V I B R A S 🦖 • OUT NØW • @jbalvin • PAL MUNDO
she bites • @realdowntomarsgrl
I told you she was worth it • @rebeccabnorris for @regime.ny
activado • @christopherbvelezm
where you go I follow • @_anadelia_
ahora están pendiente a mí • @maluma x @ovyonthedrums
...me dejé llevar • @richardcamacho
ben baller did the chain • @jbalvin x @skyrompiendo x @benballer #casabuchanans @buchananswhisky x @remezcla STUDIOS
bosses dont speak • @richforever
5 counts of madness • @iamariamh
i like it up here
this was at 1/4000sec
this is luis, I liked his bike
this is matt & his girlfriend selen. matt a wine salesmen from london & selen a student from turkey they live in paris and here in mx visiting friends. I saw them sitting down on the ground, selen’s arm over matt’s shoulder in such a comfortable way so genuine I was stunned to see this and compelled to ask them for a picture. turns out they are waiting for a layover to oaxaca where my family lives ! people as well as moments like these really make me happy. I hope to see them soon.
no speed dial • @upscale_vandal
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