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Congrats @laurajulaine and @tommy_novotny on your big day. . So happy for y’all. . Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day. . out dance floor...I am about to be #1 out there.
100% guaranteed I win best dancer at @laurajulaine wedding reception tomorrow night 🕺🏻
There once was a song written about me and it goes like this... . They see me rollin’ . They hatin’ . Patrolling . They tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty . 📸 cred : my boiiii @davidmullis
Anytime “Back That Azz Up” by Juvenile comes on, I blackout, forget that I can’t dance, and end up in this pose. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
When @artmonaghan flight gets delayed til tomorrow take him out for a drink and some good Mexican food. . Blessed to work for @1stphorm and meet awesome people like @artmonaghan. . Super proud of this dude for losing 300lbs and had an awesome time shooting great content with him. . Cheers, brother!
Happy 4th of July, Folks! . Nothing better than a little Bruce Springsteen to start of your 4th. . Y’all have a fun and safe 4th of July out there.
When you can’t swim so you gotta hangout by the side with pool noodles but you still smiling cuz you ain’t drown yet. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
Most likely thinking about donuts at this moment in time. . 📸 cred : my homie, @davidmullis
I know that I can't take no more . Ain't no lie . I want to see you out that door . Baby bye bye bye . @nsync . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
Anytime I walk into a donut shop 🍩 . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
I wanted to go for a run when I got home tonight but it started storming here in the STL, so instead of not working out...I remembered my roommate had some workout DVD’s so I chose to do a Paula Abdul dance one. . Like my shirt says sometimes you just gotta keep it movin’
Thankful that I get to be a part of @1stphorm . Can’t explain how amazing this whole weekend was at #summersmash2018 . Thank you for everybody who came out and made this weekend amazing. . Who’s already ready for #summersmash2019 ? . 📸 cred : my companion, @davidmullis
Happy Father’s Day to the man who looks like either Robert De’Niro or Sylvester Stallone. . On Mother’s Day I made a post about how my mom took care of her dad in the final few years of her that it’s Father’s Day, it’s only appropriate to talk about how my dad took care of his day for the final nine months of his life. . 1 month after my mom’s dad past away, my dad moved his dad down to St. Louis to care of him. . The one thing I remember my dad always saying that he enjoyed the most was about moving his dad down here was that the time he spent with him was very peaceful. . They would often spend nights just talking about life around the fireplace at the nursing home. . Just like when my mom took of her dad, I’m grateful for my dad and teaching me doing the right thing is only the right thing. . Dad, I can’t explain how much you mean to me and how much I learn from you every single day. . Thank you and thank you for not kicking me out yet. . I love you.
Every morning, I look in the mirror and tell myself...”today is gonna be a kickass day. My hair looks great & I got great dance moves”.
@cody__klein : “that girl is definitely checking you out, act natural. . Me : “I got this” . 📸 cred : @paulaciarniello
Make sure you tell @teachbrian that calories don’t count on #nationaldonutday . My dude @jarrettwbond22 and I share a common love for donuts. Glad I could share a donut with you on this special day.
First picture. . My thought process... . @will2win50 runs really fast. Like really fast. I don’t. Not even close. So, let’s try and keep up with him...bad idea. . Second Picture...the result...I died a little bit inside. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
Happy Memorial Day. . Thankful I get to be a part of the @1stphorm #phamily . Every year I look forward to the MURPH. . There is so much meaning behind it. . Last night, I watched Lone Survivor and there was one scene that kept playing over and over in my head as I did the workout. . Michael Murphy sacrificed his life so that he could get a call out for help...he was then shot to death. . This is a true HERO. . Remember that we are free to live this life because of Men and Women who have paid the ultimate price...they have taken their final breaths on the battlefield. . We can never repay this sacrifice but we can honor and remember them.
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