Kieran 💀

If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision could it be 🤷🏻 - Aced It. Nailed It. Can't be Stopped ✨

I'm not too sure why but I really like this photo, it's got a bit of an ambiguous feel to it, it's almost spooky, what do you all think? 🖤
Fireeee 🔥
I haven't posted in a while, thought id just show you guys the sort of pictures that I'll be drawing for my exam ✨🖤
Everything looks a million times more pretty in the snow 🌨❄
Had a nice walk in the woods today 🌤
Finally finished this, it took far too long ✨
Had an awesome day today at the beach 🏖⛅
This was the sun at 8:30 this morning for some reason my camera made it look like night ✨
Im going to be honest im not sure what i think about this 💀
I might start doing some observational studies 💀
🎵 I know what you think in the morning When the sun shines on the ground And shows what you have done It shows where your mind has gone 🎵
Even at the best of times, I'm out of my mind 🎵 ~ Tags 🖤 ~ Can't wait for the holidays ✨
I need feedback on how to improve it, so any input will be appreciated ✨🖤
The weather has been a bit all over the place today 🌤🌨☁
Just some nice, random photos ✨
Happy Birthday you amazing person, i hope you have a wonderful birthday, after all you deserve the best, thank you ever so much for the memories we've made, have an awesome day. Love you 💜👫💙
Im gonna stop posting crap of me and going to post more art / photography 🖤
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