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WOW WE LOVE A THROWBACK πŸ’« #DylanMinnette #BellaThorne #TBT
Who has your vote for Best Hip Hop at the 2018 #VMAs ? πŸ’₯ Vote (like, rn!!!) at οΌ‹ see who wins August 20!
Raise your hand if you have #Zayn ’s new song β€˜Sour Diesel’ on repeat πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
@miles_jai explains β€˜passing’ (while doing a makeup tutorial!) on a new #MTVCreatorToWatch πŸ’« | For Miles’ full episode, head to πŸ‘‰
All hail the queen of sparkles ✨#HaileeSteinfeld ✨ #WCW
When your friend mentions that she started talking to her ex again πŸ˜’ | Don't miss a new episode of #Catfish tonight at 9/8c!
Wow my heart is going a million miles an hour πŸ’“ | πŸ” #Halsey
🎢 Millie do u love me? 🎢 #MillieBobbyBrown and #Drake went from being fans of each other to being good friends πŸ’• #StanClub
Have you voted for Best Pop at the #VMAs yet?? ✨ Vote for your fav at πŸ‘‰
CHOOSE πŸ‘‡ | #FearFactor premieres tonight with back-to-back episodes starting at 10/9c! ☠
How well does #TravisScott know #KylieJenner ?? πŸ’«
Me and my best friend when we hear drama 🍡 @shannanity @paulcalafiore_ | @ChallengeMTV is all new tonight at 9/8c! #TheChallenge32
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