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40 lbs lost…Kay George is one of my superstar clients. - She has done nothing but put in the work day in, day out for weeks on end. No complaining, just a can do attitude. - How has she done it? - She started off on her own with Slimming World. Slimming World does get people results, but it is possible to follow Slimming World’s guidelines and not be in a caloric deficit, so fat loss can often plateau. - This was the case for Kay. Her fat loss reached a plateau. - She then began to understand that she had to be in a regular caloric deficit to achieve fat loss. - That meant cutting out the junk and eating whole foods. We wrote a diet plan that helped her achieve that. - In the gym, we focussed on compound lifts. Kay has seen some excellent increase in functional strength, now being able to deadlift 70 kilograms. We have spent lots of time working on the fundamental lifts that are going to get her the best results. - Finally, Kay spent time burning calories in her own time through completing cardiovascular exercise. - All this, combined, with a positive attitude has meant Kay has achieved some fantastic results. - All credit to her. The best is yet to come.
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