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Another one with a fan in Japan 🇯🇵❤️ #TheWeeknd #BellaHadid
King Of The Fall Vc: @xosmt #TheWeeknd
My song Stackk should be out this week 💵!! Legit HAM time for me.🧐 I have to get 50+ songs finalized and released, lose 40 lbs in 3 months, record/practice for cover videos, revamp my spotify and curate a bunch of playlists. On top of that- 40+ hour workweek, vocals/mixing/studio time, then networking, and fam responsibilities. I’m working harder than I ever have in my life.💪🏻 little time for play, but to get to where I want I need to sacrifice.🖤 wish I could veg out and play ps4 or binge shows.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I may be distant at times just know I’m hard at work💫 if y’all as my friends bare with me I promise to always be there for you.. ❤️ #singer #songwriter #producer #pink #boss #blonde #spotify #music
Current spin: @theweeknd Starboy. The weeknd is the second coming of Michael Jackson..along with Bruno Mars. I'm not a colored #vinyl guy, but this one is good quality and plays well. #randb #theweeknd #testingthespeakers
Why y’all keep saying “Abella confirmed❤️😍” bitch it’s been confirmed for months why are all of you surprised #theweeknd
Now they got fire collabs and went on tour together 🤘🏽 @theweeknd @swaelee #xo #theweeknd #swaelee #raesremmurd
July 22nd 2018: Bella and Abel spotted hanging out together in Tokyo, Japan 🌹
Abella? Happiness? Tbh I can’t tell the difference 😭 || #theweeknd #bellahadid #abella || @bellahadid @theweeknd
The peak ain’t reached, but the peak is all I feel -AT/TW, The Fall
(con't. of TLOP review). - The Life of Pablo has a freeing and uplifting energy that is infectious and it gives this album a feeling that is somewhat unique to his discography. Somehow, this album both comes out to be one of Kanye's worst, unfinished, messy and imperfect pieces of work, but also one of his most unique, open, emotional, explosive, and ultimately exciting collections of music to ever come out under his name. In conclusion, this album is one of my most favorite from not only Kanye but hip-hop as a whole. This album gets a bad rap because of the unfinished sound, but that's what gives it it's unique vibe. Who would be crazy enough to drop such a messy, emotional, flawed, imperfect, collection of music on a pedestal as high as some of the most legendary, and important music artists of the century? Kanye West, that's who. People love to criticize Kanye and his character. They call him rude, ill-mannered, discourteous, a narcissist, and ultimately crazy. But name one genius that isn't crazy, you know? ___________________________________________________ ◇Follow @yeezuskryst for more music related posts.◇ - #HipHop #Rap #Poetry #Music #KendrickLamar #Drake #AsapRocky #JoeyBadass #XXXTentacion #ChanceTheRapper #SkiMaskTheSlumpGod #LilXan #6ix9ine #KanyeWest #WizKhalifa #JCole #Logic #LilPump #TylerTheCreator #KimKardashian #KylieJenner #LilPeep #TravisScott #GucciMane #LilUziVert #LilYatchy #TheWeeknd #FrankOcean #EarlSweatShirt #LeBronJames
nav in the studio ...
i wish i may, i wish i might have my one true love tonight will you be mine?
Madness 🖤 | #TheWeeknd
🕊🖤 #xxxtentacion #LLJ
💔 .
💀 remember death 💀 @theweeknd @abhidyxo
Drop some emotional lyrics by @theweeknd 😪😭💔
No cap.
two, principles of purification . . #theweeknd #art #sketch #skull #xo
Sundays... The start of a new week with endless opportunities... . . . For the first time in what seems like an eternity, I have hunkered down and not left the house or put on real clothes since Friday night and I'm not mad at it. . . . We need those days sometimes, especially when you have lives that involve constantly being "on" and pouring into people. Stay-cations are just as crucial and important as vacations, especially for @endunamoo_sc and I. Most think we are Boring, but we work extremely hard and very long days. We take our training very seriously and attempt to hit our macros daily. So Letting loose sometimes is 👌🙌💕 . . . . . . . #workhard #trainhard #playhard #sleephard #fit #fitfam #fitlife #fitgirl #fitchick #endunamoobarbellclub #douendu #gym #gymlife #gymrat #gymtime #gymaddict #gymflow #athlete #progress #sleep #rest #nap #sundayfunday #sunday #weekend #theweeknd #coach #teacher
i hate when she doesn't end up posting anything for her birthday 😔 .
The last one 😅😊 || Hoy fue un día lleno de emociones, ver a Abel y Bella me tiene muy feliz, sobretodo porque se los ve bien y felices juntos. Espero que las cosas salgan bien esta vez ❤, o como siempre digo: "Que dure hasta donde tenga que durar", pero por ahora hay que disfrutar 😍❤. I love them 💚. I'm waiting for your pics and videos @bellahadid 🙏🏻😅❤☺ || #theweeknd #bellahadid #abella #abeltesfaye
#NEW : Bella e Abel Tokyo, 22 de Julho! 😍🖤 #bellahadid #theweeknd #abeltesfaye #abella
She’s so damn beautiful 😍 #selenagomez @selenagomez @franciaraisa
Will forever be in love with @theweeknd for making such pole worthy music 🖤 Finally feeling like exploring movement again after my performance at inferno, forever tryna tame these long ass legs 😂 #exoticpoledance #exoticpole #poledance #floorfuckery #theweeknd #beccyboopstudio #coco #floorwork #followme
They look ❤️ #bellahadid #theweeknd
Album Review: ————————————————— Westside Gunn - Supreme Blientele ————————————————— It’s grimey, it’s New York, it’s soulful and it’s thuggish. Westside Gunn perfectly selects beats and guest rappers to assist him in one of the best hip hop albums of the year. The beats are so cohesive it almost sounds like it was a one producer album when in fact it has the likes of powerhouse producers such as The Alchemist, Pete Rock, Darringer, Roc Marciano etc... The wrestling theme throughout ties the whole project together with Chris Benoit being at the forefront of this, who was considered one of the best wrestlers in history and infamously murdered his own wife and son before committing suicide. Chris Benoit in a sense is used as a metaphor for Westside Gunn’s state of mind right now, where he’s coming for everybody in the game and murdering all of them. This begins with the tone setter “God$ don’t bleed” and the haunting instrumental produced by Darringer whilst Benny, Jadakiss & Gunn lay down some cold hearted street verses. “Brutus” calls upon his brother Conway & again his cousin Benny who both bring the heat. Favourite bar from that track has to be Conway - “I’m here to terrorise the game, .45 on me I’m Spider Mitchell”. Stand out tracks like “Amherst Station”, “Ric Martel” and “Wrestlemania 20” all had incredibly soulful production with gorgeous samples. “Elizabeth” may be my favourite produced song on the album. The Alchemist went crazy on this one with the angelic horns creating a moody jazz vibe whilst Westside Gunn’s unique voice and flow sit on top of it, as we hear him flexing. Which brings me to my favourite track on the album “Brossface Brippler”. This might be the hardest track I’ve heard all year... Gunn delivers his best verse on the entire album which is followed up by Benny spitting a TOUGH verse, which then leads into Busta Rhymes absolutely SNAPPING on this! He sounds like how I’d imagine a drug lord at the top of his game would rap if they could, like Don Eladio from Breaking Bad. With all its contributions and collaborations, Westside Gunn has created a great album and something truly in a lane of its own right now.
You were and still are the greatest and could fix people hearts in amazing ways Love You Jahseh 🌤🌎🖤
You‘re the only one I notice, It‘s really hard for me to focus. #👸🏻 #girlofmydreams #dreaminboutyou ⭐️ #frenchmontana #theweeknd ~Gifted 🎶
Forever Good Vibes🖤
Comment down below what you got ? .... if you like my page and what’s posted on the daily hit the follow button and stay tuned for more posts like this @xxtentaciondvpe 🖤‼️
It’s been a whole month now since you been gone🤦‍♂️💔 how are you guys coping ?
Which hairstyle are you guys?😎🖤
Which fan are you🤔
Gotta learn how to evolve yourself🖤 @xxxtentacion
Fucked up comment how you feel about this fucker🤦‍♂️😓
I’ve been up a very long time, wonder why they hate on me I don’t wanna love myself, I’m praying that they all love me Cause you don’t wanna, you don’t wanna - I don’t wanna do this anymore by Xxxtentacion 💔
Amazing Ass Gifted Crafts From A Young Legend💙 #explore
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