Yvonne Orji

Creator of sitcom @FirstGenShow. Molly on HBO's Insecure. Comedian. NAIJA ignited, U.S. fuelled. Jesus & I roll tight. Bookings: yorjiassist@gmail.com

When the ✨are aligned... A much-deserved, well-earned Congratulations are due to @niecynash1 who received her ⭐️on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today! Thank you for showing me and other young brown girls to follow, how to walk in your truth, stand in your light, and shine like the Good Lord intended while fulfilling every inch of your purpose!!!
2 foolish goats walk into a studio... and more foolishness ensues. You can thank us later! Believe me when I say, you don’t want to miss the hot FIYAH @luvvie & I are about to drop on y’all 7/11!! #JesusAndJollof
Heyyyyy good people! Wanna win a free trip to LA for our Insecure Season 3 premiere party ANNNDDD help out a family in need?! GREAT! Head to www.omaze.com/insecure and sign up. You’ll join me, Y’lan (aka Daniel) and other @insecurehbo cast members as we build with @habitatla and then turn up with us later as we usher in the new season. Look at that, you get to do good, AND feel good! See you soon!!
The homie @luvvie & I had a blast showing some beautiful women (and a few good men) in Nola that they truly do #BelongAnywhere at the intimate brunch we hosted as an #AirbnbPartner . The summer is still young, see where travel can take you. #IthoughtIWasAdj #WePlayedBlebrity #ClearlyiLost #RelAlsoBeatMeInJenga
I betchtu wanna know what foolishness @luvvie & I are up to... it will all make sense July 11th #StayTuned #WeAreNotSeriousPeepo #ButItsNotOurFault
LOS ANGELES, you got your tickets yet?!! Hurry, cuz they’re going FAST!! July 14th, 8pm. Purchase tix online!!
Dear God, May he have abs like David• Skin like Sampson• A smile like Joseph• Fingernails like Solomon• Eyebrows like John The Baptist &• A heart (and finances) like yours• In Jesus’ Name• Amen• 😂🙌🏾🙏🏾 #YallAskedForTheSpecificPrayer #ThatWasntItButItWasClose #HeGotMeAboutToStayInTheGym #ButTheWayILoveCarbsTho 😩😩 #HisAbsAreDisrespectful 🙄🤬
Thank you @glamourmag for giving me the opportunity to give one of my favorite comics, @iamwandasykes , her flowers while she can still receive, smell & enjoy them! And Wanda, thank YOU for paving the way for so many other comics, writers and creatives to share their art while being their authentic selves. You can check out the article in the August issue. #YouDaRealMVP #WeCrackedEachOtherUpTheWholeTime #ShesEffortlesslyFunny #TakinNotes #LearningFromTheBestOfTheBest
“You could be entertaining angels without your knowledge.” #iveHadAcoupleUnexpectedAngelsInMyLife #MaximizeTheMoments #BetHer #Ween #MandMCaramel #HonoredToBeArisingStar
Had the pleasure of presenting @dofficialmutombo with the #SagerStrong award at the #NBAawards along with @reggiemillertnt & #JoelEmbiid on his birthday and a day before the 27th anniversary of his draft into the NBA! #AfricaStandUp #BigSmileBiggerHeart
🇳🇬Green with pride not envy🇳🇬 Hair: @nicky_b_on_hair Makeup: @missdrini Styling: @apuje Dress: @leannemarshallofficial Jewelry: @messikajewelry Shoes: @nicholaskirkwood #NBAawards #imABallPlayer ... #BasicallyiJustWatchLoveAndBasketball #SoThatCounts 😏 #GlamSquadWasBUSY #ButTheyDIDthat !! 👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾👌🏾
Let’em know @nike & @shot_by_andrew_dosunmu ! Naija No Dey Carry Last & we don’t intend on starting today against Argentina in the World Cup! Let’s Go #SuperEagles ! 🇳🇬🙏🏾 #iBleedGreen #MyPeepoDontFailMeO !
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