Alex Strohl

I tell stories with photography (& film) @stayandwander Based in Whitefish, Montana.

Dawn patrol in the Eastern Sierras, rushing towards the peaks to catch the first light ..
The first time I visited Lake McDonald I couldn’t believe how clear it was. No matter how far away from the shore I looked, I could still see it’s rocky bottom. So I hoped on a kayak to investigate and the views under the boat got even better. It felt like peeking over a new world..
It’s good to be home for a while..
A dream come true- watching the sun rise over Floe Lake high in the Canadian Rockies. I do all my work outside, the seasons pace it, and I work with @canonusa to document the shift between them. Nothing makes an alpine photograph like a massive peak reflected on a lake, and this goes back hundreds of years in paintings. In photography it’s a little different because it needs to happen for you capture it.. To make sure the odds are on my side, I check the weather forecast and look for low winds. I wake up way before sunrise, usually the rise of the sun brings thermal winds. And lastly, I pick a low vantage point over the water to maximize the reflection of the landscape on it.. Nothing scientific, just prep and a healthy dose of patience. Shot on #EOS80D with 10-18mm STM lens.
Scrambling up Mt Bjólfur before the evening storm catches up with us..
Lazy afternoons over the lake.. This was shot on the last day of a catalog shoot for Icebreaker. When we got to the days location, which happens to be a retreat where guests stay for up to a week, we were all hoping we could stay for a few days- or at least for the night..
I feel fortunate to live in a place where there are Octobers..
One of my fave things to do is showing people around our backyard. Mainly because you learn so many different ways to look at things. Each person brings their unique perspective and it’s always interesting hearing it.. This week we have @lyesk and @bentibbettsphotography (pictured) and very winter-esque conditions, which is a treat.
Tonight on the shores of Holland Lake. The temperatures have been pretty frigid up here and we are doing our best to make the most of this early winter. So.. started the day with some ski touring and ended with dinner by the fire..
Changing seasons in the northwest..
Oh Alberta
Paddling out on the fjord to the sound of waterfalls pouring into the ocean..
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