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James Wan states he wanted to make a “Romancing the Stone” kind of movie. Most of you will be too young to remember this film, but it fills me with confidence. Plus James Wan is a very good director. Yea, I am looking forward to it. How about you? Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
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Love cool little bits like this in the MCU. It’s all connected. What did you all think of the show Agent Carter btw? Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Some of you won’t remember when Norton left Marvel Studios, but there was quite a fall out. Fans were devastated. Hindsight is 20/20, and looks like MS made the right decision. Who was the better Banner? Norton or Ruffalo? . Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Wow. Didn’t time fly? This film for me, is still the best comic book movie made. The only one that comes close is Logan. What is your opinion of the Dark Knight? Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
I know plenty of you would have known this already. However, this is one example where I firmly believe Fox got the character right, and the MCU didn’t. Which Quicksilver do you prefer? Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Ebony Maw was easily the best of the Children of Thanos. What is it about well-spoken villains that make them so eery? Anyway, shame he won’t feature again in Avengers 4. Who was your favourite villain in Infinity War? Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Rank your Captain America movies from best to worst. 1. Winter Soldier 2. Civil War 3. First Avenger. I know this is pretty controversial, but I really didn’t rate First Avenger. That said, I’ve seen it once. May try it again. How about you? Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Magneto has got to be my favourite Marvel villain after Dr.Doom. I wonder who Marvel Studios would get to play him if the purchase goes through. Who would you cast? Tough act to follow. Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Feels kind of criminal that some of you would have heard of Stan Lee, but not Steve Ditko. Anyway, thanks for everything Steve. Rest in peace. Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Great. We’ve gone from a masterpiece (Jurassic Park) to a Transformers franchise. Fallen Kingdom was cliché, embarrassingly predictable, and full of nods to the original movie. I didn’t like it, and guess what? Each movie is going to get more ridiculous. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or Black Panther? Which movie did you prefer? Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
Nicolas Cage is such a divisive actor, because he can be hit or miss. Personally, I love him because he always swings for the fences. Also, can’t wait to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spidey-Verse? Looking forward to it more than Venom. Comment below.👌🏻 ---Must Follow 🍩 - @GrubFacts 🍿 - @MovieFacts 🤓 - @GeekFacts 🤔 - @GeekQuote ✈️ - @TripFacts
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