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Neuer Artikel 📖💃✨ 4 Überraschende Gründe, weshalb deine Pfunde dir treu bleiben und du kein Gewicht mehr verlierst Jedesmal dasselbe, du beginnst eine Kur und die ersten zwei Kilo purzeln ratz fatz und dann, Sendepause? Vielleicht ist es sogar schon so weit, dass sich von Beginn an nichts an deinem Gewicht verändert, ausser deiner Laune😳🤫 dann solltest du diesen Artikel unbedingt lesen. Hier erfährst du, was bei den meisten „schnell Fett weg“ Diäten, verschwiegen, oder übersehen wird. Nur ein gesunder Körper kann langfristig, abnehmen und das Gewicht halten. Wenn du den Jojo Effekt ein für allemal verbannen willst, musst du auf ein paar wichtige Dinge achten. klick auf denn Link in der Bio für mehr und starte gleich in eine gesündere Zeit, damit du dich bald besser als vor 20 Jahren fühlst😘 #Detox #gesundessen #weightlossjourney #entgiften #greens #liverdetox #liver #chronicpain #fett #fettlogiküberwinden #wwmädels #weightwatchersdeutschland #gewichtsverlust #abnehmen #menopause #over50blogger #thyroiddisease #theweekoninstagram #healthyfood #herbs #healing #autoimmundisease #weightloss #bodytransformation
Neuer Artikel 📖💃✨ 4 Überraschende Gründe, weshalb deine Pfunde dir treu bleiben und du kein Gewicht mehr verlierst Jedesmal dasselbe, du beginnst eine Kur und die ersten zwei Kilo purzeln ratz fatz und dann, Sendepause? Vielleicht ist es sogar schon so weit, dass sich von Beginn an nichts an deinem Gewicht verändert, ausser deiner Laune😳🤫 dann solltest du diesen Artikel unbedingt lesen. Hier erfährst du, was bei den meisten „schnell Fett weg“ Diäten, verschwiegen, oder übersehen wird. Nur ein gesunder Körper kann langfristig, abnehmen und das Gewicht halten. Wenn du den Jojo Effekt ein für allemal verbannen willst, musst du auf ein paar wichtige Dinge achten. klick auf denn Link in der Bio für mehr und starte gleich in eine gesündere Zeit, damit du dich bald besser als vor 20 Jahren fühlst😘 #Detox #gesundessen #weightlossjourney #entgiften #greens #liverdetox #liver #chronicpain #fett #fettlogiküberwinden #wwmädels #weightwatchersdeutschland #gewichtsverlust #abnehmen #menopause #over50blogger #thyroiddisease #theweekoninstagram #healthyfood #herbs #healing #autoimmundisease #weightloss #bodytransformation
What people don't see is the struggle. I wake up every morning and go to war with my mind and body. I battle with pain, fear, health, emotion, defeat, rejection, fatigue, instability, frustration, resentment, depression, grief, desolation.. The list goes on but every day I choose to fight.. I am a warrior going to battle with a smile on my face every fucking morning.
** Don't listen! * Stop agreeing with that negative voice in your head! You are a winner - shaker - mover! * Do not get in your way! * 🤗😎🤩🤗😎🤩🤗😎🤩🤗😎🤩 #encouragement #motivation #confidence #youcan #believeinyourself #yes #winner #shaker #movers #stoic #stand #achievement #accomplished #move #forward #staypositive
Getting stronger every day. 6 pounds down. #imbecomingafitnessaddict #thanksketones #ketolifestyle
Health Journey Part 2: Two weeks later I went back for a check up and the Flu came back negative. However I was still feeling exhausted, severe fatigue (especially in back), stomach pain, bloating, muscle spasms, chills, fever etc. These symptoms continued throughout the entire summer of ‘17. I went to every specialist. All symptoms pointed to LYME but I did not have enough bands for my illness to qualify as Lyme. After several doctors and no answers, one doctor diagnosed me with post influenza syndrome. I struggled mentally as the symptoms prevented me from being active and living my life as a 20 year old. I often couldn’t walk and get up and down by myself. I felt annoyed as it was now September 2017 and this “post-influenza” was still kickin. I went back to school and thought the virus would run its course. However, I was progressively getting worse. In October, I began throwing up every morning, puffy face, constant cold, excessive sweating, weakness, fatigue etc. I went to many doctors and no answers. One doctor said “Sometimes you just have chronic fatigue and you don’t get better.” That response hurt me as I felt like I would feel this way forever. It was not until November another doctor noticed my liver enzymes were very high. I found out I had Mono. My Epstein Barr levels were extremely high and I had all the signs. It finally made sense. I was happy at the time because I finally got an answer. However, I did not know how tough this virus would be to kick. This was the first time I had mono and it ended up lasting 4 months. • • #chronicfatiguesyndrome #epsteinbarr #invisibleillness #hashimoto #thyroiddisease #thyroidawarness
🌟I’m always learning and growing🌟 . . 🌈I realized years ago that in order to really grow and heal, I had to put my fear aside of “what if it doesn’t work” and transform it to “what could be possible for me if it did work?” . . 🌈 When you think of what is possible, your fear starts to settle down enough so you can make empowering decisions. This is what helped me invest in my health and to stop chasing one off strategies and looking for miracles via Dr. Google. . . 🌈When your fear stops running the show, you see possibilities and become open to transformation. . . #journeytohealth #healingmyself #believeinyou #breatheinbreatheout #healthyandhappy #yogamakesmehappy #lifebalance #burnoutrecovery #embraceyourself #healthstagram #selfacceptance #selfawareness #aip #healthymama #aipdiet #autoimmune #autoimmunedisease #thyroid #thyroiddisease #thyroidproblems #adrenalfatigue #healthygut #guthealing #guthealth #candida #ibs #crohns #crohnsdisease #hashimotos
Round 2 || Day 13 Kicked off my morning by kicking my own butt, literally. I don’t know how to accurately describe progressive cardio except for , um errrrr humbling. It’s one of those workouts that scares me and excites me at the same time. I guess we call that progress?! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Custom made wooden box. Slow progress. But inside partition and floating shelf are complete. Glue needs to dry before I can start paint. #custombox #weedbox #marijuanabox #woodbox #artist #canadian #chronicpain #cancersurvivor #fibrosucks #osteoarthritis #thyroiddisease #longweekend #tunes #inspired #artispassion #artispain #cmillustrativegraphics
If you've dealt with chronic illness, then I 'm sure you've dealt with the people who say,"But you look perfectly healthy." You've no doubt stopped giving an honest answer to,"How are you?" because you can't bear to hear,"You're still not better?" It's less emotionally damaging to pretend you're fine than to listen as someone insists that a particular therapy will solve all your problems-as though you haven't already gone to the ends of the earth trying to find answers.You've probably listened as countless people have described their family members' struggles with illness-as though those experiences trump your own. When you're healthy it's easy to spout theories about how those who are sick just need to change their mind-sets.When you don't understand the true nature of illness,it's easy to think it's because a person is holding herself or himself back with a fear of healing,or that she or he is malingerer who secretly enjoys the attention this malady brings.Anyone who's told you these are the reasons for your illness hasn't been there.This ideas make things so much worse for those who suffer from mystery illness. They cause people to feel ashamed of their problems and avoid asking for help-to feel like they have to hide their suffering out of worry they'll be called out as fakes.- excerpt from book:Medical Medium, secrets behind chronic and mystery illness by Anthony William
You can never be too over dressed 👸🏻 #princess #sandbox
Such an awesome day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!!
LOVE helping you have your beat hair ever! Great testimonial! “UMMM... you guys!!!!! I used rejuvabeads for the first time!!! I removed my extensions (which have been removed and immediately replaced since January 2016) my hair is super fine (I just started my Let It Grow system) 🙃 BUT LOOK AT THIS!!! 😲😲😲 Byeeeee split ends Hello healthy hair & shine 🙌🏼” #healthyhair #loveyourhair
Our first episode of #allwomantv with @fionafurey @kiajohnson1 and @makgathipilgriminheels is officially ready for viewing!! Find the link at https://youtu.be/YjTtyFvNZLc This episode we discuss thyroid problems and how they affect women’s lives! #thyroiddisease #hyperthyroid #hypothyroid #graves #hashimotos #integrativemedicine #integrativedoctor #thoughtleader #doctor #functionalmedicine
Light. Movement. Nutrition. Connections. We tend to think of health and wellness as just kale smoothies and gym workouts but there's so much more to it. Sunlight is one of those overlooked nutrients that literally powers our batteries at the mitochondrial level. Exposure to sunlight, especially first thing in the morning helps to entrain our circadian rhythms, it boosts morning cortisol production and decreases the sleepy hormone known as melatonin. Along my health journey I discovered the benefits of walking first thing in the morning and it was a key change I have implemented along with grounding and walking barefoot in grass every single day. These 2 small changes will reduce inflammation, increase energy, and increase healing. If you're suffering from depression as I was, I know how hard it is to even leave your bedroom most mornings but the act of walking in the sun is what will power your batteries. Don't wait until you feel better to go outside because the act of going outside is the thing that will help you feel better. You don't wait until you're flexible to start doing yoga; yoga is what will make you more flexible. Get out from under the toxic florescent lightbulbs, go outside, take off your shirt and play. Especially if you feel like shit.
The amazing, fun, empowering journey that completely changed me! . Completely changed my HEALTH- I gained more energy, got rid of brain fog, got rid of headaches, shrank my enlarged thyroid, improved my immune system. . Completely changed my BODY- I finally lost the extra weight and flab that just wouldn't go away for months! My booty lifted and my abs popped!! . Completely changed my MINDSET- I no longer felt discouraged and defeated...I felt confident and empowered! I realized that I can do anything I put my mind to when it comes to my health and fitness. I was able to easily let go of the things that were not good for me and embrace the things that are good for me. . And I want to share that with other ladies! Other ladies struggling with their health, not feeling confident in their clothes or in a bikini. The mom who wants to feel strong and healthy. The girl who just wants to feel GOOD overall. . I'm looking for FIVE of you to work one on one with through YOUR journey so you can have the same results that I had. I will give you all the tools you need along with my personal mentoring and an amazing support system full of ladies on the same journey as us. You will look back and say, "I am so grateful I committed to this journey because it completely CHANGED MY LIFE." 💕 . Last day to get signed up with me is May 25th so if you want to be one of the 5 ladies I choose, message me so we can chat. . #momlife #mommy #fitmoms #fitness #healthandfitness #momofboth #fitnessmotivation #goals #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunewarrior #thyroid #thyroidproblems #thyroiddisease #thyroidhealing #dairyfree #glutenfree #bootyworkouts #abworkouts
@therealbaldy54 feeds me delicious food sometimes 😍
#despitethediagnosis This is happening and I’m so excited!!! If you suffer with #chronicillness or #autoimmunedisease please get in touch with me or comment below. We are stronger together and shedding light to how we overcome suffering and pursue our dreams is powerful + inspiring! I want y’all to be heard!!! 💕
HOORAY! Nature-Throid (my preferred NDT) is back and available in most strengths 💜
I went out in the #kittycatsanctuary this morning. It is rainy, muggy and warm. Of course with the Horners Syndrome I only swear on half of my head and face.. I am still trying to get use to this oddity.. It feels odd to me. I am not sure if I should embrace that half of my doesn't sweat.. or that half of my head does. Still got the eye droop and pupil difference but my face seems less swollen and the feeling is coming back. I won't let #hornerssyndrome #fibromyalgia #chronicpain #cfs #necksurgery or any of the other medical issues take away my #smile .😁 Today I will continue to smile and remain grateful and blessed. #fibrowillnotwin .💪💜 #iwillfight #autoimmunedisease #spinalstenosis #arthritisinmyspinesucks #cfssurvivor #neuropathicpain #thyroiddisease #degenerativediscdisease #mainetough #pennyisafighter #iremaingrateful #fibrowarrior #chronicillnesssucks #chronicpainwarrior #spooniecommunity #spoonie #spoonieselfie #spoonielife
Dear body: Thank you for showing me I can do hard things. Thank you for proving to me that I’m worth it and I deserve this. Thank you for putting up the good fight through miscarriages, IVF, and tubal pregnancies. Thank you for not letting autoimmune issues stop you from being the most healthy version possible. Thank you for not giving up on me when I wanted to throw in the towel. I promise to do great things with you, even though I’m gonna torture you with cardio flow first. I love you. Love 💕 Me
We believe there’s a higher reason to this life despite our pain, loss and heartache. From the families we’re born into, to the new friends we’ve made (ALL OF YOU), we really do believe everything is happening for a reason. Keep fighting; good days are coming! 📷: @nois7
The CORRECT food pyramid. Live it, learn it, love it. Be healthy ❤ * * * #Repost @wellness.and.sunshine_keto (@get_repost ) ・・・ Really great reference that I found on https://ketodietapp.com/Blog
RECIPE BELOW // Roasted Veggies with Salsa Verde⠀ ⠀ This recipe is a good assortment of colors, textures and flavors but the real beauty is that it is completely adaptable. Choose whatever appeals to your tastebuds or eyes this week! ⠀ ⠀ For the vegetables:⠀ 🌿 2 tbsp coconut oil (or other solid fat)⠀ 🌿 1 bunch rainbow carrots, halved if large⠀ 🌿 8 small beets⠀ 🌿 2 red onions, peeled and quartered (leave the bottom intact to prevent them falling apart)⠀ 🌿 1 medium fennel bulb, quartered and trimmed⠀ ⠀ For the salsa verde:⠀ 🌿 ½ packed cup flat leaf parsley⠀ 🌿 ½ packed cup cilantro⠀ 🌿 ½ packed cup dill⠀ 🌿 ¼ packed cup basil⠀ 🌿 2 tbsp capers packed in salt, rinsed⠀ 🌿 1 tbsp lemon juice⠀ 🌿 1 small clove garlic, crushed and peeled⠀ 🌿 ½ cup olive oil⠀ 🌿 Salt to taste, if needed⠀ ⠀ 👉 Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200C).⠀ 👉 Heat the oil in a large roasting pan (or divide between two smaller pans), then add the vegetables. Turn them over several times to make sure they are coated in the melted oil and place in the oven for about 40-45 minutes. Turn them mid way through the cooking time so they are nicely browned all over.⠀ 👉 Whilst the vegetables are cooking make the salsa verde. Put all the ingredients, except the salt, into a blender and blend till smooth. Taste and add salt if necessary (though you probably won't need it).⠀ 👉 Serve the roasted vegetables on a platter, with some of the sauce spooned over. Put the remainder in a bowl for people to help themselves.⠀ ⠀ Click the link in our profile for the web version!⠀ ⠀ #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunepaleo #nutritious #realfood #organic #healthyliving #healthymeal #chronicillness #wholefood #holistichealth #balanced #celiac #healthyrecipe #autoimmune #aip #holisticnutrition #guthealth #autoimmunedisease #foodasmedicine #naturalhealth #nutrientdense #hypothyroidism #hashimotos #antiinflammatory #hypothyroid #glutenfreefood #thyroiddisease #guthealing #autoimmuneplate
It’s so important to understand this, warriors. I walked around lost for years with my undiagnosed thyroid and AI disease symptoms and had multiple doctors act as if I was crazy. Even when I was covered in hives for over 70% of 2 1/2 years...nothing. Just take this steroid, or this antihistamine. . . It’s important to know you AREN’T crazy, weak, a hypochondriac, a baby...our medical system understands very little about autoimmunity. But functional medicine does tell us there are several commonalities between ALL autoimmune patients. Address these, and we can see real progress. . . If you are feeling lost, ask for help. And if you don’t have a practitioner or coach who listens and works to address root causes, please DM or email me ASAP. I love my job because I get to help people like you find hope and regain their life again! . . . #hashimotos #hypothyroidism #autoimmune #glutenfree #thyroid #autoimmunedisease #guthealth #hormones #realfood #fitness #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunewarrior #thyroiddisease #paleo #hormonehealth #hashimotosdisease #hypothyroid #spoonie #aip #nutrition #autoimmunepaleo #chronicfatigue #pcos #thyroidproblems #chronicillness #wellness #chronicillnesswarrior #thyroidwarrior #healthyliving #spoonie
To all my fellow IBD family and my beautiful friends, Thank you for helping me on my journey and giving me support and encouragement I needed. In return, I am here for you. I will support you and aide you in the same generous way you did for me. I am here to listen to you and make sure you stay on your journey forward, I will hold your hand and guide you, as you did with me. I am honored to have such an amazing group of followers, who understand my reasons for speaking up about IBD and invisible illnesses. I will continue to speak up, to educate and teach people about our plight and I will continue to make sure others know they're not alone in their fight. Stay strong my beautiful warriors, much love to you all 💖💪💙💪💖💪💙 ● ● #worldibdday #bowelrestriction #humpdayishumiraday #humira #humirahangover #madebythedevil #ibd #ibdwarrior #inflammatoryboweldisease #autoimmunedisease #uniqueibd #liverfailure #thyroiddisease #osteoarthritis #spondyloarthritis #ibdawareness #ostomyawareness #ostomyreversal #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #invisableillness #invisibledisabilty #spoonie #thespoonielifechoseme #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #girlswithoutguts #tattooedchick #girlswithink #rockoutwithyourtatsout #inkedandawesome
Delicious breakfast! Being on vacation is awesome! I love when other people cook healthy food for me! ❤️
8-mile run this morning a feeling great! 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🕺🏻 I have had to take it easy the past few weeks because of a nagging groin injury but I’m about 80% right now, and it is evident in the splits (swipe to see). ➡️➡️ What have I done to heal (in about 2.5 weeks)?? TONS of stretching and foam rolling. I would once too, but these two things are key in reducing inflammation and helping the area heal. 🚑🏨 I use @romwod for stretching routine-legit best thing I’ve done for my fitness- every day is a new routine with a library of routines that can hit specific body parts as well. 💪🏻🙌🏻 #recovery #yayrunning #hellomrbladeofgrass
Hba1c:high AF➡️low AF - I remember the day that I decided it was time to loose weight, but I couldn’t make it happen. I didn’t know much information about macros, counting my food, meal timing, etc. I learned all of this through @team_atrain and my A1C dropped to 6.2%🔥 Then I went plant based and became a certified nutritionist and it just kept getting better. I always stayed away from fruits, scared how it would affect my diabetes, I now laugh at that idea. I eat all the carbs and it fuels the heck out of my training. On my own, I’ve dropped my A1C to 5.2%🔥🔥 This is such a huge accomplishment and I am happy to share it with my new insta fam⚔️ - - #type1 #a1c #ironmanintraining
“It’s not what we do once in awhile that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently” ———————— I love the “once in awhile” treats I allow myself 🍩🍫🍪🙊 Which has been a little more than it used to be as of lately, since I increased my calories and decided to eat and train at maintenance, instead of in a deficit. But I am also learning to love the consistency of it all, too. About a year ago, I fell off track with consistency when it came to health and nutrition. Lifting felt more like a chore than a passion or outlet. And I was skipping workouts all of the time. One day not too long ago... I woke up and snapped out of it, as if it were as easy as turning a light switch on and off. I now LOVE training again (thank goodness!!) and fueling my body the way it should be. It’s hard when your actions don’t match your goals. It’s difficult to continue on when you’ve lost all motivation... but remember this: the time will pass anyway and you will continue to have those goals. I wanted to be fit and have muscles for YEARS before I cracked down and actually made the change... and even then it was trial and error for a long time (still is). Got some goals but don’t necessarily know how to start or stay consistent with them? DM me or visit me over at @affreetownma I know I preach balance ALWAYS... so trust me, getting the ball rolling may not be as hard as you think. This is not an “all or nothing” lifestyle. #consistencyiskey #findyourhappiness #FollowYourBliss
Happy Saturday!!
Round 2 || Day 12 One of the hardest workouts I’ve ever struggled through. No sleep, constant interruptions, stupid heavy weight, and lots of time under tension. Humbling, but satisfying at the same time. Does that make me a psychopath?! Or does it make it worse that I can’t wait to make it harder next week? Maybe I just have really big leg goals?! Regardless, it’s done. It wasn’t pretty, but #thegrindincludesfriday and that’s exactly why it’s done! Who else had #legdayworkout today?!
Check out #hungryforchange on Netflix! Fantastic documentary that puts into perspective the power of the food industry. #netflix #change #health #thyroiddisease #foodindustry #chemicals
You, yes YOU! I hope that whatever today brings you, you let your voice be heard. You stay true to who you are. You make YOURSELF proud before worrying about what others say. I know it can be hard to quiet the voices and stay the course, but you’ll be SO much happier with yourself if stay true to what’s in your heart of hearts. Mmmmkay?! #doyouboo
Strong is the new Sexy 💪🏻(Long Post.. Read on) 6 years ago I was so sick. For 7 months I was in and out of doctors offices before they could figure out what was wrong with me. I was so fatigued, My stomach looked like I was 6 months pregnant and everytime I ate I felt like I was going to vomit. I finally got diagnosed with Hashimotos disease. A thyroid disorder. I was happy to put a label on it, be on the road to feeling better and lose the weight I had gained from it. Even after being diagnosed, my digestive system still was not right. I began to research my symptoms, for weeks on end I researched. My search suggested I remove gluten from my diet, it was hard being an Italian but I was willing to try anything. I started to feel better almost immediately. 48hrs bloating went down significantly. I continued to see my doctor regularly, like every month for blood work and every 2wks for B12 shots (I was significantly low). I did this for about 3yrs. I was better, but the weight never fell off and I still didn't feel 100%. **DISCLAIMER** Herbalife does not treat, prevent or diagnose any medical illnesses. In 2014, Herbalife found Me. My coach was meant to meet me that day in the gym. Obviously I was hesitant 😂😂 but I followed her on social media. I was eating clean and working out but really didn't feel like any of that was helping me in a way I needed to be helped. And I made many excuses. I admittingly stalked her IG account 🙈🙈 I desperately needed a change and she was so fit I wanted that! Finally I contacted her a YEAR & HALF later 😂. Hopped on the products and I FELT GREAT! 😀 I was becoming leaner and lost the weight I had put on! And more importantly my doctor said that I didn't need to have my blood drawn so often anymore, my thyroid was responding to my new lifestyle. I was beyond thrilled! I had no problem getting pregnant (only took 9 days 😅). I took my products throughout my pregnancy, never needing to adjust my thyroid meds! My doctors were pleased! I get my thyroid levels checked yearly now, and I've been on the same dose for 3yrs! Thank you Herbalife for providing me with the proper nutrition to help keep my thyroid healthy!
A nice reminder to celebrate the small wins while on the way to the big one. . #AIPprogress : 3 months since I adopted the AIP lifestyle. First few weeks were rocky as I kept falling off the wagon (sweets!). I felt like I was making such slow progress; I was so focused on getting through the elimination phase — stay “clean” for a whole month, that I fail to appreciate all the other good things happening until my husband pointed out to me: • I haven’t been taking sleeping pills; my sleep quality has improved. • I have lesser headache bouts the past weeks. • There were days before when I’d wake up & end up staying in bed all day due to excruciating muscle/joint pains — not so much of that in the last few weeks. • Thyroid nodule seems smaller. I cant wait for next month’s thyroid & antibody level checks! • I’ve lost some weight! Though I’m still eating a lot🐽, I eat more high quality meats, fruits & veggies now. • The family’s eating habits have improved. I was coming up with food that’re compliant but not too blah for them. We basically eat the same dishes but they have rice/pasta/bread sides. . I’ve managed to “stay clean” for 7 straight weeks now (yay me!). Next week, I’ll play with food reintro. Any tips? Also need to work more on good sleeping and de-stressing habits. Slowly but surely getting there ... ___________________________________ #celebrateTheSmallVictories #eyesOnThePrize #totalWellness #healthyLiving #healingMyBodyMindSoul #RoadToHealing #lifeWithAutoImmuneDiseases #AIPlifestyle #autoImmuneProtocol #AIP #paleoAIP #autoimmuneDiseases #gravesDisease #lupus #thyroidDisease #chronicIllness #autoImmune #wellness #healthyChoices #selfCare #selfLove #wisdomWords #wotd #word #healthIsWealth #lifeOnAIP #myAIPjourney
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