sc: martinez51

hiking through the snow
a few drone clips from my trip to colorado. hitting the road next week with @dannyduncan69 for another cross country road trip 🤙🏻
sunrise in the rockies
winter canyon
it's been a great year. enjoyed a lot of time traveling and seeing new places. all thanks to God for blessing me with family and friends that i can experience the good times with. thanks to everyone who supports what i do. can't wait for everything that's in 2018🌄
repelling down frozen waterfalls is how this guy likes to spend his mornings
Merry Christmas! hope your day was great. enjoy your time with family ❤️
when he tries to make a u-turn but gets stuck in deep snow. shoutout to the colorado locals with a truck for helping out 🤙🏻 wow what great people
had to sleep in the car to catch this sunrise. it was a brisk 12 degrees with no blanket but it was worth it
climb the mountains and get their good tidings
morning in the frosted meadows
the air is cold as winter settles in
slipped on a rock after this and my camera was a foot away from drowning in the river. thankful it didn't
come together. great time shooting for @dangerousbutgood
getting back out there soon
surreal experience being able to fly over this island
he lives vicariously through himself
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