all about baby bels✨💕🦋 bella follows🕊 DM’s are always open✨💫

i always book flights but never end up going because of my fear of flying sjssk
i’m going to greece this summer, i’m so excited😍 this is my first time going on holiday
morning angels❤️
literal angel😍💕
queens queens queens
ok the guy in the shorts is me if i ever saw bella
i fell even more in love with her after she did this💗 we stan a beautiful human inside and out
their friendship is literally the cutest thing ever
losing friends sucks
goodnight, i love y’all 💗
cutting off toxic people is so hard but worth it in the long run❤️
i think i’d probably cry if i met bella,, what would your first reaction be ?
i’ve mastered the art of procrastination
this smile makes my heart go: 💕💘💖💗💓💞💞💝
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