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Who did it better? 😎 . Edit: @dc.marvel.unites /@dc.marvel.unite . @brentonthwaites @benaffleck
Who's ready for the Nemo..I mean Aquaman trailer?! 😂 This movie looks to be one of the most promising from DCEU. I'm loving what I've been hearing about the movie so far and the direction James Wan has taken it. He clearly has taken his time and care into trying to make it into a success. Lets hope the final cut is not meddled with by WB! . All credits tagged in the photos
Finally Young Justice S3 trailer! What was your favorite part of the trailer?! . #youngjustice #yj3
I guess we know where the idea of baby Groot came from 👀 . So recently some really distrubing tweets by James Gunn have surfaced. I would like to think he was hacked rather than this being some twisted humor on his part. But either way do you think he might get pulled from directing GOTG3? . @jamesgunn @prattprattpratt @zoesaldana @vindiesel @davebautista
The consensus for the Titans trailer seems to be everyone hates the way Starfire and Beastboy look. Although I agree, keep in mind that they are not even in full costume yet. If you notice neither of them have their "comic book skin color" until their powers are activated. So I'm assuming these inital appearences will not be their official look, more like civilian cover. and for those of you complaining about Raven's look, well she's pale with a purple hoodie. I'm pretty sure that's also what I saw in the trailer 🤔🙄 I read one comment someone saying she's weird, well yeah that's how she's supposed to be. 😂 Other people are saying Dick Grayson has never been this angry at Batman, have you ever heard of Tony Zucco? . SN: This is NOT supposed to be TEEN titans. it's a Titans show, meaning they're more grown up. I edited the title to reflect what you guys apparently thought this show was supposed to be lol . All credits tagged in the pictures!
Titans Trailer is here everyone!! slide over to watch the second part of the trailer and leave your thoughts below. This will be airing on the @thedcuniverse streaming service. . @brentonthwaites @ryankpotter @alanritchson @minkakelly @the_annadiop . #robin #nightwing #titans #dcuniverse #dccomics #trailer
From @wondervaughn - BLACK ADAM COMETH The Rock Discusses his DC Film * In a recent interview for “Skyscraper”, @therock talks about working once again with @gal_gadot in the upcoming film “Red Notice”, his solo film “Black Adam” and his involvement in DC. * He is NOT the villain in the upcoming “Shazam” film...Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana is the arch-nemesis. But I do wonder if he will make a cameo or be in some sort of end credit scene. * Black Adam possesses: The Stamina of Shu The Speed of Haru The Strength of Amon The Wisdom of Zehuti The Power of Aton The Courage of Mehen * #therock #blackadam #dcfilms #jumanji #skyscraper #shazam #superman [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] Many thanks to @vanzekin018
Which one of us is reaching more? @warstu sees Carnage, I see Deadpool 🤔👀 . SN: mine is meant as a joke . @tomhardy @vancityreynolds
From @dc.marvel.unites - EVERYTHING ABOUT #AQUAMAN IS SO COMIC ACCURATE AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER😭😭😭 Thank You @CreepyPuppet !!!
From @heroes_united - Did you know this scene has the exact same fight choreography from Undisputed 2? 🤔 I guess the director was a big fan of that movie. 👊💥 - TAG @ponysmasher @zacharylevi @therock
Wan has finally released the first official Aquaman poster! What are your thoughts? How excited are you for this movie? . Sn: Seems like Wan (@creepypuppet ) has had a good grip on this movie and how it's going to be marketed, etc. So I have high hopes there is going to be little to no interference from WB on the films final cut. . #aquaman #batman #superman #wonderwoman #aquaman #theflash #dc #dceu #dccomics #justiceleague #gameofthrones . @prideofgypsies @creepypuppet @amberheard @nicolekidman
The Spiderman vs G. Goblin movie we deserve 😂 . Via @jaboodydubsofficial Edited @jay.official.page
According to rumors, this is more or less what was supposed to happen in the movie and how it connected with BvS. That's why when Cyborg sees Superman his armor automatically detects him as a threat and reacts accordingly. "It's stronger ever since the interface." . Edit: @vigilante_dceu - Damn you WB, Damn you. . #justiceleague #dccomics #dceu @rehsifyar @henrycavill
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