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New York, New York🚖
❕ZEIGE DEM ⏺️INNEREN SCHWEINEHUND🐶⬅️ WER DER WAHRE BOSS IST 😎🤔🥊#bossmode ... 🦁H🐺I🦍B.. Ich habe heute früh schon mein Training im Bootcamp Style durchgepowert (60min), später gibt es vielleicht noch eine HIT Einheit aus Spinning und Boxsacktraining ✌️⚠️ wie war euer Tag? Genießt den Abend :)
Have you met the Bio Force Challenge? Get ready to meet your new best friend! Some features include: Revolutionary TNT resistance technology 100+ exercises 250 lbs. of resistance Features Ab Strap Accessory & Arm Curl Bench Ultimate sport-specific strength training Follow us for more product and brand information! #BioForceFIT #BioForceTribe #Whatforceismovingyou #ItsAMovement #BioForceFITMom #BioForceFITDad #BodyByBioForce #BioForceBuilt #BioForceStrong #BioForceUSA #BioForceChallenge #workoutathome #homegym #workout #exercise #fitnessthatfitsyou
Sem filtro, sem forças, mas a gente vai... Um sábado super atarefado, mas ela arranjou um tempo, foi lá e fez! Deixei até de ir pro forró hoje (de coração partido), mas na vida a gente precisa determinar prioridades e hoje eu não tinha muito tempo livre... Aí só fui na academia (aqui no prédio mesmo) e voltei. Coisa rápida... Rs É isso! Atividade física do dia realizada com sucesso... ✔ Musculação e hiit na esteira (tô gostando disso!). 💪👊😉💋
Someday you are going to look back at all the progress you made and be glad you didn't give in or give up. . It may be hard to see it in the moment but if you are actively training then you are making more progress than you can imagine. . Don't worry about the speed you are going. Forward is forward.⠀ . For those that are stuck in a rut. Always have something to strive for. Always have a focus. Your motivation has to come from within of what you want to aspire to. Once you figure out what is you want to achieve, you will find your way. 👊
The goal is to perform a human flag by summer 🙄🚩 #slowlygettingthere 📷 @jotamakuro
Hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work I go. Starting off a big day the right way the best way I know how, with these bad boys. Energy, drive and all-round wellness 👌🏼💪🏼☺️🌅 Thanks @atpscience You guys are amazing!
Focus driving with your legs and hips in the tower, focus on using your hamstrings and hips on the KB swing.
Red bull overdose 🐂
🙌 My last set of my HIIT 💃 ¡LOVE It! . Me propuse meterme más caña porque quiero progresar en mis entrenamientos y en mis retos, y ahora me estoy enfocando en mi antigua manera de entrenar ¡calistenia! y he agregado funcionales y lo noto muchísimo, realmente no me gustan las máquinas aunque de vez en cuando las utilizo. Un buen HIIT que me ponga a prueba día a día es lo que realmente me apasiona, es admirable la manera en el que el cuerpo progresa, algo que me costó en su día de repente lo hago sin tanto esfuerzo y me incita a entrenar más y más porque me divierto y porque me reto a mi misma. No soy de subirme a la báscula prefiero subirme a las anillas ahí veo mis progresos.👌 . I'm RAW💪 . . . . . #Raw #bodypositive #hiit #tabata #fuerza #circuito #salud #rutina #fullbody #entreno #piernas #calestenia #fitness #fitnessadict #activa #vidasa #entrena #training #workout #entrenamiento #resistencia #españa #palma #mallorca #palmademallorca #ecuador
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