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It’s so hard to unwant what you want. To unlove when you love. To let go of what you desperately want to hold onto. Even knowing what you want will hurt you and destroy you and break you in pieces. Still....even then. Even then.
Healing comes with aha moments.This is mine.Thank you for reading and don't forget to repost(with a tag). Kindly.♥️ #wordsoftheday #wordhive #ahamoment #brokenshells
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Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there working hard and making life better for everyone around them. You are loved.
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I am no cheater but I am a sucker for adventure 👅
Tienes en mente un nuevo proyecto o un cambio pero no te decides a dar el paso❓❓ No lo pienses, si es lo que te va a cambiar tu vida y te va a dar vida, hazlo!! El NO lo tienes, pero y si es la oportunidad de tu vida❓ Decide si lo que haces es por ti o por que otros crezcan a tu costa 🤔
Mi nuevo lugar de trabajo
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I've just started reading You are a badass by Jen Sincero and I saw this quote at the start of one of the chapters and it spoke to me on a whole new level. ~ ~ ~ You have so much to offer to the world and if you're spending all of your days trying to be someone else then the person you are is lost and what a waste would that be? You have skills and a voice that only you have, embrace it! ~ ~ ~ Nobody will ever do you as good as you do, remember that!
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“If you can’t fly then run, If you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” - Martin Luther King Jr. #bee #flowers #nature #photography #naturephotography #photos #pic #uplifting #inspiringwomen #world_shotz #wordsoftheday #dailyword #wisdom #outdoors #outdoorwomen #wild #wildnature #soulfood #findyourself #selfdiscovery #selfcare #soulsearching #life #wisdomwords #wisewords #dailyquotes #savethebees #bees #honeybee #encouragement
👍Rodearme de personas que compartimos los mismo ideales de crecimiento personal 💪 👍Compartir nuestras experiencias para seguir trabajando 💪 👍Vuelvo a casa con las pilas cargadas 🔋 🎯 Dar de mi todo lo aprendido ,te animas a luchar y trabajar por y para tus sueños❓
#Repost @mardirousi ・・・ In the end, we’re all going to be OK. Comic by @perryfellow
😘Happy Father's Day to all Badass Dad💪. Thanks for being Tough💪! Thanks for being Love❤️! Thanks for being Badass for me😎! Get awesome gift for your Badass dad today!! With free shipping 🎉 Shop at Bio link 👆👆 @livial.style ' ' ' #dad #father #happyfathersday #cooldad #lovedad #stylishdad #dad #positivevibes #smile #travelquotes #LivialStyle #lifestyle #lovelife #lifestyle #loveyourself #followme #style #stylish #inspirationalquotes #wordsoftheday
Standing in front of the mirror, I see a woman I think I've known for quite some time now. And suddenly, I am carried away into a state of trance. I can smell roses all around me, they've always fascinated me and engulfed me into their beautiful aroma. I've often tried to contain all of this fragrance in myself, in one deep breath. I blink my eyes once, and I am carried away to the distant mountains, they've always made me feel that I've risen above all my fears, above ghosts that sleep with me under my bed every night. I've often tried to measure the fearlessness of these mountains, for I've always feared heights. Another blink, I find myself besides you, feeling your passion for star-gazing as you hold my hands and talk to me about universes, multiverses and the stars that enshroud this earth. I've often tried to gaze at this blanket without you, but I can hardly identify a single constellation. Now that you're gone, I understand why I don't find the fragrance of roses enticing anymore, why mountains now scare me with their monstrous heights, and why this blanket of twinkling stars no longer feels warm and homely. Your absence has given birth to a black hole that has sucked in itself my ability to feel happy. And along with this feeling, I've lost the person I used to be, the girl who got high by the aroma of roses, who conquered her fears with might and strength, who gazed at stars and wished to touch them someday. And as I look back at the image of the woman, as I find her staring right into my eyes, I realise she is way different than what I thought she was- she's the one who hates roses, mountains, stars, and you.
Problems you get into help you find something real.when problems come into your life like a Strom all the fake and weak things around you get blown away and the one that remain with you is the people who are strong and real.
soft dreams
Always baby 💀
I argee for on birthday today this Gemini love it ♊🙌🙌🙋🙋♀🎂🎉🎈👋👊👏
🖕🏻♥️ by trying too much to fit in the mold, you’re going to end up being a brownie. 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ #poetry #verse #thinking #music #singing #singer #musician #sentenceoftheday #sentence #wordsoftheday #words #write #writter #quote #quoteoftheday #inspiration #mold #brownie #mother #fucoeur
Some things you should let go of. Others you shouldn’t. Views differ as to which. #magicmaker #intothewater #wordsoftheday #guess #legocity #studio4lara
That's one way to look at it 😆 #trainstation #words #wordsoftheday #comic #trainstation
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A sappy one for Day 17: Armored Skies. Don’t forget to spend time in some capacity with your father today—whether he is here, or there, or somewhere else—we all have one, and if you’re are a daddy yourself, keep on loving🙌🏼🙃 ———————————————————————— @breath_words_ @aseawords @fallspoetry #junefalls18 ———————————————————————— #poetrycommunityofinstagram #artist #artistsoninstagram #artwork #myart #poemsporn #heartbreak #illustration #sketchbook #doodle #doodles #doodlesofinstagram #artistsofinstagram #artistic #story #storytime #poetryoftheday #iwrite #dream #fear #thisisme #thought #lovethought #thoughtoftheday #wordsoftheday #wordart #poetryislife #poetssociety #poetryporn
Happy Fathers Day to all the greats dads out there. - The good ones 😊are sometimes under appreciated but much love 👊 and keep it up. - The children are indeed our future and an a god father brings much needed structure. - Can't forget the single moms who take on the full role of parenting by themselves, you are superheroes. Much love💕💞#happyfathersday - Like And Share @xpressionquotes
Be You❤ Move On😁 F... Reputation😉 Take The Glory To Your Character🤗💪👌 Love Yourself❤ #Sindresmiler #sindremestring #sprekjærligheten #liondontcomparethemselvestohuman #positivethinking #wordsoftheday #berealbeyou #focus #lovematters #peaceandlove ✌️❤️
Massage isn't something a massage therapist does to the body it's something the massage therapist does with the body. Good deep tissue should be relaxing, as it patiently waits for each layer of tissue to release. No pain and all the gain.
1. Do not be afraid to feel. Be soft, be gentle, be a roaring hurricane if that’s what your heart is telling you. You are an intricate creature of emotion. Do not still your flames. 2. Set your alarm 5 minutes early. Give yourself 5 minutes to lay there in resilience. Then get up and go. 3. Do not forget the importance of those who ask you how you are. Who ask you how your day was. Notice those who check in on you. The world can be a dark place, surround yourself with those who care. 4. You may not look like that girl in the photo, or the girl you just walked past in the street. But that does not make you any less beautiful. You are simply a different kind of flower. 5. Do not be ashamed of your interests and your passions, the music you like, the books you read, what you enjoy doing on a Sunday. Be proud of the light in your eyes when you speak about it. 6. Understand the difference between good and bad attention. There are those that see you simply for what you offer on the outside, but there are also those who are fascinated by the miracles you offer on the inside too. 7. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You are only human. Forgive yourself when you need to and laugh at yourself often. 8. Despite how it may seem now, your family will not be around forever. Make the effort while you can. These people are your blood, your life source, your first friends. 9. Never stop learning. This world is full of wonder. Be curious about what it holds, the nature, the history, the people. There will always be something new. 10. Make good stories. The present is the youngest you’ll ever be again. There will come a day where you look back upon your life, and memories will be all you have left. Go make some.
the world is better ✨ happy Father’s Day @chadsloane.
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