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Long overdue for some recognition, we’re so proud of the #PumpRules crew for finally breaking through and getting an MTV Awards nomination!
Cast of #jerseyshore #vanderpumprules and other reality tv shows attend the #mtvmovieawards follow #linkinbio to see all the pics!
Cast of #jerseyshore #vanderpumprules and other reality tv shows attend the #mtvmovieawards follow #linkinbio to see all the pics!
Was 4 and a half hour drive worth it? 100% yes! And peter was our waiter 😍 #surrestaurant #vanderpumprules
👻 Finally made it to SUR SEXY-UNIQUE-RESTAURANT & picked up these two handsome guys! 😜 Very eclectic mix, truly unique design. Combining antiques, chandeliers with industrial elements and cushy pillows, all reflects @lisavanderpump taste. . . . . #surrestaurant #surlounge #surrestaurantandlounge #surloungewesthollywood #westhollywood #larestaurants #sexyrestaurant #vanderpumprules #vanderpump #uniquerestaurant #uniquedesign #losangelesrestaurants @vanderpumprulesoffical @vanderpumprules @
“Even prison bitches have their one person they’re loyal to.” - @sonjatmorgan
Anyone? Rob’s number, please? We’re trying to hang this TV.... • • • • • #vanderpumprules #sevenminutes #rob #please #helpme #helpus #lol #lmfao
He SURved her a rock and she said YES: #VanderpumpRules ' Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are engaged. 💍 (📷: @mrjaxtaylor )
I’ve been craving a jalapeño margarita for like a week now thanks to my new reality binge obsession, #vanderpumprules ! So delicious!
Shocking #VanderpumpRules news! Did U ever think this was going to happen?? This and much more on our latest podcast! Click the link in the @PerezPodcast bio to listen to @ThePerezHilton Podcast with @ChrisBooker or hear it on iTunes or directly at PerezPodcast.com
Hey Dad’s you will love this too! . . Just sharing -~ 6 months ago today I started using what we know today as “The Gel” I was in a very dark place in my life, 6 years ago I lost my career of 18 years and 5 weeks later I lost my wife to cancer. I also have a pituitary tumor and after losing the job I lost my health insurance. I met Joe Juliano right before my wife passed away and knew that this guy was onto something. I did a different MLM with him and after that went on to become a member of his insurance agency. We had a good relationship but I never told him about my tumor, until he told me about HGH. Being unmedicated for over 5 years I was experiencing many symptoms from the tumor. Headaches, oh the headaches. Woke up with a headache went to bed with a headache. Also moodiness, anger, blurred vision and depression amongst a variety of others. The depression was pretty bad, I am a single dad of 2 amazing daughters and not even them could motivate me to want to thrive, I was feeling not so worthy. Then Joe kind of disappeared from the insurance world so I called him up to find out what was up. He told me about Somaderm and I told him about my tumor. He said "you gotta try this stuff." I told him I would, he convinced me to become a distributor. Best move i have made in a while, I am distributor #45 . I started using the product, 2 pumps in the morning 2 in the afternoon. After 2 days of use I woke up and no headache. Haven't had a headache in almost 6 months now! That alone would have been enough for me but since then my life has completely changed, I FEEL WONDERFUL! No headaches, much happier, no more crazy thoughts, down 15 pounds on the scale, feel stronger, more energy and a complete sense of optimism. I would hate to think where I would be today without this product so right now I just want to take a minute to thank both Joe and Alex for this amazing product. I feel like I have been given a second chance and I am going to take full advantage of what has been given to all of us. #loseweighnow #hcg #gel #teamjustgellin #spin360corefitness #personaltraining #vanderpumprules
Sexy Unique Restaurant • • • #sur #vanderpumprules #vanderpump
The aesthetics @pumprestaurant were uh-mazing! It was an awesome dining experience & this man right here made it unforgettable @gerhardt.braun 🍷✨::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: #vanderpumprules
We even got to eat at my favorite reality show restaurant #vanderpumprules #surrestaurant #ilovestassi
@ariana252525 is thinking 💭 “Ewww NOOOOO @kristendoute is touching meeeee!” LMAO 😂 #vanderpumprules #surrules #mtvmovieawards #frenemies
Brandi keeps it classy. #isbrandiupyet #brandiglanville #Repost @brandiglanville ・・・ I’m drunk goodnight happy “fathers” day💋🌈❤️🙏💋🌈💋🙏❤️
Happy Father’s Day to all the past, present, and future single moms out there!
Stassi's new 14k gold fill half cuff etched bar bracelet with 22k gold plated nuggets over sterling silver with tiny Zircons. Available 6.22.2018 @georgijulesjewelry Click the link in our bio to take you to our "Vanderjules" collection. #georgijules #gold #StassiandDayna #jules #stassischroeder #stassi #vanderjewels #pumprules #vanderpumprules #goldcuff
Listen to @itsjameskennedy in his first interview with JMG as part of our Artist of the Month: Summer Series on the JMG Live! Music Lounge podcast. Also, on James’ episode is music news on @djcarnage and @childishgambino. It’s all available at JMGMags.com. #vanderpumprules @surrules @ariana252525
My latest interview is with @itsjameskennedy for @jmghouston Artist of the Month: Summer Series. James and I talked about being a #DJ at @surrules , traveling and his relationships with his cast members on #pumprules . Plus there’s music news on @djcarnage and @childishgambino on James’ episode of the JMG Live! Music Lounge podcast. Oh, and there’s a clip of @ariana252525 2014 interview with me as well. It’s all available at JMGMags.com. #vanderpumprules #jacquariharris
Nominated for Vanderpump 👏👏👏 #vanderpumprules #mtv
Here we go! #saturdaynight is about to get lit inside @surrules with your truly behind the decks! See ya there! #surrules #vanderpumprules #mtvmovieawards #afterparty #weho #djlife #hiphop #housemusic #letsgo
Passing PUMP like... #vanderpumprules #tourist #ilivehere
Today I had a chance to see all men crew from Vanderpump Rules because they were filming episode for new season 🙈😊. #california #losangeles #vacation #vanderpumprules #funtimes
“After 6 weeks on this product I’ve lost 14# and am sleeping like a baby and having some very vivid dreams. As a board certified Antiaging and Sports Medicine physician I was very skeptical that this microdosing product could produce any results! Needless to say, I’m now sharing this with my clients, friends and family and am very pleased with the results. This is the real deal. Do not hesitate to get on board with the product and this once in a lifetime financial opportunity.” ONE MORE ~ “I am an AIRBORNE Paratrooper in the US Army for 18+ years. I have put my body through quite a beating in that time. I suffered an injury to my left ankle back in April 2017 during an Airborne operation. I went to physical therapy for months with no real luck. I have been unable to run or jump in that time. I was introduced to HGH Gel about a month ago and I'm feeling like a new person. I have signed up for the May 19th Tough Mudder in Philadelphia and I'm excited to get out there. I admit I was skeptical about this product, but now there is no way I will go without it. I have signed on as a distributor so I can be a part of something bigger and take part in changing people's lives. Thank you New U Life HGH Gel!!” #vanderpumprules #loseweighnow #hcg #gel #hormones #gellin #gel
It’s tradition to meet up at @surrules whenever I’m in town ❤️ We were just missing our girl @louboogie25 #SurRules #vanderpumprules #WEHO #fromthebaytola #friendsforever #mybodyaches #Innerlude #MG #LA
Hey you fellow witches....We’re back from the dead!!! 🧟‍♀️ EPISODE TWO IS UP ON APPLE PODCASTS NOW 💜 Sorry for the delay between episodes, we’ve been on a spiritual journey aka figuring out podcast technology 😬 If you love reality tv, Bravo, and especially Vanderpump Rules, you’re in for a treat with this one. We also have a discussion about Game of Thrones and the characters’ zodiac signs ⚔️ Listen if you dare 🔮👻
During the taping of #VanderpumpRules when I had a cameo on the show during #GayPrideLA @lisavanderpump is truly a Class Act. #GreatTimes #LGBT #LosAngeles #Pump #VanderpumpRules #2ForThePriceOfOne #DoubleGoddesses
Just want to give @andras.bohm a special shout out for feeding into my fantasy of maybe seeing Lisa Vanderpump while in LA. #noonewasthere #foodwashorrible #supportivehusband #husbandofinstagram #vanderpumprules
Oh snap we found both Vanderpump restaurants! #realhousewivesofbeverlyhills #vanderpumprules
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