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#ACEcomiccon is a thrilling immersive event providing a curated experience with your favorite Superheroes. Follow @theaceuniverse for industry news!

Head over to our Facebook page today for your chance to win the 1st pair of GA tickets to #acecomiccon Midwest before they go on sale to see the amazing Josh Brolin (& many others)!
There's an evil wind 🌬️ blowing through @theaceuniverse today, and it's bringing with it two of @marvel ‘s biggest villains that everyone loves to hate 😈! We are pleased to announce that Loki (@twhiddleston ) has returned to once again face Thanos (@joshbrolin ), this time at ACE Comic Con Midwest at @navypierchicago 🎡! Here are the initial details: 🔹Location: Navy Pier in Chicago, IL 🔹Dates: October 12-13-14 (Fri-Sat-Sun) 🔹Initial On Sale Date: Thursday, July 26th 🔹Site will go live with pricing & more info on July 26th Many more guest announcements are coming soon. The event will also feature world-class comic writers ✍️ & artists 🎨, hand-picked vendors & exhibitors, and live panel programming throughout the weekend, which you can enjoy with a General Admission ticket 🎫! VIP Packages, Photo Ops, and Autographs will also be available. We hope you can join us for this incredible event! Stay tuned! #ThanosIsComing #SoIsLoki #acecomiccon
Our vendors & artists from #acecomiccon Seattle were 🔥! Who had your favorite booth at the show? (Swipe ⬅️ for more!)
It was so wonderful to have the incredibly talented @paulbettany at #acecomiccon Seattle! Such a great guy!
We still can't believe we got to see the incredible Humberto Ramos show off his extraordinary talents live on stage at #acecomiccon Seattle! Were you there?
Running into the weekend like... #TGIF #TheFlash #acecomiccon
Happy Friday the 13th! ☠️
We had a blast with the always hilarious @thatkevinsmith at #acecomicconseattle ! Looking good, Kevin! #acecomiccon #TBT
#tbt to #acecomicconseattle when our friend @sierato gave @tomholland2013 these epic Spider-Man sneakers! 👟🕷🕸 #acecomiccon
#Repost @joshbrolin ・・・ Dear Ryan. Did Fox give you one of these for free? Did the movie do well? If so can you ask them to send me one? Fingers crossed. Thanks, man. Josh Brolin (I played Cable). 😈 #snap @vancityreynolds OUT TO PURCHASE AUGUST 7TH!!!! —- oh, by the way, would you follow me on Instagram? That would make my day!!!! Oh, and would you make a video for my dog? His name is Unicorn and he had a boil on his hindquarters and has one of those neck cones on. Just say: “Hey Unicorn! This is Deadpool, and I’m thinking about you buddy! You’re my favorite dog in the whole world! Deadpool loves you!”. Just that would be fine. Thanks, man. That and the DVD. That’s all. Talk to Fox. The suits. Nothing other than that. And the dog. Thanks! #godeadpool !!!!
Who would win in a staring contest: The Falcon or The Winter Soldier? 👀
#Repost @sierato ・・・ @tomholland2013 said spider-man needs these for the next avengers. It's the only way to defeat Thanos 🤷🏾‍♂️🕷 ..... Don't quote me on that tho... Lol GO WATCH THE VLOG FOR THIS. link in my story! ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks @acecomiccon @stephenshamus12 for flying me out for this.
Happy Independence Day!
Who's planning to play some Dungeons & Dragons over the 4th of July break? We loved having the hilarious Matthew Lillard at #acecomiccon Seattle with the Wizards of the Coast crew to talk about designing their own original adventure!
#Repost @theaceuniverse ・・・ Filming The Flash apparently isn't that different from just pretending to be The Flash when you were a kid... _____ Follow @theaceuniverse for more movie, comic book, toys, gaming, and pop culture news. _____ #Flash #TheFlash #CW #Supergirl #Arrow #Arrowverse #BarryAllen #GrantGustin #KevinSmith #AceComicCon #Superman #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #WonderWoman #DCComics #Superhero #Comics #ComicBook #Batman #DCEU #DCFilms #DCExtendedUniverse #Cyborg #DC #TV
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