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I tell stories with photography & film @strohlalex France raised, Montana based. ↓ Take the summer photo workshop ↓

The first and second floor of our “alpine apartment” on Mt Kanin. I picked the lower one which happens to be the freshest.. and also the furthest away from the snoring of @markpetek 😅
Sundown in the Julian Alps. Going through round 2 of the Slovenia edits and found this gem of a sunset from the lower ridge of Mount Triglav. Do you see the hut on the right? That’s where we smashed a big plate of macaroni before the summit push💨
River diving with my brother a few weeks ago in🇨🇭waters.. Even though we see each other once a year it doesn’t take much for us to get back into sync. Thankful for this rare family time.
A Slovenian shepherds hut and Mount Ojstrica towering in the background. Even in the summer the wood stoves get fired up as soon as the sun sets.. What a surreal place..
The long day down from Mt Triglav, Slovenia. Stopping every minute to watch the lightning bolts go off inside that big cumulus.. feeling really happy this cloud is not above us⚡️
Daily routines- updating the journal after a long exhausting day scrambling in the mountains. Shot for @canonusa with the EOS 6D Mark II and the EF 24mm 1.4 II L aKa the King of Blue Hour⚡️. Been working on a lighter setup for these trips and I think I’ve figured it out.
Waiting for the clouds to clear in one of the many alpine shelters of the Kamnik Alps. Hard to beat these when the wind picks up!
Paddling down the Soča river. I dove from that rock on the bottom left of the image back in 2015. It was in July and we got here at sundown after having driven all day through Italy in the sweltering hot Defender. We parked and ran to the river 💦
Sleeping in a farmers hut in the Kamnik Alps. I foolishly assumed that these were only remnants of the past, no longer in use and rented to travellers. Then I took a walk through the village and stumbled upon farmers walking their cattle back home. The tradition is alive and well!
Free diving in the craziest cenotes in Mexico. Shot on assignment for @canonusa on the EOS 5D Mark IV and my go-to underwater lens, the 16-35mm 2.8 III L USM. To me, the keys to a solid split shot are: 1. Interesting light and or underwater scene. 2. A big lens port (dome shape) so that you have a bigger surface under and over water. 3. Pre-focus your image so that the moment is not missed, and know in advance if you are focusing for under or over the water. Infinite won’t work here! 5. Have fun and try new things. If you had a good time making the photos, it will show🙏🏻
A rainy night at the Kanin hut. The weather forecast looked pretty grim but I couldn’t leave this country without seeing this shelter. Perched on a ridge, surrounded by gnarly uneven terrain but as soon as you get inside, it’s like being home. @feelslovenia
After a long stretch of days in the high grounds of Slovenia we made our way down to the rivers.. One of my favourite ways to wash off after long exhausting days, an ice cold river. @feelslovenia
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