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Everyday I wake up counting the blessings in my life and every day my list grows longer. However, the depth of my gratitude fails to accurately capture the emotions filtering through my soul. Words can not describe the relief and immense joy that comes forward when you remove toxic individuals from your life. A toxic snake can kill you in many ways. Some use intimidation, others are vemamous, and the most extreme crush you in their grip. And when you find yourself in a pit full of snakes, chances of survival seems grim. But the truth is snakes get a bad rep, because some people are far more dangerous. They trap you with the most elaborate web of lies, a pretty face, dazzling smile armed with a false persona that is so charismatic that all your emotional walls come tumbling down. And that is their strength. In setting the stage they are masters of getting to know you better than you know yourself. Little details no one else seems to notice are etched in memory. They aren't to protect you though, so don't be too flattered. These vulnerable stories, emotions are just weapons they wield against you when their mask begins to slip. When the pretense becomes a chore and their true identity becomes an undeniable fact. The lies begin to unravel and they stop at nothing to cripple you by striking your deepest wounds. Life begins to mirror a tragic Shakespearean play. I never understood why so many become complacent supporting actors in this perverse play. Why continue the charade and continue to allow the carnage of new victims to grow? Then it is dawning on me, now, that this is a never ending cycle. This infinite loop will carry on until each victim learns a poignant lesson: Love yourself. You see, that is the ultimate kryptonite. Self love and truth. Because once you heal your wounds, your weaknesses, your traumas there is nothing left to exploit. Insults wrapped with dehumization, lies and character assinations become useless because they no longer have control. No justifications are needed, defensive stance unnecessary. Because those who believe in this toxic theatre will ultimately face the same choice as you. And until they are forced to walk their ....
📝🌏Yesterday we went to visit a very beautiful and very popular beach. A short visit turned into a 4 hour stay because a girl dislocated her knee BADLY in the surf. Luckily Mark is always, always prepared and bought a simple first aid kit along. He was able to compress her leg and make a splint out of two thin pieces of bamboo to keep her leg straight. We met other people who were equally concerned and we started working together as a team. Some tried to call an emergency helicopter but in a third world country there is just no such thing as instant response. The best we could do was wait until the Balinese made a stretcher out of bamboo and rope and these amazing men were going to carry her from the beach you see down below right to the top of the cliff. Mark raced up top to make sure an ambulance was coming with a phone and his little Indonesian handbook to try and speak to the locals. He tried to call emergency to see if any helicopters could come, but they are very expensive, $5,500, and by that time she was being carried up in the stretcher. Meanwhile on the beach, we strapped her into the handmade stretcher with the rest of the bandages, making sure her leg was securely strapped to the bomboo stretcher to avoid movement and then 11 Balinese men lifted her up the cliff while she closed her eyes and wore sunglasses to limit her vision. Some of the cliff face was completely vertical and you had to basically rock climb to get up and these men were able to lift a body up, it was incredible. At the top everyone cheered, clapped and hugged each other that we had done it. We discouraged photos as much as possible, it was a sensitive situation and taking photos was not the time of place. She had a long journey to go back to mainland Bali. A bumpy car ride, two intense boat rides over lumpy waves and then a drive to the hospital. The team decided to sit down and drink some much needed water and Bintangs with the Balinese men and we talked about the situation extensively, before finally introducing ourselves and scootering together to Angel Billabong for the remainder of the day. 📝🌏 📸 @escapadian
Some Malaysian writing for the flight home. Thanks to #litbooks Petaling Jaya for the recommendation. #tantwaneng #giftofrain #malaysianreaders #malaysianwriters #books #igbooks #bookstagram #writinglife #malaysianhistory #historicalfiction
Okay, since it's #nationalselfieday , here is my #nofilter #selfie . Fresh and fun! Did you post a selfie to celebrate today? . . . . #writingcommunity #writinglife #homeschoollife #reallife #strongwomen #SHINEBeyond
Technically, this is the fourth draft, 29 chapters, about 300 pages. The last chapter will go to Writer's Workshop next week. Then I will put the manuscript away for a month, read some books on writing, then go back in for corrections and have a fifth draft. #writing #writinglife
When I left yorkes I felt so lost. I was a country kid and my parents have never been outside South Australia. So naturally I never left South Australia. The biggest trip we ever did was to Adelaide for the Royal Show. 🎇 I left the farm when I was 18 (much to my parents disagreement) and went and studied acting and creative writing at Flinders University. I thought Adelaide was the "big" place.. but I felt small and insignificant. I hated where I lived and who I lived with. I didn't feel comfortable in my own space and I didn't know who I was, my whole identity lost. I couldn't transition from country girl to city girl. 👩‍🌾 I moved 8 times, each had its own challenges, I changed degrees 3 times, I dropped out of uni and travelled, I went back to uni and forced myself to finish. Nothing felt like home. I went back to Yorkes months at a time. And then I met Mark and everything changed. I feel like I have a home, I'm on the GC living in a beautiful place, sandy toes everyday and feeling inspired to take on the aspirations I was always too afraid to follow. ❤️
ME: I have ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PICKY EATERS. You’ll eat what I give you or starve! HANK: (Refuses to eat) ME: ...
“Forget” (Written November 18, 2016)
Fiction. It takes a lot to dig deep and wholly let go. To let the sound and characters become an amalgam of true life and wild fantasy, with sound driving story where nothing and everything is true. This is why we write fiction. To reach these depths, these greatest human truths. Here is an excerpt from one of the boldest stories I’ve written to date, “Jersey Shore.” It’s been so long since I reread it and it still moves me with it’s beat and experimental style. Thank you @vcublackbird for publishing it. Full story on website in bio. . . . #fiction #screenplayed #filmmaking #poetryofig #writinglife #boldandbeautiful #exploretocreate #makeitcount #creativityunleashed #jerseyshore
My website is up! Visit the link in my bio to sign up for my mailing list and receive a free preview of the prologue for The Book of Chaos 🌙⭐🌠🌟🌙 . Hope you're all having a great week! It's almost Friday 💃🌹☕ #bookstagram #ilovebooks #bibliophile #authorlife #writinglife #writersofig #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #middlegradefiction #childrensbooks
I ordered a coffee and it arrived in a super fancy glass! Now I'm researching for my #campnano project at Books and Brews with my Thursday night peeps! I'm excited about diving into an extensive outline of my first novel in my next series in July! Hoping to outline next month and draft in November 😁☕♥️#amwriting #amwritingfantasy #storytelling #writinglife #writerslife #writegoal #wordnerd #justkeepwriting #freedominwords #makingwordshappen #writersnetwork #writerscorner #igwriters #writerlife #writersociety #authorsofig #writersofinsta #indiewriter #authorlife #writergram #writingsociety #indieauthors #writersclub #writersworld #instagramwriters #storiestotell #writingislife #BAwritinglife #campnanocampout
The best place for summer writing. It's good to feel the world course through your words once and awhile. #starbucks #amwriting #writinglife
You're a busy creative, trying to get paid, published and trying to save the world, and technically, there’s nothing stopping you from doing all of that. (Keyword: Technically). Mentally and emotionally however, it's a whole different story... But what if there was a system you could use immediately, at any time, to help you out of a creative funk? I teach something in The Authorship Program® called holistic problem management, or HPM, which helps writers pinpoint the not-so-technical issues in your writing life and move past them. Think holistically. Consider every source of where your struggle might be coming from, because if something's off in your personal life, it's going to show up in your creative life. Let's start digging in. #theauthorshipprogram #holisticproblemmanagement #hpm #stephanielennox #feelwell #writewell #productivity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writerscommunity #holistichealth #writinglife #writersofinsta #writersoninstagram #writersofig #spirituality #wholeness #wholewriter #writersblog
New on the blogitty blog is a newsy post on recent literary adventures, from recording for The First Time podcast to teaching a picture book workshop in gorgeous Merimbula to a very special launch of Coral Vass and Dub Leffler new book, Sorry Day. Link in bio. #literaryadventures #writerslife #writinglife #writersofinstagram #writing #publishing #picturebooks #childrensbooks #childrensliterature #writersofthefarsouthcoast #podcasting #launch #booklaunch #sorryday @thefirsttimepod @coralvass @dubleffler @national_library_of_australia
Hey Aspiring Authors, . . It's #Thrivingthursday you know what that means. Yep, Masterclass time! So pumped about the new series we are starting tonight at 8 pm eat. . . This is a MEMBERS ONLY class. So to get access simply click the link in my bio👆 To join our amazing Private Give Birth 2 Your Book FB Community. . . See you on the other side!😘
Honestly, the mess on my desk is setting my nerves on edge. So much so, that I've taken my laptop and temporarily relocated until I can sort it out. Are you fussy about your writing space?
Holiday tomorrow! This means I will be posting a lot about my holiday and little writing updates. Any writing updates posted will be photos of my hand written writing which is a mess! Glad to be getting this break. Holiday 1/3! #author #authors #authorslife #write #writes #writing #amwriting #writinglife #writer #writers #writerslife
I love this quote so much! Never fear you will run out of ideas. I have been absent because I am now in week four of a migraine attack. I have lost a month writing and a month of training for the #disneyprincesshalfmarathon . After three urgent visits, two trips to the ER, I finally found a different doctor who listened to me and am trying a medication to break the migraine cycle and one that works as prevention. I am hopeful. I want my life back. Those of you with chronic migraines and pain, my heart goes out to you. Doctors are so quick to believe you are there for painkillers. That was the last thing I wanted. Narcotics may rid you of pain but does not cure the migraine itself. I am so looking forward to writing and training again. I also found two IG challenges I want to participate. I miss interacting with everyone here. #amwriting #migrainessuck #migraine #migrainerelief #migraineawareness
If you want to grow, you have to be hungry for change. You need the ability to see your dreams and the drive to strive for them. Growing takes time, but you must have the right mindset to get there.
Inspiring night at Read Me a Story, part of the @fromtheforestfestival Here’s Ursula Early reading an abridged version of my story ‘In Plain Sight.’ Isn’t she fab? @irene._.friend @talesfromasmallisland #writinglife #ink17 #actors #writers #spokenword #writersofinstagram #arts #theatre
Coffee, the elixir of a writer's life...
Divided. Sigh, the world is so divided. We've had wars, but they were declared wars, clear wars. Not this sizzle between houses and streets, an undecided thought to heat the meat today or tomorrow. But you know it's coming. It's in the air. The chairs are tucked in smoothly, the suits handmade, aware or unaware that we hear from our low balconies, the electricity fading to a white yellow. Anyone can be my enemy today and the truth is, I care. Anyone can be my friend today and the truth? I don't care. Conflictions. Personal conflictions rise like a riffle prepared to attack before it drops again, the stub hard against my back. Is who I am enough to take me all the way. The riffle is mine and I can take it with me or leave it far behind. From where I see, there's only space and time. We've had wars before. One too many. But not one with smiling guns. 2/100 🌗
Either praise the beautiful or praise what is left over. Choose the one that is most like a bridge. Soak your hands and face in it. Marcelo Hernandez Castillo #poetry #soakuplove #shereelapuma #writinglife #becauseiloveyou #write #poets #peace #photography #loreto #poetry #quotes #quietplace
“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” William W. Purkey
Reviewing our Linked In profile today, I was reminded about the company’s upcoming three year anniversary. Shortly thereafter, I came across this image that summed up everything I was feeling, but struggled to articulate in that moment. #followyourarrow #followyourdreams #passionledushere #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writinglife #stayfocused #produceresults #b2b #automotivemarketing #checkoutourwebsite
Look, I'm just as nerdy as everyone else about slick designs and fun tech. 🤓 . But don't start using an app just because it's trendy and "creative." (whatever that means) . Use it because it actually helps you get shit done. . The truth is that any app will add more distraction and stress to your life unless you use it strategically and intentionally. #systemsovertrends
Drive the Yukon's Dempster Highway long enough and it'll take you to the Northwest Territories, where you can now catch another road all the way to the Arctic Ocean. We didn't go that far, but we did find tundra and permafrost and frozen rivers. It's crazy country up here. #tombstoneterritorialpark #dempsterhighway #yukon
Most traditional writing blogs today are inane, outdated, and just generally unhelpful. You know the ones - they talk about plot points and characterisation, sentence structure and three story arcs. When I'm stuck on a project, I have never gone to a traditional writing craft blog, read an article and been like: "Oh wow! I'm cured now!" If knowledge on its own was enough to inspire action and solve writing blocks, everyone and their mothers would have written a book by now - which proves that writing craft blogs just aren’t enough. Never have been, never will be. And I’ll tell you why: They don’t speak to the part of you that’s SCARED. Writing takes so much more than facts and figures and we all know this. And therefore, it’s not craft posts we need — it’s courage. And THAT is what holistic writing advice is all about. So let’s end reading craft blogs and feeling productive without having anything to show for it, and let's focus on what really works. Writing advice with soul beats boring grammar tips, every time. #feelwell #writewell #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writerscommunity #holistichealth #writinglife #writersofinsta #writersoninstagram #writersofig #spirituality #wholeness #stephanielennox #writersblog #wordsofwisdom #soulsearcher #writersofig #freespirit #writersnetwork #creativewriting #wordsmith #writtenword #calledtobecreative #writersofinstagram #inspiration #creativity
Happy Solstice, friends. I’ll be gone for a few days as I head to a wild place on the #stillaguamishriver to participate in the 2018 Till Writers’ Residency. Four days of writing, wilderness, campfires, more writing, workshops, letter press, and (hopefully) new writing inspiration and fresh work. Finally, time to work on my craft instead of my job! I have so many stories brimming at the surface of my creative stew pot, and I cannot wait to stir it up and see what happens. Enjoy your day! 💛✨ ___ #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #writinglife #writingretreat #mycreativelife #liveadventurously #sheexplores #pnwonderland #createexplore #abreathofwhitespace #metime
can't believe what my mom thought was just a phase has gone strong for 14 years🤣 Happy #GoSkateboardingDay to every single one of you out there doing the damn thing. Even when you miss it, you get back up and try again. Keep on grinding. What you do kickflips my heart every time. #thankyouskateboarding #thewriterslife #writerlife #writinglife #writer #writers #thewritinglife #writerofig #writerofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersonig #writersoninstagram #instawriter #writerproblems #writingproblems #writercommunity #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #instagramwriters #wittywriterpoet #thankyouskateboarding #SPOTTAMPA #SPOTLIFE
If you're trying to get attention by acting like a mess. Well, you're destroying yourself. You are capable of showing despite how you feel about yourself. It's simple not easy. Follow @jerichade for more original writings.
Acceptance. Follow @jerichade for more original writings.
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Good looks feed. But a good heart keeps you beautiful forever💕
Some people forget that there is a whole life out there beyond social media. Social media is toxic!
Sometimes life sips in. Sometimes things aren't right. Sometimes you feel everything at the same time. Sometimes it's very dark. But I want you to understand that life was built this way. Everybody is going thru something. Through help and courage. You can find strength to fight.
Next time. Follow @jerichade for more original writings.
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