Akshara Haasan

1,2,3 and we have pear jam. The best of the three ive made. Weeeeeee. So delish. #plumjam #greenapplejam #pearjam
What a fun Jamming with me plum jam. First time made jam ever. Congrats to me weee. So delish dont feel like sharing. Arrr nom nom nom.
It was soo lovely spending even few moments with such lovely people Nasser uncle & kameela aunty. Had a a wonderful conversation even if it were short.
Just started watching “Sacred Games” on Netflix. From the get-go the show is extremely gripping and performance is top notch. Shows dark side of life aptly and not exaggerated one bit. Rawness seeps through not just through the performance but in writing too. Must watch. @saifalikhan @nawazuddin._siddiqui @radhikaofficial congratulations
Our better half with team effort selfie with @khyatijoshi04. Always the bestest chat sessions till late night.
This is why we are friends. Unplanned and yet same spot , same hand.
Happiest fathers day to the best dad and best friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Baking time with @thesocialnatwork and papushkas
Guess who got Inked once again. Weeeeeeeee!!!!
Made a new friend. Weee
Best time of my day , is when i hit the gym with my dad dearest and the muscle man Mr. Suri. Both the best task masters. Much more motivated every time im done with the best sessions. 😁 @maiam_offl
Remembering Chandra Uncle much more today. Cannot believe a year has passed. An uncle whose memories will always remain of a thorough gentlman, dignified human being & set the best example for people around him.
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