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Happy birthday to this bundle of joy!
Back-to-back birthdays! I really don’t know what I would do without this guy. After working nonstop on shows, he produced and 1st AC’d @haehawaiifilms. Here’s Caleb in between setups passing out crafty to the extras. Happy birthday, Hawaiian!
Happy birthday to @gregdoi The only thing more epic than his beard is his passion. Happy birthday, brother.
Pele. #Repost @milekalincoln with @get_repost ・・・ #LeilaniEstatesEruption #KilaueaVolcano LATEST (May 19 at 9:30 AM): Unbelievable new aerial footage shows exactly where last night’s fast-moving pāhoehoe flow crossed Pohoʻiki Road southeast of Hinalo Street through #LanipunaGardens . Officials believe the flow coming from fissure 20 is heading in a direction toward Keahialaka, Mālama Ki Forest Reserve and MacKenzie State Park. Four homes were destroyed, but no highways are threatened at this time. The flow has advanced 1,000 feet in under 1 hour. Volcanic gas emissions are elevated throughout the area downwind of the vents. Hawaiʻi County Civil Defense Agency officials released this update: “Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports a short-lived steam explosion from Kīlauea crater created an ash cloud around midnight that reached up to 10,000 ft. Ash was carried southwest by the wind toward Kaʻu, Pāhala, and Naʻalehu. Residents are reminded to protect themselves from ash fallout by remaining indoors. Residents in areas down rift from the flow need to stay alert and prepare for voluntary evacuation should it be deemed necessary. Pohoʻiki Road is closed. Highway 132 and 130 are open to local traffic, to those with ID. For those evacuating, the Pāhoa Community Center, Keaʻau Community Center, and Sure Foundation Church are open. Be aware shelters are pet friendly.” Stay tuned to @HawaiiNewsNow for the very latest developments #HInews #HawaiiNews #HNN #HawaiiNewsNow #WeAreYourSource
Thank you, @hgiugni for allowing us to tell these amazing stories about Hawaiʻi. Love my squad. Nom-nom! @daytimeemmys @pbs @familyingredients
The line up. My belly is happy.
They’re in the home stretch! Help bring @4thworldfilm ‘s film @waikikithefilm come to life. #wearethecavalry #hawaiifilm
Had a fun time at the @ohinashortfilm gathering. With support like this, why would you want to make movies anywhere else. Mahalo @gerardelmore @erikries @jcharisma @bradwatanabe @dkk808. And much love to @konabrewingkokopub
Saw this floating around the web and I couldn’t agree more. #marvel @blackpanther
Congrats Joe Robert Cole! @blackpanther is powerful. This is a new era of films. Long live the king. #wakandaforever #Repost @erikries with @get_repost ・・・ @ohinashortfilm team and filmmakers out for @marvelstudios #blackpanther opening! So humbled we have been able to have the Executive Producer and Co-writer out to help our local storytellers! --- #marvel #blackpanther #movie #hollywood #hawaii #aloha ---
This is how you do interviews! E ola e Ruth Keanolani Kanāhoahoa Keʻelikōlani. ✊🏽❤️
Hipster approved. #samoan -ness #skinnyjeans @waikikibrewco 👖🍺
Happy birthday, brother! Thank you for still shining light on the path. ❤️ #superfantastic
It’s Christmas.
Mahalo for the love, @hanahoumag & @noelstnick ! #familyingredients
Spent the morning celebrating Aunty Bev. ❤️❤️❤️ #HawaiiTreasure
Truth on stage. Beautiful work @tshirttheatre. Thank you @moxilla & George.
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