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I'm having one of those frustrating few days because certain things are not moving as fast as I want them to be and something I was really pinning my hopes on hasn't worked out how it should have..... But that's the thing about life, no two days are ever the same and the trick is to move past it and bring your attention back to the smaller and simpler details. 💚 It poured today, during my walk home from the village postoffice. It was the kind of rain that soaked you through to your bones but it was warm, it dripped off my eyebrows and nose, it smelt sweet and the sound of pita-pata echoed through the valley. These kind of small details help to bring me back to the present, you know? . . . #whpfindthelight #wild #wildatheart #wildchild #walking #thegoldenlight #thewalescollective #thegoodlife #mindfulness #wellbeing #lifestyle #rural_love #igerscountryside
Missing those city trips a lot these days.
📷 @weloveourlife 📍#PolognanoAMare ⠀ Si affaccia sulle acque cristalline di Polignano a Mare, in provincia di Bari. È la suggestiva Grotta Palazzese, la più grande della zona. Qui sorge un altrettanto caratteristico ristorante ricavato nel cuore della grotta. La Grotta Palazzese è la più grande e la più conosciuta delle 80 grotte naturali che squarciano la costa rocciosa nei pressi della città di Polignano. Vi si può accedere dalla strada attraverso una stretta scala scavata direttamente nella roccia. Il mare qui attraversa due grandi aperture naturali. All'interno si trova una grande sala semicircolare di circa 30 metri di diametro. Qui sorge l'omonimo ristorante, nella suggestiva cornice tra strette viuzze e case bianche e a strapiombo, al centro dell'antico borgo pugliese. Oggi, un ristorante. In passato, una sala da ballo da utilizzare sulla falsariga di quelle di Versailles, Questo pensò nel 1730 il Duca Leto di Napoli, signore di Polignano, che affidò la grotta al villaggio per usarla come sala per le grandi occasioni. Da allora, la grotta divenne un luogo di incontro dell'alta società sulla via Appia. La grotta fu abbandonata dopo la Rivoluzione francese e l'abolizione del feudalesimo. Ma ogni anno, durante i mesi estivi, da maggio a settembre torna a nuova vita. Vi si può accedere tramite l'omonimo hotel. ⠀ #folkgreen #beforeidie #TheGlobeWanderer #thediscoverer #ig_europa #ig_europe #living_europe #europe_vacations #hello_worldpics #topeuropephoto #europe_ig #map_of_europe #feelthealps #tentree #kings_villages #mytinyatlas #cbviews #stayandwander #best_worldplaces #bucketlisters #thediscoverer #moodygrams #ellemagazine #countrystyle #CanonFanPhoto #WHPpretend #nikontop #architectanddesign #finditliveit #WHPfindthelight
Airplane museum was a huge success, having a Captain with us explaining all the history made a huge difference 😂
What a glorious day! We all had fish for lunch and had a lovely swim in the sea. I had garlic butter sea bream with a glass of prosecco and it was scrumptious! Later headed to the beach to paddle and have a swim! How was your day? #nature #naturelovers #naturelover #picoftheday #nofilter #naturegram #nature_brilliance #nature_perfection #naturehippy #westsussex #wanderlust #skyporn #blueskies #summer #sunsets #instasunsets #beachhuts #sky #seaside #sea #beach #boats #surfsup #landscape #sun #sailing #landscapephotography #moodygram #whpfindthelight #instasunsets #sunsets #sea #ocean
I’ll be cheering on France in the World Cup final in a few hours. Wish I was still back in Paris taking in this view.
Sketchy Meatz Makes The Tummies Feel Neatz. Fuzzy Nation
Happy birthday to one of my closest friend Amanda. No idea why you signed up for all of us but I sure am glad you did. Thank you for always being a good friend to my family and a great husband to Seany. It give me and Kimberly much comfort knowing that you will always be in our corner. My the Lord bless you will many Disneyland churos Love you little foot!
My circle game is strong! #circles #whpfindthelight
Y’all said no in my story so eat my shorts if you don’t like it
For inquiries call 1-800-Tryme
This kind of Sunset... DO YOU LIKE IT ?
Love Letters to my Favourites: Already when I first read “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien, something about the concept of ‘second breakfast’ made me relate deeply to those little creatures living in their cave-like grass covered houses. When you’ve already begun the day, but halfway between breakfast and the bathroom, you realise you’ve stood up with the wrong foot. I get a book, another snack and another coffee and head back under the sheets. I hit the reset button, rewind the record, take another try. Second breakfast is a good one for sure.
When you have this weird desire to always climb on top of everything...
Italian summer stakeout 🏖
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When Konsti makes Eggs Benedict and puts that Parma ham underneath 😏
Life is too short to not have good people around you.
Colors speaks louder than words 🌈 #colors #skyporn
Views from the air, en route to a new destination.
Swipe left to bring back 2005.
My favorite place in Utah ⛰
Descargar las fotos de una sesión y encontrar fotos que me encantan me anima cada día a seguir aprendiendo más y más 💙 gracias @martacasero4 hiciste magia 💫 . . . #trayectohc @hellocreatividad #impulsatucreatividad #viveelveranohc
I have never been great at anything. I have never been the best student, coworker, friend, athlete or coach. I am not very good at writing or social media. Probably all for good reasons. Everyday I review my goals 1) honor God in everything I do 2) be a great father 3) be a great husband. The day I asked Kimberly to be my girlfriend my priorities changed and when I asked her to marry me I felt a greater responsibility to lead her. I love to fill my life with things that make me the person I was meant to be but anything I do is a small fraction of who I am. I love creative arts, sports and outdoors but nothing compadres to the love I have for Kimberly. What I am best at is loving Kimberly. It's probably the only thing I have ever been great at. There is no skill, talent, career, or lifestyle worth trading for her. I have not and will not ever compromise my goals to be the best leader for my future family, nor would I ever disgrace the honor of the last name that I will give Kimberly. She is without a doubt the one person put on this earth for me. I love Kimberly more than I love myself or anything I want to accomplish. I am lucky that she would say the same for herself. I have always been scared that I would never be great at anything..... now the Lord has given me something greater. The love of this woman.
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