Adriana Lima

❤️ Valentina and Sienna's mom 👧🏻👧🏻

🇧🇷Cheering for Brazil! Vamos lá Brasil🇧🇷 @debbieaquinopadilla @amanda_leoa @cristmac @dricaslima 🎉
#TGIF Thank goodness it’s the weekend!!! Go to the beach #teamlima 📷: @ysaperez
✨🎉My everything , you brought magic into my life, happy birthday🎉 ✨@metinhara
✨ Seeing this video, makes me emotional. It makes me think that sometimes people look at you from the outside and think, “her job it’s so easy” (remember I am not complaining), when they don’t know what you go through. Here I am 4 weeks after giving birth to my beautiful daughter Valentina and after days of physical therapy because I had a fractured knee, putting all my focus to get ready for a fashion show (60 pounds heavier lol). It was a beautiful road, not easy, but beautiful. I was lucky enough to have the master @elcuerpodepapi next to me to guide me, not only physically but also mentally. I learned something during that time..... once you love something...... absolutely nothing in this world will have the power to stop you..... not even your mind or body! My heart is always in control of my life! Thanks master for being part of that beautiful journey ✨🙏
Feeling grateful and motivated working hard to becoming healthiest version of me. Trying to do my best to be a strong female role model in my daughters’ lives...thank you everyone for walking my journey with me another 365 days...I love you all and here is to another beautiful year together 👏👏 📷: @ysaperez
Starting the week off with a smile #teamlima / 📷: @ysaperez
Ready for the weekend! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #BECAUSESCHUTZ @schutzshoes @schutzoficial + exclusively for @nordstrom
Supporting 👊🏼 girl power 👊🏼 last night at the #oceans8 premiere 💖💖💖 thank you for having me
Kicking it back on the ball #teamlima 📷: @ysaperez
Back at it #teamlima / 📷: @ysaperez
✨✨ Still dreaming about my magical week in Cannes ✨✨
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