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"Haan Wohi Ladka Jo Art Bnata Hai"👨🏻‍💻 ⏩Self-Taught Graphic Artist🇮🇳 ⏸Open For Comissions💸 🔜Goal - 50K Followers👥 🎉Account Started On 4th May

Hello Australia! 🇦🇺 Bye Bye India🇮🇳 Yes, You Heard It Right, I Am In Australia For My Further Studies.. This Is The Biggest Decision Of My Life.. It's Gonna Take Me A While To Settle In Australian Environment, Make New Friends, Arts And Much More.. The Thing That I'm Gonna Miss Mostly Is My Family :') To My Followers, I Hope Y'all Will Stick With Me And Support Me Like You Always Do.. Also If You Live In Perth, Then Make Sure To Say "Hi", Text Me And Give A Tight Hug💙 #Australia #Studies #AjDesigns . P.S.- I'M NOT THE GUY IN THIS ART
"We Got You Now, Ha Ha" #Antman 🐜 #Wasp 🐝 @evangelinelillyofficial @hannahjohnkamen @mrpeytonreed Saw Ant-Man & The Wasp.. Got Too Many Art Ideas So This Is First Art On One Scene From The Movie😂 Hope Y'all Like It 💙
Ant-Man & The Wasp Poster #Antman 🐜 #Wasp 🐝 @evangelinelillyofficial @hannahjohnkamen @mrpeytonreed Ant-Man & The Wasp Is Gradually Gaining Success So Here's My Take On Official Poster For The Movie.. Hope Y'all Like This 💙 . P.S.- IGNORE WATERMARKS, NOTICE DETAILS AND ENJOY THIS ART 🙏🏻
RIP Steve Ditko😔 . Thank You For Bringing So Many Beloved Comic Book Characters To Life 💙 #Rip #SteveDitko
#CanadaDay 🎊🇨🇦🎉 @deadpoolmovie @vancityreynolds Again Sorry For Delay And I Wish You A Happy One Back In Time #Canada
Happy 4th July To All My American Followers🎊🇺🇸🎉 #Happy4th #4thOfJuly @robertdowneyjr Sorry For Delay.. Americans On Top Of My Followers List 🙏🏻 I Was Just Thinking Outside The Box.. Tried Some New Colourish Art.. Hope Y'all Like It 💙
Ghost Spider🕷️💀🔥🔗 Nicolas Cage Is Going To Voice Spider-Man #Noir In #IntoTheSpiderVerse So Re-Edited My Spider Noir Edit With Ghost Spider💀🔥 Noir By @barruzstudio . FULL BRIGHTNESS PREFERRED
Iron Spider | "Speed Art"🕷️ Part II Is Up! *LINK IN BIO* Wait Is Overrr!! Support Me By Watching This Video And Leave Your Comments💙 Make Sure To SUBSCRIBE My Channel For More Tutorials🕸️ #Youtube
Captain "Beard" America🧔🏻 #CaptainAmerica #Avengers4 @therussobrothers People Texing Me To See "Beard" Captain In Scales Suit.. Your Wish Is Fulfilled 💙 Last Slide Is Surprise🌚 Comment Below Which Version Is Best According To You👇🏻👇🏻
Get This Man A Cowl & A Shield Too #CaptainAmerica #Avengers4 @therussobrothers
Goddess Of Liberty🗽⚡ #StatueOfLiberty #Thor Fun Fact: "Lady Liberty Is Thought To Be Hit By Up To 600 Bolts Of Lightning Every Year." I Knew It, Thor Is Out There Somewhere In New York With Rabbit, He's Just Getting Charged Everytime He Gets Struck By Lightning..⚡ Hope Y'all Like This FUN EDIT💙
All Avengers 4 Leaked Arts So Far With Lil Editing From My Side #Avengers4 Found All Images On Weibo
ANIKET Is Harder To See..🌚 #neon #glow Some Fun Art For My Brotha @aniketjatav On People Calling Him Ankit.. 😂 . Reference Based On Old Piece Of @bosslogic
Bringgg Mee Thanosss!! | Night Variant @chrishemsworth @therussobrothers #Thor #InfinityWar Full Brightness Preferred @taikawaititi
Random Edit With "Neon Tech Iron Man" @robertdowneyjr @hottoyscollectibles #IronMan #Neon Tried To Play With Lights, Colours And Atmosphere In This One.. Hope Y'all Like It..💙
Bringgg Mee Thanosss!! @chrishemsworth @therussobrothers #Thor #InfinityWar Full Brightness Preferred @taikawaititi
Spiderman: Home Alone | I Feel So Good🕷️ #Spiderman @tomholland2013 @spidermanmovie @jnwtts My Take On Not So Official Spiderman Title 💦 Hope Y'all Like It💙 #spidermanhomecoming
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