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Terimakasih atas perjuanganmu selama ini dan sampai detik ini. Doamu adalah segalanya bagi kami anakmu. Sehat sehat ya mah 😗😙 #therealwonderwoman
When selfie mood strikes. #therealwonderwoman
Today my beautiful baby girl passed her title as GS Governor of Idaho to the next recipient. I couldn't have been more proud of her and hearing about the impact she had on each girl in attendance was so inspiring ❤ #FaniseeForPresident #ILoveHerSoMuch #Inspired #ILiveForMomentsLikeThis #WhatCantSheDo #TheRealWonderWoman
When your Lender is Wonder Woman, on her birthday you gotta recognize. #shannakeller #cornerstonelending #theREALwonderwoman
4 Generasi 2 wanita dari 2 generasi diatasku ini adalah para wanita tangguh, semoga kelak ketangguhannya terwariskan ke dalam darahku dan Elle. Yang 1, ibu dari 11 anak (8 yang masih hidup termasuk ibuku) dan sukses mengantarkan anak2nya sukses walaupun beliau bukan orang berada dan hanya lulusan SD saja. Yang 1, wanita yang melahirkanku, wanita tangguh lainnya yang aku saksikan dalam hidupku, berjuang seorang diri menjadi single fighter pencari nafkah keluarga sejak aku kecil. Wanita2 ini mampu mendidik anak2nya dengan baik walau minim fasilitas dan tanpa pendidikan yang tinggi, dan buatku itu luar biasa. #4generasi #wanitatangguh #familytime #eidmubarak #myprecious #therealwonderwoman #wonderwomaninthereallife #strongwoman #independentwoman
When you know that God is always in the mix & he helped you fix your toilet this morning & still get to work on time 😂😂😂😂 #blessed2k18 #thankGod #allsmiles #therealwonderwoman
Happy birthday, mom~ wish you all the best !! 😘❤🎉🎂 #thebestchefever #therealwonderwoman #myeverything #birthday
Yeah I would say my legs are moving in the right direction 🤤😈 #ThickThighsSaveLives #AndMakeGoodDaddyEarmuffs 🤩🤤
🚨 QUESTION OF THE DAY 🚨 What drives you everyday to work hard ❓ I have so many but one thing that drives me is not ever having to depend on anyone but myself . I never want to feel obligated to be with anyone . Since i joined the military I have been on my own and nothing is more free feeling than being #independent TAKE control of your life , health , and happiness now 👉 ALYSIAFITNESS.COM #mermaidhair #bookwithkatierogers @mermaidhairxo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a woman like no other! @topeoshinfilm 🌹💖🖤🍷🎊🎈✨🎁 Strong, beautiful and kind. Your knowledge, talents, prowess and worth ethic constantly leave me in awe. Working with you was truly a gift and I'm eternally grateful. I wish your many more years in good health, wealth, true peace and fulfilment. God's blessings today and always mama T. 😄😘🙌🙏 I hope you get a chance to turn up #upnorth 😉😄🥂🍷🎬#cheersmama #therealwonderwoman #junebabiesrock !!!
Mamma, I still can't believe you're gone. I feel so unbelievably broken today. I will always love you and cherish all of the precious time I got to spend with you. Thank you for loving me with everything you had. Rest in peace sweet lady, until we meet again. #therealwonderwoman
900 pieces of kaak hand made and baked fresh for this spectacular party. Grandma, you are simply amazing!!! Show her some ❤️ in the comments below. She won’t be able to reply back but it’ll sure put a smile on her face ☺️ @gerichalme @carolchera @levi_dovid_photography mason jars never looked this good! #grandmaneedsinsta #therealwonderwoman #kaak #hostessgift #madebymichal #welcomepackage #hotelguest #masonjar #barmitzvah #israel
#TheRealWonderWoman #ElegantWoman #ClassyWoman -Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un- Razan, you have inspired me much,, Thank you May Allah places you in His Jannah -Aamiin ya robbal alamiin-
I am going to miss this woman so much! @kristidata you have made the past year a much more beautiful adventure than I could have imagined. From your eagerness to run @ragnarrelay with some strangers to showing me how to glam it up in Las Vegas to lovingly join me in Santa Fe over Christmas. Your heart is one of the most giving I’ve ever known, and I hope to be half the woman you are in 10 years. So grateful to know you and work alongside you and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you. 🍾❤️💃🏻 #therealwonderwoman #fraaaands #NYorBust
Thanks @riannacarpenter for this ! I get bullied by the keyboard warriors everyday ...For the most part it’s women 🤔 no one should have to deal with this . I’m sorry you don’t agree with what I wear or do... but I know who I am :) I know i am living the life that makes me HAPPY , and won’t regret the chances I didn’t take ❤️ I am making mistakes , learning , and loving life . As an influencer you have to be strong as F&$! I am open to the constant comments , bullying, harassing ... while I stand exposing my life , struggles, and success to help others while feeling embarrassed . I am not the kind of person that lets many in to my life or show my feelings . I have never hurt anyone to deserve the comments i get daily . These people are cowards and would never have the guts to say any of this to my face . I pity these people who abuse those who have never abused you . #Abuse is never okay physical , verbal , or any other way .🚨TAG SOMEONE THAT RELATES TO THIS💜 STAND UP FOR THOSE Around you . I am proud to have God in my heart and help women and men everyday to get out of abusive relationships , get fit , gain confidence , and so much more . Gods plan is still at work ... As i am dealing with the loss in my family I’m sorry i haven’t been active responding to DMs and comments will be back shortly . Thanks for your understanding ... Love you all ❤️ even those who hate me.. you made me into the strong woman I am today 😏🙏 #therealwonderwoman #wonderwoman
I've come to the realization in the last few months that I no longer have any idea what I'm doing. And as difficult as that is to comprehend it's as if I no longer care about the big career chase. Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to a serious job upgrade I'm the near future, but I am no longer holding onto a box to force fit that vision into. Matter of fact I threw the box in the trash and walked away. Losing my grandfather and others I've known recently has taught me to be rid of that which no longer serves me or has any baring on my life or my kids lives. So when I tell you I've given up and you don't understand why I've said that, here it is lol I'm letting go and just believing that what is meant for me will develop. That said I really need a 5k in my near future 🤔 but I need someone to do it with me ... #lettinggo #nofear #goalsetting #monroemi #8kids #iamwonderwoman #therealwonderwoman
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Allaahumma Thowwil’umuuronaa, Wa Shohhih Ajsaadanaa, Wa Nawwir Quluubanaa, Wa Sabbit Iimaananaa Wa Ahsin A’maalanaa, Wa Wassi’ Arzaqonaa, Wa Ilal Khoiri Qorribnaa Wa’anisy-syarri Ab’idnaa, Waqdhi Khawaa-ijanaa Fiddini Waddunyaa Wal Aakhirati Innaka ‘alaa Kulli Syai-in Qodirun Robbanaa Hablanaa Min Azwajinaa Wa Dzurriyyatina Qurrota A’yuni Waj’alna Lilmuttaqiina Imaama. Salam my dear Anissa Trihapsari @hapsarianissa29. Selamat Ulang Tahun... semoga ALLAH mencurahkan Kasih, Rahmat Berkah dan RidhoNYA yang berlimpah untuk untukmu dan Keluarga tercinta di hari ini, esok... dan selamanya. .... Barakallahu Fii Umrik. ... Aamin YRA. I❤️U 4ever #happybirthday #mybeloved #sis #therealwonderwoman
My hair and my office might be a total disaster, but I am a woman, I am a mom to five wonderful people, I am a wife. I am football practices, lacrosse tournaments, hockey games, and an autism expert. I am the real Wonder Woman. #imombetterthanyou #ittakesavillage 💖 #raisingotherpeopleskids #therealwonderwoman #momlife
watching @brookeence compete, fighting to the end, coming back after being out in 2017 due to an injury, currently injured again! She is a super woman to me #itmakesence #therealwonderwoman #womangoals #athletegoals
Filling your newsfeed will all the love and support for my dear friend and coach @fitpeggysue THE real Wonder Woman 💪 Lots of prayers sent your way 🙏 Love you PSB😘 #PEGGYSTRONG #therealwonderwoman #kickcancersass #breadtcancerawareness
#WisdomWednesday 💜 Mothers are the real super heroes! Our #sheroes 💜 Mothers who are breastfeeding for what feels like centuries... Mothers who are pumping because your baby can't latch or you are going back to work... Mothers who are tending to newborns while also healing from a cesarean section... Mothers who take on pregnancy while struggling with anxiety and/or depression....Mothers of multiples....first time Mothers. Some days may feel chaotic and the only thing you can cling to is survival. Other days you may look up and realize you are exactly where you need to be, and that you are living the most blessed life! You are our inspiration. Thank you for raising the next generation, may it be the best one yet!!! #womensupportingwomen #therealwonderwoman #ilovemom #njdoulas
Realization of the day: I have issues. Anyone want a subscription? #life #growth #change #fitmama #momto8 #iamwonderwoman #therealwonderwoman
Positive vibes, prayers and admiration to my sister in law, Dr. Marietta Vazquez-Gomez who undergoes surgery today in her journey to beat Cancer and successfully overcome another challenge in a life defined as a real Warrior #therealwonderwoman undoubtedly will add #Cancer survivor and continue with her positive impact as an outstanding citizen, mother and sibling to all. Champagne is already in the fridge! #bringit #strongisthenewsexy #wonderwoman #warrior #yale #yalehospital #survivor #survivor2018 #breastcancer #breastcancersucks #thepinkfund .
Five years ago today this amazing little girl became an amputee. It was one of the easiest decisions made for her care, but one of the hardest days of my life!! I always knew she would be amazing, but it was hard to see it with her little leg all twisted and deformed. Kena really is Wonder Woman!! She is my super hero!! Amputation is not the easy path!! It has its struggles on a daily basis! But I know it was the right choice for her. Happy 5th Ampuversary Kenasyn!!!! #kenasynrayne #kenasynlove #amputeegirlswillruletheworld #amputeegirl #amputeelife #ampuversary #myownwonderwoman #myhero #strongestkidiknow #nothingcanholdherback #therealwonderwoman #wonderwoman #amputeesofinstagram #tibialhemimelia #dontneed2 #oneleg #newleg #newlegwhodis #ottobockknee @ottobockus_ca
Almost ready for #Chemo tomorrow! Tomorrow is day 1 of Round 6 of my 4th different chemo regimen. I feel pretty good despite all that my body has been through. A lot of you say I make it look easy. It’s not, I promise. For the past several days I’ve been battling anxiety about what my lab results will say, and whether weight fluctuations are stress and chemo related or fluid buildup in my abdomen. It’s a constant voice in my head. I am exhausted from all the thinking. On top of being physically tired. I know what’s ahead this week - drugs, steroids, nausea, fatigue.l and more. I’m not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward....to getting through it and past it. Thankful for two of my friends who will be with me tomorrow - Amy and Cherie. If anyone wants to drop in to chemo tomorrow for a little visit, or check in on me later this week, let me know. Messages always welcome! 🤗💜 #kickingpeach #ovariancancerwarrior #notallcancerispink #therealwonderwoman
Mom's life:... Where are all my Nintendo switch games? (ALL missing out of cases...wtf!) Kids: I dunno? 🤷 Mom: no electronics forever until they are all found and put back *all 4 magically appear in 60 seconds * #momlife #nottoday #thingskidsdo #nintendoswitch #donttouchmystuff #iamwonderwoman #therealwonderwoman
I am so incredibly in awe of my friend Christi. She wears many hats....mom, wife, F/T career, she also trained for several half marathons all while getting her MS from UR! You amaze me. You inspire me. You are incredible! #therealwonderwoman #ms #graduate #urgraduate #winealot #cakebyjenny
Never had a doubt in her. It hurt to see her go through countless sleepness nights studying but she never gave up :.). You made it baby girl! Texas Tech BSN graduate class of 2018! #bsngraduate #bsnrn #lovemyboo #therealwonderwoman
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