all about baby bels✨💕🦋 baby girl follows✨ dms are always open💛

so precious ❤️
not sure about this
if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be ?
cute ass bih🌝💓💓💓
my whole heart💛
her smile💓💓💓
i honestly couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this😫💛 - my edit, please give credits if reposted Song: derniere danse indila 🦋
lmfao goodnight 😫💛
music makes me soo happy
i’m starting a video edit of bella tonight because i haven’t done one in so long😫 should i use a spanish song or a french song ?💛
sometimes i forget how tiny ari is, shes so cuuute😫💓
Everyone is getting into a relationship this year and I’m just here alone eating food lmao🌝🌝
throwback to this shoot🌈🌻
we all deserve a friend like hails in our lives 🌝💕
i’m late but congrats on 19 million angel!!💛 @bellahadid
smoothies are lifee
so grateful for this angel🦋
can y’all suggest some good books i could read? i’ve literally read everything and story lines are becoming repetitive ksjsk
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