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Houston top sculptor fence ( top image) - Painter Barnett Newman bottom image #houstontopsculptor #barnettnewman #painting #theeveryday
Hey girl heyyy! It’s me, just looking at all y’all like “damn, I’m so lucky”! ⠀⠀ I just wanted to say thanks for being here, and to welcome all the new faces! ⠀⠀ And as is tradition, here’s a #fridayintroductions for ya! ⠀⠀ I’m an event planner/community builder for female creatives. I host workshops and events that help ya create, connect, and grow your biz authentically and with ease. Because easy is MUCH better than hard! ⠀⠀ I regularly go to the grocery store and fill up my cart with things I didn’t come for. ⠀⠀ I love to give good pep talk. (Check out my stories for proof). 🎉 ⠀⠀ I have the tightest shoulders ever. Literally I always have a knot in my right shoulder blade because I’m an anxious being and hold my stress there. 😬 ⠀⠀ I was this 👌🏾 close to starting this caption off with “look back at it”, but reeled it in last minute. ⠀⠀ So question of the day: what sassy thing would you title this pic? Best one wins!* ⠀⠀ *winner gets nothing but my undying love. Which is pretty valuable I’d say. 😉 📷 : @hannahblackphoto . . . #makeitblissful #theeverydayproject #myeverydaymagic #choosejoy #abmlifeiscolorful #abmlifeishappy #womenempoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #bloggersgetsocial #iamtheverygirl #theeveryday #communityovercompetition #womenonamission #ownyourstory #imperfectboss #hersuccess #girlpreneur #keepsocialmediasocial #soulpreneur #shemeansbusiness #calledtocreate #femaleentrepreneur #youareenough #wearethecreativeeconomy #hustlewithease #womeninbusinessrock #findyourflock #beingboss #bossbabetribe @preview.app
I’ve wrote about my trip to Sardinia on my blog (link in my profile) but it’s not my usual travel post. I’ve spoken about why I decided not to dwell on creating content on this trip, choosing instead to put down my phone & completely relax.
Hang in there everyone! The weekend is nearly here! And weekends call for brunch with your squad 🥂 Do you have a celebration coming up? We offer event styling services! Let us help you create a memorable and personalized event! 🌿 • Vintage crochet linens handmade by my great grandmother, thrifted patina brass candleholders, deep teal candlesticks, loosely arranged fresh florals, and bamboo greens from my garden created a dreamy bohemian tablescape for this backyard birthday brunch. • • • Concept, design & styling: @joonieandjoe Photography: @alishakhanphotography Rentals: @little_barn_rentals_ , @avalonrents Florals: @fleurichcreations
Depression for me can be so scary in the moment, I can feel the darkness surrounding me and the heaviness in my heart. When I try to process it on my own, it can be so confusing and I can’t figure out why I feel the way I do. But when I let go and allow love to come up beside me, it helps me. Love places its gentle hand on my mine and guides me. Because of its purity , it’s touch cleanses my heart and allows me to walk slowly one step in front of the other until the dark cloud has passed. Now on the other side of it, I look back and clearly see the once very big obstacle is just a small bump in the road and it is now behind me.
🙏🏿Namaste Family 🙏🏿 So, as you know, PBC (Prayer, Bible, Caffeine) is a staple to every morning. It starts my day with the jumpstart I love, and meditation is the conduit that channels the PBC energy in the direction it needs to go. Whether it's healing, wisdom, creativity, resolving conflict, or connecting to the source of your strength, meditation can help you aim the energy you have fostered. Here's the key to success with this practice: Do it Everyday! Not just when you feel like you need to be centered, because by that time, you're already off center. If you PBC and meditate daily, you not only build up a store of positive energy, but you get into the routine of having your hands in how your day goes. It doesn't matter what comes during your day when you have an amazingly strong aura of energy around you! Happy Friday, and I love you all!! #LifeInEVision • • • • • • • #goodvibes #bohemian #fridayintroductions #realtor #entrepreneur #brotherhood #family #hamptonroads #inspired #secondact #brothers #boholife #motivated  #tgif #theinstagramlab #followme #friday #theeveryday #boho #virginiaisforlovers #hustle #workflow #passion #grind #shareyourstory #risingtidesociety #soul #love #motivation
Currently reading. The Everyday - Documents Of Contemporary Art - Edited by Stephen Johnstone. #books #librarybooks #theeveryday #documentsofcontemporaryart #stephenjohnstone #whitechapelgallery #mitpress #artbooks #artandtheeveryday #bookstagram
Watching the rain roll in across the lake this morning.🌧🌧 Not much is more peaceful than this. I am perfectly content right here while the boys are away golfing. Thankful for this getaway! -B #lakeoconee #georgiavacation #summervacation2018 #lakeliving #reynoldsplantation
I’m a people pleaser. It guides almost everything I do, except for things like cooking and cleaning (sorry, Aaron!) or sending out thank you notes from our baby shower in a reasonable amount of time. Hey, I’m human. Even people pleasers can’t please everyone, amiright?⠀ ⠀ As people pleasers do, I’ve been trying out all the things to make this account enjoyable for others and then profitable for me, instead of doing something that sets my soul on fire. You might be shocked to find out I haven’t yet succeeded in supporting my family. I’m totally kidding, it’s pretty obvious I wouldn’t be able to do that by pursing ideas I didn’t fully love. Enough is enough. It’s time to pursue something that makes me giddy.⠀ ⠀ So, what is that? I know you’re dying to know. Humor me if you’re not. I love to encourage people. Probably not what you were thinking, right? I’m passionate about using my desire to see you succeed combined with humor, sarcasm, and tough love to lift you up and convince you that you deserve to believe in yourself and go after your dreams – and then help you get there.⠀ ⠀ Now you’re probably wondering what that means for you. This account will now be devoted to encouraging you, whether you’re a mom or not, young or old, short or tall, you get the gist. If you want someone to cheer you on and point you in the right direction to pursue your dreams, I’m your girl.⠀ ⠀ Here’s to surprising ourselves by doing things we never thought we could do. Are you with me? Comment below with your favorite excited emoji if you’re ready to join me on a journey of achieving your dreams!⠀ ⠀ 🖊 by the amazingly talented @ckelso. I’m low key obsessed with her. Okay, maybe not low key. Head to her profile to check out her fantastic work and snag a few free wallpapers for your phone.
Hey, I’m Lindsey. I design & write for forward-thinking, heart-centric entrepreneurs with big visions. I have eye for minimal design and a knack for compelling words, and my passion is seeing other women grow into the caliber of business I know they can run–so that comprehensive, STRATEGIC branding matches the stellar quality of what they’re doing in the world. I take growing, scaling, and expanding business owners from embarrassed to confident. I’m a cheerleader who always has your back, but more than that–I know my stuff when it comes to digital marketing, especially in the web design & copywriting spaces. I know that ONE COHESIVE BRAND STRATEGY and one person, intimately committed to your business (oh hey, that’s me!), will take your business to places that three separate freelancers just can’t. I was raised along the rural shore of Lake Superior and now am raising my own little family in the same way. My favorite people in the world are my husband, Matt, and the two little men and one tiny girl who call us mommy and daddy. I juggle the amazing adventure and blessing of being a mom (a homeschooling mom, at that) and running a small business, so I get the importance of prioritizing what needs to be done to move that income needle forward. You could say that I’ve always had my head in the entrepreneurial clouds. As a teen, I dabbled in raising chickens to sell and teaching piano lessons to neighborhood children. The handful of jobs I held as a college student were for local small businesses/nonprofits—including several years for a web design company—so my ties to “small” run deep. Verity is a word meaning honesty and integrity. This is why I chose it to represent my business. My hope is to provide something new, refreshing, and personal in the world of online design & copy—committed to the success, experience, and results of my clients. Because Verity & Co is me & you. Welcome into the fam.
Hollyhock guard of honour. #barfleur #normandie #theeveryday
"La battuta spiritosa viene in mente solo dopo, quando già si scendono le scale." #Denisdiderot | maglia @robertocollina shorts, collana @pomandere orecchino @maison_cogo | ILARIA T. @ilatofani ph @giacomoligas @riccardo_bartalucci_photo | #labtique #estate #firenze
"La battuta spiritosa viene in mente solo dopo, quando già si scendono le scale." #Denisdiderot | maglia @robertocollina shorts, collana @pomandere orecchino @maison_cogo | ILARIA T. @ilatofani ph @giacomoligas @riccardo_bartalucci_photo | #labtique #estate #firenze
"La battuta spiritosa viene in mente solo dopo, quando già si scendono le scale." #Denisdiderot | maglia @robertocollina shorts, collana @pomandere orecchino @maison_cogo | ILARIA T. @ilatofani ph @giacomoligas @riccardo_bartalucci_photo | #labtique #estate #firenze
There’s a huge buddleia on my street that is a haven for butterflies. Every time I pass it, I stop to admire the various species that adorn it. Yesterday, this beautiful peacock butterfly caught my eye, and I just had to grab my camera and take a few shots.
My sister's boyfriend blessed me with this stash of Vegan Protein powder by Burt's Bees. 😁 I'll be replacing a meal a day with one of these. Between this, and some solid workouts, I'll be looking as good as I feel! #LifeInEVision • • • • • • • #love #bohemian #goodvibes #blessed #realtor #entrepreneur #brotherhood #family #hamptonroads #inspired #secondact #brothers #motivated   #bohostyle #boho #theinstagramlab #followme #thursday #theeveryday #boholife #virginiaisforlovers #hustle #hippie #soul #passion #grind #shareyourstory #risingtidesociety #motivation
Dinosaur spotting, Hayden lake Idaho
There is a constant battle waging - between my own nagging desire to rest and the foundational truth that real rest comes in God alone. _ This has been an especially unique challenge since becoming a mom. The things that used to come so easy - a movie, a walk, an afternoon with my favorite book - no longer come without a small attachment, particularly in the form of a very vocal toddler. _ Remaining sane in the midst of motherhood isn’t a one-time deal, but like the sacrifice of love, it is a daily choice to see: Will I see the oppressive receptiveness of a toddler’s favorite game or the magic of joyful simplicity? Will I see the exhaustion of correcting constant misbehavior or will I see the opportunity to form, in love and patience, a child of God? _ Tiredness, if consumed by, can cause blindness to the work of the Lord, but when steeped in the grace of God, it can be a catalyst to even deeper, more beautiful love.
My three guys 😍
VALIDATION 🙏🏿Namaste Family 🙏🏿 We are who we are! Limitless potential to be more, but certainly nothing less than who we are. We have our quirks, tendencies, character traits, gifts and abilities. We want to believe that we, as a complete being, fit into the world around us, and that there is purpose to our design. We want to believe that our experiences in life will have meaning, our wisdom will find a listening ear, and our gifts will be gifted and eagerly unwrapped. Because of this, however, we often find ourselves chasing a destination, when instead we should be embracing the journey. The journey through life is when we discover who we really are, develop ourselves, and put action to our pursuit of seeing the bigger picture. We walk and talk with God, and that journey is far more valuable and important than a destination that we seek. Think of it like this: Our journey IS the destination! Growth and maturation is the destination! When we embrace this, our journey will take us, ironically, right where we are supposed to be, completely Validating who we are! I Love You All!! ✝️🙏🏿❣️🌎☮️ #LifeInEVision • • • • • • • #love #bohemian #goodvibes #blessed #realtor #entrepreneur #brotherhood #family #hamptonroads #inspired #secondact #brothers #motivated   #bohostyle #boho #theinstagramlab #followme #thursday #theeveryday #boholife #virginiaisforlovers #hustle #hippie #soul #passion #grind #shareyourstory #risingtidesociety #motivation
How do you know if your business is ready (or past due) for a rebrand? How do you know when your visuals or messaging aren’t sufficient or relevant… if your brand needs an entire overhaul? 🌿 THE VALUE YOU OFFER IS NOT OBVIOUS 🌿 Your brand visuals and messaging play a HUGE role in how your business is perceived by the public. The DIY watercolor with calligraphy brand looks handmade and overdone, when you view it in the vast sea of other DIY brands. It was trendy and popular but if your audience doesn’t resonate with that look, they may feel like your offer is not worth the value of the investment. 🌿 This is your business’s value proposition, how your audience perceives your worth. Your audience can perceive your brand a low-end or high-end, stock or custom, automated or high-touch. And each of these brand pieces (visuals, web presence, and copy) either adds to or takes away from what you actually WANT your audience to think. There is no neutral content. 🌿 Do you find yourself constantly explaining yourself to potential clients? Do you often have to try to convince them why you are the one to book and why you are worth the investment you charge? This could be because the value of your business is not built into the visuals and messaging of your brand. What you do, who you do it for, the problem you solve, and the solution you provide are not spelled out in a way that displays to your audience that your brand is different–and that they can find a valuable, helpful solution in what YOU offer. 🌿 In what ways are you still trying to convince people that you are great at what you do and can deliver the value that you promise?
Wondering how many hundreds of times I’ve waited for a tram here
Because pugs deserve to lounge.
On the way to the shop, I spied goats (and they spied me). #greece #theeveryday
First vacation as a family of 5
The pic from @timeouthomes is just....Listen Family, seeing as how cell service is probably like 'nah' in this part of Norway, I highly doubtful you'd ever see ya boi again lol. You would feel my energy however, because its radius would be so vast, you'd feel it all the way around the 🌎! #LifeInEVision • • • • • • • #wednesdaywisdom #bohemian #boho #goodvibes #hippie #blessed #realtor #entrepreneur #brotherhood #family #hamptonroads #inspired #secondact #brothers #motivated   #realestatelife #theinstagramlab #followme #wednesday #theeveryday #boholife #virginiaisforlovers #hustle #757 #passion #grind #shareyourstory #risingtidesociety #motivation
It may be wild, but it's ours. And looking over our property at golden hour can do your heart some good. Weeds and all. 👌
Waiting for our next adventure
Hosting a sit down dinner? Blooms and greens from your backyard are a stunning addition to your table for relatively little cost! 🌿🌸 Bring on Dahlia season!!
Cartography of an action One year project mapping and marking time and the body. #instaartpics #artworkofinstagram #performanceart #perf #daily #kitchenwork #theeveryday #contextmatters #visualarts
Having fun making all the details on this rug and on the plants, and working out the color scheme as I go along.
I bought a Roomba yesterday and it got me a potential client. 🎉 ⠀⠀ How? Well because I shared my debrief of my decision to make the purchase in the Facebook group for the Follower to Fan Society. ⠀⠀ And because I’m apparently funny (jury is still out on that one!), the lovely @tylerjmccall shared it to their story. ⠀⠀ Which led some people to DM me directly, some asking about the Roomba (I’m excited), some about FTFS (which is great!), and some asking how they could work with ME (which is crazy!) 🙈🙌🏾 ⠀⠀ Lesson here: stop being afraid to show up as yourself. Your true, randomly buys a robotic vacuum self! It might just lead to a sale 😉 ⠀⠀ So question: what’s the craziest thing you’ve bought on a whim? ⠀⠀ 📷: @hannahblackphoto . . . #makeitblissful #theeverydayproject #myeverydaymagic #choosejoy #abmlifeiscolorful #abmlifeishappy #womenempoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #bloggersgetsocial #iamtheverygirl #theeveryday #communityovercompetition #womenonamission #ownyourstory #imperfectboss #hersuccess #girlpreneur #keepsocialmediasocial #soulpreneur #shemeansbusiness #calledtocreate #femaleentrepreneur #youareenough #wearethecreativeeconomy #hustlewithease #womeninbusinessrock #findyourflock #beingboss #bossbabetribe #createcultivate @preview.app
ประชุมหรือมีตติ้ง ได้หมดถ้าสดชื่น 👍 #theeveryday @rosysysysy
What is one thing you are thankful for in this season? What is something good that is motivating you forward, not distracting you or holding you back?
มุมน่ารักๆ 💖 #theeveryday @rosysysysy 🌹
ก็ไม่มีอะไรมาก ก็แค่รักมากๆ 😁 รักเจ้าของร้าน @rosysysysy 💜 ชาเขียวอร่อย 🍵 ร้านน่ารัก สบายตา 😍 คราวหน้าจะมากินอย่างอื่นอีกนะคะ 😊 ราคาสบายๆ สบายกระเป๋า 💲 กินได้ทุกวันสมชื่อร้านจริงๆ ค่ะ 😋 #theeveryday
I’m back from Sardinia with a bit of a tan & feeling rested. For once I didn’t take very many photos, but I’ll share a summary of our trip on Stories later today or tomorrow. I’m also thinking about writing a blog post about why I think it’s important to have a holiday for yourself, putting down your phone & forgetting about creating any sort of content to share. Sometimes you just need to live in the moment.
. Today I am grateful for the library. A fresh crop of books. A big brother who is willing to read. A little slice of quiet. . I’ll just be over here taking it all in. ❤️📚
Painted outside all day today...it was lovely. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Now time to wind down and enjoy the evening, by which I mean put the kids to bed and drink a glass of vino with a book or maybe a show...what are you reading and watching these days?
I have never seen a turtle move so fast! Maybe he knew there were toddlers itching to get their squirmy hands on him. 😆 #cosleyzoo #turtleontherun #childhoodfriends #turtlesofinstagram
1 of your 5 a day ..... #aplacetosleep #theeveryday
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