39 Steps Coffee Haus

There are 39 steps from the bean to the cup in your hand. This is artisan coffee by obsessives, for obsessives - open now at 8 D'Arblay Street

#Coffeegoals . All the best people have them, and we think @run_write_vinyl smashed theirs right here...
@fuchs_official showing great cup control, keeping the coffee in play but out of the reach of the young defender...
Pancakes and #latteart - a winning combination! With thanks to @the_lazyfoodie for the visit, and of course the #regram
Looking for a little light bite this lunchtime? How about some Greek yoghurt mousse with muesli and fruit? Delicious, nutritious and so, so, instagrammable. With thanks to @hungryy.bunny for doing just that...
Our app means no queues, all our news and offers first, pay in-app and earn points for every purchase – buy 3 drinks and your fourth is free!
Days like today, you need to take care and fuel up right. That doesn't have to mean unhealthy things - as this selection from @thewanderinggypsyy 's recent visit shows! Many thanks for the visit and for the wonderful #regram !
Know what's worth braving the #beastfromtheeast2 ? A good breakfast and some fine, fine coffee. Come on down, it's only #uksnow ... With thanks to @tastelondon for the wonderful pic!
We take the same care over our tea as we do our coffee - which might be some of the reason @nicolehollidayx is smiling here? What a pleasure to see you, don't be a stranger...!
There's something about our pancakes which means people can't help sharing them. On social media. In real life? Not so much, but you'd have to ask @eatalldaynevergetfat about these particular ones...
Every cup is made with craft, artistry and love. Because life is too short for anything less. Thanks to @camilleyanagi for the pic!
What a pleasure to see @m10_official and @gulseamine today!
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Got somewhere to be? Don't worry, we'll come with you! After all, on #MothersDay you want to be bright and the bearer of good things!
If you're looking for a way to start the day, we've got two right here. So what are you waiting for....? With thanks to trulybrunching for the great pic!
It's been said that you eat with your eyes first so, well, you're welcome, tuck in! After the real thing? 8 D'Arblay Street and we're open right now...
We're closed for the night now, but already dreaming of breakfast tomorrow. See you then...?
When the call goes out for a hero, chocolate and berry pancakes answer that call. They have friends too... Big thanks to @nomsoftheday for visiting, and for the lovely #regram
The highlands of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee - it's here that a goatherd first saw the effects of eating the cherries from certain trees, and decided to try them himself. A worthy place to dream of this #TravelTuesday
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