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French man 🍟
regram @natgeoyourshot Love | Photograph by Ali Alshamsi (@_alshamsi ) . “When I saw this photo, I felt this lion falling in love,” writes Your Shot photographer Ali Alshamsi, “and his thinking about someone who loves him.” — “I usually never see lions in a pose like this. Usually they are standing very proud with their manes moving in the wind. This image gave me a different look as well as a different feeling when viewing it. I am wondering if this lion has had a few bad days and what was going through its mind when this image was taken. Great work leaving that bit of space on the left side of the frame as I feel it gives the photo more impact.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams ) #YourShotPhotographer
Was fortunate enough to witness a Shinto wedding ceremony at Meiji Shrine. A traditional japanese wedding, now experiencing a slow decline as more and more Japanese couples opt for a Western chapel ceremony. . The entirety of the ceremony is made up of purification m done by a Kensen, food offerings to the gods, scrolls that would serve as ornaments and offerings to the gods, and drinking of sacred sake.
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