Catch Me While I Care💅🏽

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When both sides work for you🤨📸
When you just trying to take a cute pic, but ur gf keep playing. Had to do quick ass poses bc of her gmt 😩😭
So both my sisters are striving n I couldn’t be happier! One is doing her thing w/ accessories n other training other to help feel better of themselves💪🏽. Follow @trendywayz for ur trendy accessories n @kelsey.p for a 6 week guide n she’s also a trainer!!
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Just bc my makeup looks flawless, no filter neededdd babyyyyyyyy wooowww😭😍
Gang🤟🏼 dead one of only boy i trust cause loyalty & respect been there for like almost 8 yrs already 😭💫
Yooo i deadasss lovee my nieceee, she’s such a star!!!!😍😍😍💫💫✨ get it poooksss😭📸 she was just in the back doing her own thing @kemora_skye
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Ever look at ur self like wwwwwwooooooooooooooaawwwwwwww , feel extra cute bc I haven’t been wearing makeup lately soooo idcccc i’m being EXTRAAAA
You taking pictures , know your angles 📸
WOW😍😍 @kelsey.p
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