b r 📖n d y— norwood

#B7 the greatest life ever lived.... humble, pure, and no punk.

Wait until they hear the sounds we make..... @theycallmecamper #BranCamp
Just can’t get over it. One of the best nights of my life! #essencefestival2018 My sister @queenlatifah , @yoyofearless and @mclyte —- and of course all the other legends I shared the stage with @saltnpepaofficial , @missymisdemeanorelliott , @monilove and my precious fave @remyma #GodIsGood My life is #highkey good darlings!!!
Hey my babies, so I Rap the legendary @yoyofearless rhyme on I wanna be down remix on my shows and when I tell you I was all wrong... thank God she got me together. I’mma practice for my upcoming shows.... love you #YoYo
#aboutlastnight One of the sweetest souls I’ve ever known @queenlatifah
I don’t wanna be nobody but myself.... thank you God for this wonderful feeling, certainty, and belief. #EssenceOfSelfLove
Know there is only one you and that is your power.... #Branspiration #365Black #essencefestival
That’s just how we felt in this moment..... choreo @jaquelknight Backbones @keenandeon x @sonofabishop 🖤🎹🖤 Creative Director and our God Father @frankgatson
Wish I started younger, I might have been able to get a wildcard into #Wimbledon - Congrats to my shero and the greatest of all time @serenawilliams on your match earlier🎾 what up @mjs5zy my bestie for life!!! My @thisisryanramsey on the filming.. we for life too!!!
Your power never leaves you. You just have to call it forth. #Brandom
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