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Never give up . . . Art via : google search
I hope you feel you have all of me when I’m against your chest, because I transfer my hopes, into your heartbeats, and you have the power to break them, which I hope you don’t, so please, keep them safe as you hold me close. @soshiniesingh.author / @soshinie.singh ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Amazing artwork @maria_uve_ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #soshiniesingh
I am a woman I am not as strong as men I am weak most of the times I have soft & fragile heart I cried everytime when my heart is broken or whenever I witnessed sad scene I grew up with love & faith That all I would know the best I've been taught to be kind I've been taught to be humble I've been taught to help others I've been taught to take care of my mouth Mind how I speak to people, just not to hurt them I've been taught to respect I've been taught not to steal people's belonging I've been trained to have a strong will, beliefs & determination Mom says once, "you're born in well family but still we started from a humble ground" Daddy says once, "you can be whoever you wanted when you have the calling, but never forget your root" I grew up in a strong religious family I learned a lot about manners & ethics I, my brothers, are childrens of teachers I, my sisters, are childrens of farmers Brothers told me once, "bad guys doesn't deserves you" Sisters told me once, "you must not let men out there touch you" My other relatives said, "she is one shy girl, never go out & mix around with people" My fellow villagers said,"she is just one lucky girl, she is not their own child you know? do you think she knows how to cook or do house chores, hey you see, she washed dishes in her uncle's house during her grandpa died" They mocked me without they realized it I studied, I worked hard, I knew that I pursue my passion, even its only the 2nd choice in my life list But yet, I keep trying & somehow I proves myself Oh no, there's always be a hatred & jealousy somewhere, Always there a make up stories, Hurt enough, friends became enemy Worst, when I thought I'm giving my all, but I am not good enough. Suck it, lady. I might be a grown up woman now, but I'm still as fragile, Till things hit the point of my downfall Now. Now. I am heartbroken. . . . . My my.. Took times for me to consume that & realized I was been bullied my whole time #storyofagirl #woman #wordsoftheday #lifethoughts
When men think they can rule over women- they have it all wrong. Women- are stronger than they seem, they are as equally capable and are full of potential. When they show you tenderness, it is not weakness, compassion is strength, and when they let you do so as you please that is a privilege- trust is key to happy relationships.. ©Alanna E. #randomscribbles #wordsoftheday #writerlife #writingrandomwords #nonesensepost #poetryprose #writinglife
Be bold. Chase your ambitions. I’ve noticed that often we get stuck from reaching our goals because we’re afraid to step out of our comfort zone. But that’s exactly what we must do!! I don’t know about you guys but when I do something I was afraid of doing I feel sooo good! It boosts my confidence and makes me happy:) + + + #selflove #selfcare #quotes #quoteoftheday #truth #bebold #beyou #comfortzone #goals #brave #selfconfidence #be #wordsoftheday #love
Welcome to the oracle card message for this week. I used the Divine Circus Oracle deck from Alana Fairchild. This week's message is: Pinhead punghinello "One of the gift and the challenges of the modern world is that we can be spoilt for choice. We have so many possible paths, so many choices to make on a daily basis, that sometimes excitement can become overwhelming, or a feeling of trying to do everything and getting nothing much accomplished in the process. The Pinhead Punchinello knows how to solve this dilemma. The entire universe can dance on the head of a pin! That means you only need one point from which everything can come alive. If you narrow down your choices to one, just one for now, everything else will come in time. Just as you would water roots of the tree, and notice that not only do the roots grow, but so does the trunk and branches and leaves and flowers and the birdlife attracted to the tree, and so on .... so too do you need to just attend to one important task, and the rest will happen naturally. It might seem like you are giving up on the many to tend to the one, but if you tend to the one, the many can come to life according to the timing of life itself. This card come to you with a prediction for your future and guidance for the present moment. Whatever confusion or overwhelm, or whatever grand plans you are imagining, even those that seem so vast as to be impossible, the next step to your success is one simple step." Choose one thing for now. #photographybyalexk #lifecoach #lifecoaching #healthcoach #bodymindsoul #soul #growth #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #selfgrowth #wordsoftheday #mindsetiseverything #helpothers #oracle #oraclecardreading #oracleoftheweek #alexkhealthcoach #spiritjunkie
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Trigger warning: the following may be too much for victims of sexual abuse or assault. Continue with caution. . My mouth wasn't yours to silence. It wasn't yours to fill with words that were not my own. It wasn't yours to taste, or to swallow what you gave me. My mind wasn't meant to be manipulated. To be broken. My emotions didn't exist for you to dictate. How I should love you. Worship you with blind devotion. Or how I needed to fear you. My skin wasn't yours to beat into submission. To scar like a brand that bore your signature. Or to enjoy in whatever way you saw fit. My hands weren't yours to train. Not yours to be enjoyed like a lover's caress. My body, not yours to educate. To move in the way you liked. To feel you in a way no child should feel. To accept your invasions like a ravenous beast only thirsting for more. Like a good girl would do. Your girl. . You might have created me, but I was never yours to do with as you pleased. I was never yours to break for life. — N e v e r Y o u r s © Sarah Doughty . No one should ever feel like they are beneath someone else, nor should anyone feel like they are above another. Tag a survivor. . Illustration by the incredible @hallieartwork. . . . #sarahdoughty #wordsmith #poet #bleedink #quote #qotd #poetry #poem #prose #typewriter #typewriterpoetry #poemoftheday #poetryinmotion #poetsofig #womenwhowrite #wordart #wordsoftheday #writingcommunity #digitalart #artlovers #loveyourself #selflove #healing #survivor #empowerment #believeinyourself #empowered #youmatter #encouragement #mindbodysoul
Truly. @itsliamryan
No amount of time and space can separate you from the people who are meant to in your life. They will always come back. - TAG SOMEONE!
🔥CAPTION🔥 That sweet and savory taste your lips kiss me with, has got me addicted to you. I knew I was in trouble when I looked you in the eyes and heard you speak. I am hypnotized for life. ~M.FireChild . . . When you know you shouldn’t but do anyway. Have you ever felt this way? . . . . . Illustration by @troiscentdanses . . 🔥Thank you for reading my words.🔥 . . . . . . . . . . . . #mfirechild #illustrationoftheday #poetry #words #quotes #writer #wordswithqueens #poem #lovestory #thoughts #lovequotes #writersofinstagram #poetsofig #spilledink #artlover #rosetattoo #creativewriting #poetryporn #artoftheday #illustration #tattoo #poetsociety #wordart #womenwhowrite #poetryinmotion #wordplay #illustrationart #wordsoftheday #sketchdaily #couplegoals
Back and forth my emotions go... Leave a 💜 if you can relate. ___ Written by @taylorln_writes #taylorln Inspired by @zaralarsson song ‘One Mississippi’
He loved her, of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing. 🖤 #shermanalexie #writer #wordsoftheday #life #love #choices
It's not about getting out of the illusion anymore, it's more about not falling victim to its patterns, to its hypnotism. Once you fully understand your position within the illusion – once you figure out the pattern - you will be free from its restraints, from its game. The goal should not be so much about breaking free, it should, first, be about growing in your understanding of it. Within our mathematical configuration of time the subtle body awaits its vessel's transcendence. That which is permanent is not of this realm; that is the realm where I wish to live. Live life to go beyond it. Do not get attached to this game you call life. Remember that you cannot take your masks with you; all masks are stripped away at the Gate. 🥀🌑 Melancholy smiles through my perceived image Believing I’m who I am by others opinions Such a wasteful life worth living I know enough now to believe it’s all meaningless Smile all you want (uh) Help me all you want (uh) Enlighten me all you want but, You’re doing it for yourself You help me to secure your Reason for being alive, or Purpose you failed to find so Speak positive all the time (oh) I love to love others but insecurely Too much fun all the time actually bores me (that’s what the smiling yogis don’t tell you) 🥀🌑 All these masked I wear I’m tired of wearing I don’t really care. And not in the “fuck everybody” kind of I don’t care, but I kind of don’t believe in people anymore... I still care about my friends (the only 2 I have) and family, but I can see past smiles and inspirational quotes online and posted videos about your positive life. That’s not to say no one is ever sincere, I believe some are, but not everyone is, and that’s a fact. Just take the masks off and be real. We wear all these masks to feel less alone in the world. Just be real. 🥀🌑
When I met you in the summer | ❤️ • • • I don't know about you, but I could use some August heat right about now! Hope everyone had a great Monday!
Be nice always!
when you choose joy you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good, and when you do good it reminds others of what joy feels like and it just might inspire them to do the same⠀
Monday can suck. This whole week could not go as planned. March probably won’t be as good of a month as I expected. But when I reflect & shift my perspective, I understand life is good & I’ll be happy regardless 📸 @samantha.janeen
Regrann from @cwpoet - —— . TAG SOMEONE who needs this reminder. -cwpoet . . ——————————————————— FOLLOW THIS HASHTAG #cwpoet ____________________________________________ MY DEBUT BOOK, CHASING MYSELF, IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, BARNES&NOBLE, and BOOK DEPOSITORY. Link in bio. @cwpoet ____________________________________________ #qotd #lovequotes #lovequote #wordsofwisdom #poetsofig #writersofig #typewriter #typewriterpoetry #prose #bleedink #poetryislove #wordart #poetryislife #poetryinmotion #quotes #wordsoftheday #womenwhowrite #lovepoem #typography #picoftheday #poetryisnotdead #poetrylovers #creativewriting #poetryporn #instapoem #grey #healing #magic #cwpoet
Last week I tried something I've never done. I went an entire week without reading any books. Books are like crack for me. My favorite books usually fall in one of the following categories: literature, business, personal growth, poetry, biographies, writing, essays, and science. ~ The result of my experiment was positive. I had all this extra time on my hands which led to praying more, writing more, and deciding to share more on here for the purpose of inspiring others. This last one was big because I thought, "What is the purpose of knowing all these things and not sharing anything?" My natural inclination is to be a private guy, but I've concluded that's it's not what I should do any longer. What's the purpose of hiding a lamp under the table? (Mathew 5:15) ~ I'm glad the experiment is over though! Already barreling through a new book!
Why are we afraid of repetition when repetition is one of the MOST powerful contributors to success and happiness? Today’s show was a deep dive into the understanding of why you self sabotage and how to LEARN the skills to avoid it. That’s right it’s not about more willpower or more hustle... it’s about acquiring the skill to change. Tune into the whole show >> link in bio. And catch us live on “Brian and Carrie in the Morning” at 10am est 5 days a week. #setgoals #createyourself #selfdevelopment #selfimprovement #tonyrobbinsquotes #selfconfidence #selfawareness #personalgrowth #knowledgeofself #wordsoftheday #happinessquotes #openminded #negativevibes #negativeenergy #iamcompassion #vulnerability #readersareleaders #youdecide #itstartswithyou
No more excuses! You can get fit at any age and at any fitness level. Start slowly and set attainable goals. Find something you like doing. Remember doing something even 5-10 minutes per day is better than nothing. Message me if you have any questions. #motivationmonday
suatu benda memang hanyalah sebuah benda. kalau kita memiliki suatu benda yang sangat menarik dan sangat kita sayang..pasti kita selalu ingin bersama dan sebisa mungkin menjaga benda kesayangan. Dsini saya hanya mencontohkan benda namun tidak menutup kemungkinan bisa suatu itu berupa binatang kesayangan, atau bahkan seseorang yang kita sayang😊. cintai, sayangilah kehadiran benda kesayangan yang kita miliki, jangan sampai benda kesayangan pergi meninggalkan kita, dan sebelum kata "telat" menggantikan benda kesayangan. #friendsarediamonds 💋 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 💎#diamonds #forever #friends #green #sparkles 💎#instagrammers #I #love #diamonds #solid #eternal 💎#instaphotos #gay #instaindonesia #glams #instagraem 💎#photooftheday #hand #Jakarta #instalikes 💎#👌👌👌 #👍 #like4like #quote #wordsoftheday 💎#dailyquote #instago #world #goodvibesonly
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. ✨ #lights #photography #girl #glasses #sparkle #curlyhair #cozyhome #wordsoftheday
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