malcolm Gladwell, Christine Amanpour, to fellow Instagrammers such as @andrewknapp. So, it's fair to say that I'm feeling massively inspired, my creative juices are flowing, and I can't wait to continue on this journey with the rest of the gang. #sponsored #cfgextraordinaryjourney
When you open a suitcase to discover it's full of your favourite thing; tea...and a new set of arms to pour it for you. Ok, I added those in myself, but the tea part was real. Last week, I received this vintage suitcase - full of tea, coffee and goodies - to kick start a 15-month journey that I'm lucky enough to be part of. Me and seven other seriously talented Instagrammers will all be working together with @creatingforgood and @taylors , all in support of @womenforwomenuk. The journey begins tomorrow in Harrogate and ends in 2019, in Rwanda, and I can't wait to share it all with you. I always say that I'm forever thankful for this job and for all of the opportunities that it brings, and this is definitely one of them. Thank you for making it possible #ad #cfgextraordinaryjourney
I hope the girls like pumpkin soup, because that’s all they’ll be having for the foreseeable future 😜🎃 #allthatisthree
What’s your favourite season? Mine is undoubtedly autumn. I’m not sure whether that’s because of the weather, the colours, the fashion, the food, or the fact that it’s the season of my birthday and I like presents 😉😂; but I know I’m an autumn girl, through and through. #WHPseasons
#ad Eyes bigger than my belly and always looking around for my next tasty morsel 😉 My kitchen lacks variety and I often fall into the trap of making the same food over and over again - croissants, sandwich, pasta, repeat - so me and my family are begging you all to help us to shake things up a bit. What are your go-to lunches and snacks in your house? Fancy sharing the recipes? If you’re also in one of these food ruts, then next week @saykallo are preparing to launch their #SnackSwap week - a week that challenges you to swap your everyday, boring recipes to something a little bit more delicious. If you want to join along with me and the rest of the #KalloCollective girls and receive advice and recipe ideas, head over to the @saykallo Instagram page where you can sign up through the link in their bio. #KalloCollective .
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