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Actress, Producer & Creator on a mission to INSPIRE✨ Traveling the world with @brookslaich 🌎 Building Water Wells in Africa @LoveUnited 💦

#TBT to when I had the honor of having @ellenvonunwerth photograph me for this @glamourmag cover promoting Rock of Ages back in 2012! I definitely felt like a rock star!!!👩🏼‍🎤
We had so much fun shooting for @people ’s #thebeautifulissue ...nothing better than getting to work with my girl @nina ! 👯‍♀️ What does being ‘beautiful’ mean to you? To me it means being your true self! I feel so lucky that I’m surrounded by friends and family that I can be so comfortable around and that love me for me! 📷: @kayt_jones
Momma 💕
Such a beautiful weekend in Lake Tahoe with my incredible mother @marriannhough ❤️learning and connecting with ourselves and others! So grateful for @drjohnamaral and @christinaamaral and everyone a part of Body Centered Leadership (BCL). Love you all so much! #energyrich
Our last Move Experience 1-day event was 💥ELECTRIFYING!!! We decided to create a full weekend retreat because there was so much more to share and teach, and we wanted more time to connect with you! Move Experience is a place to develop yourself! You’ll learn, grow, set clear intentions for the life you want to live and learn the actionable tactics you need to accomplish your goals! During this weekend retreat you’ll join me and @Derekhough in Palm Springs! The retreat includes: •Large and small group breakout sessions inspired by holistic and wellness experiences •Time with me and @derekhough •Educational and motivational speeches, workshops, and Q&As •Indoor and outdoor workout sessions, instructed by top trainers (you DO NOT need to be a dancer to attend! This is for anyone and everyone!) •Our Move Experience signature curriculum and interactive workbook •A community support system •Access to the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa •Special surprises!! •The opportunity to create the life you desire! ❤️THANK YOU so much to everyone who has registered! I can’t wait to meet you! If you haven’t registered yet, early bird pricing is still available but spots are limited, so hurry and grab your reservation at the link in my bio.
This is a late Birthday post for one of our dear friends @simplytroy ❤️❤️ Your enthusiasm and heart behind everything you do, the effort you put in to the relationships that you have, and the attention to detail you have in the tiniest of things is what makes you so special. Not to mention the undeniable and outstanding love you have for Craig and Finnley. You are an example of someone who lives their best life!!! You love what you do and work harder than anyone I know and yet don’t ever let it compromise your relationship with your family and friends. In fact, you bring us along on your journey. I’m so grateful that you took care of me 11 years ago at my first ever premiere “Oceans 13” 🤣👶🏼 Since that day, you have been one of the most thoughtful friends in my life. You’re the kind of person that radiates energy and gives life to those around you. You make everyone’s life so much better! Happy late Birthday you special one! Love you xoxo Oh and PS thanks for absolutely slaying our wedding!!! Best weekend ever!!!!
So grateful for my siblings of 29 years and my new additions! Feeling super full of life and love today for all of you!! :) Happy #nationalsiblingsday ! ❤️
@BrooksLaich & I are so excited to partner with @PropelWater – a fitness water for ALL active lifestyles! Whether I’m dancing or working out – I stay hydrated with Propel 💦 It’s the only national water that gives me the same level of electrolytes as Gatorade. It’s so yummy AND it has zero cals?!...yes please! 🙋🏼‍♀️ #PropelYeah !
I am so excited to announce something very close to my heart ❤️ Move Experience is back and this time it’s a 3 day MOVE EXPERIENCE RETREAT! This will be a full weekend experience from June 22-24th at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort near Palm Springs! @derekhough and I are joining forces to teach you about living the life you want to live. Together we’re going to spend the weekend learning, working on ourselves, and moving our bodies! 💃🏻 You’ll learn so much from this retreat and you’ll leave feeling FULL, FEARLESS, and FREE to live the life you want to live! We’re going to work on actionable tactics, creating clear intentions, and forming new friendships. I’m so excited to meet you and help you learn how to go after your dreams!! If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey go to the link in my bio. Spots are limited, so hurry and grab your reservation!
On Thursday I challenged you to throw a song on and dance and sing/scream your heart out… I wanna know what your go-to song was! What song do you put on when you just want to let loose and feel beautiful, strong and confident? I put on “Dont Kill My Vibe” by @thisissigrid - If you listen to the lyrics, instead of singing them about someone else, I sing them to myself. The part of me that puts those thoughts of doubt and fear in my head! Ok let’s hear it guys, I need some new music!!! 🎶🎶🎶 📷: @coryt
#FBF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 To my private obnoxious performance for #lexi 🐶 back in 2014 at the beacon theatre on our very first @moveliveontour with my 14 year old Matt Damon hair cut! Enjoy..... 🤣🤣🤣 #unconditionally #truelove #whatnotesamisinging ? #yourewelcome 👍🏼
#tbt to 1yr ago today rehearsing for MOVE:BEYOND @moveliveontour ❤️ • There is something about dancing that makes me feel free and powerful in my own skin. When I dance I forget all the doubts and fears that pop in to my head like if I’m “good enough” or “do I have what it takes” (yes I feel those things too). All of that disappears and instead makes me feel my true self which says “F-yeah I am MORE than enough” 💪🏼 Sometimes we have to save ourselves from ourselves. We can be our own worst enemy. The one that puts the doubt or fear in our own head. So my trick when that starts creeping in, is to just start MOVING!!! You don’t have to be a trained dancer to move, just put some music on, sing and dance and get all those thoughts THAT AREN’T SERVING YOU THEY ARE HURTING YOU, out of your head and start telling yourself how Beautiful, Strong and “Confident” -thanks @ddlovato for your killer song- you are!!!!! Because You ARE!!! I love you guys so much and want you to know that you’re not alone in those times when you feel those things... we all have those moments and it’s good to allow yourself to feel the emotions instead of stuffing them away, but not to stay there too long... give yourself permission to love yourself, and if you’re not quite there yet, then I give you permission! 💪🏼 I also challenge you to throw a song on right now and dance and sing/scream your heart out... GO!!!!!!! Thanks for my support and dancing with me @zackeverhart47 @imnickgarcia @iamemiliodosal @anthonydoubleu @caseyask and of course @kylehanagami and @anty.kin for your killer choreography!
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