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A late post, but hey that's alright.
My third and final edit for the @tuckerdoss FFA Contest. - Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Stoked for some new content up in WA tomorrow. #tuckerdossffa #mavicpro __________________ Original: @tuckerdoss Edit: @t.labar
Russian River 🌲| This side of #SonomaCounty is all fir trees, towering redwoods, mist and magic ✨
Colours. The amount of different colours you can see in Banff is amazing! Every season shows the beauty of the park in different ways.
The plan was to catch sunset at the 1,200 ft Bruneau Canyon then move to the nearby sand dunes, but we collectively agreed that we were in no hurry to leave this view.
pier to sea
I barely escaped the forest that was engulfed by the wildfire. A single spark has spread and it shook the very core of my world.
Happiest when in nature Photo cred- @chiararaitattooing
I’m honestly feeling a little burned out from the Grand Canyon, but had to see what all the hype was about with the ice caves. I know this isn’t a pic of the ice caves, but the golden glow was epic. The PNW is truly amazing
Caught cheesin’.
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