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been posting a lot of lifting pictures lately but i’m still a barre instructor 🙌🏼🧘🏻‍♀️ on social media, things aren’t always what they seem. been dealing with depression lately and it’s hard to get myself out of bed, never mind my apartment. but once i finally do, it’s like, “why didn’t i do this sooner?” sometimes you feel lonely, left out, invalidated, but you can’t really control what other people do or if they want you around or not. just gotta be your own friend. ✨✨✨ top is form @gymsharkwomen and leggings are from @cottononbody
Caught in the act!! Hoping the burger will fuel heavier weights this coming week and if not...at least it was yummy! #girlsthatlift #girlswhosquat #strongnotskinny #fitnessaddict #gymbunny #bodyconfidence #fitfam #liveauthentically #girlswholiftheavy #thisgirlcan #food
I know, I know... st. patty’s day was yesterday. & this is purple cabbage, not green. i guess you’ll just have to pinch me 😜🍀 but one of my latest veg obsessions is these CABBAGE CHIPS & I have to share! ••• just like kale chips, you can roast cabbage too! it’s super easy & if you’re a veg head like me, you’ll eat mountains of cabbage cuz it’s so good 😅 ••• 1️⃣cut, wash, & DRY cabbage 2️⃣lay pieces in a single layer on a baking sheet; size doesn’t really matter but try to keep them roughly the same for even cooking 3️⃣spray with 100% avocado oil & season to your liking; I use @eatcleanessentials zesty lemon pepper seasoning 4️⃣bake at 400°F for ~20 minutes. lower & slower might even work better, but I don’t like waiting for food 😂 5️⃣eat up!! #findingBOWLance • • • #eeeeeats #nutrition #healthy #eatclean #rd2be #edsoldier #wholefoods #realfood #healthysnack #whole30 #foodshare #lowcarb #makesmewhole #instafood #edrecovery #food #recovery #plantbased #fitness #feedfeed #healthyfood #balance #recipe #mealprep #buzzfeast #glutenfree #paleo #strongnotskinny #foodisfuel
Toning my midsection without doing sit ups... yaasssss please! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I did this quick and easy core circuit three days ago and my abs are still sore! 🔥And the best part is I didn’t do a single crunch. 🙌🏼 In fact, I haven’t had to do a “real” sit up in the last 2 months and that makes me one happy girl! ❤️ I am loving all the ways these loops and sliders can be used, especially these creative and sneaky core moves. 👊 #absinprogress #absworkout #coreworkout #summerbodygoals #strongnotskinny #workoutmotivation
Hauptsache Spaß haben am Leben und jeden Tag genießen! . Kleine Sporteinheit am Nachmittag. Beinpresse mit Lebendgewicht. Aber so ein kleines Persönchen merkt man kaum. Aber noch zwei Leute mehr hätte das Fitnessgerät wohl nicht ausgehalten 😂😂😂 . Habt ihr heute auch schon herzhaft gelacht? . . . . . #training #nopainnogain #quittingisnotanoption #gohardorgohome #athlete #fit #fitness #fitgirl #strength #motivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitlife #squats #strongnotskinny #weights #krafttraining #bodyworkout #freeletics #freeathlete #crossfit #wod #picoftheday #mytrainingground #freeathletefriday #booty #bootybuilding #bootytraining #familytime #fun
Soft centre cookies 😋 Taste way too good, ate way too many 🙃 Video will be up in a few weeks ❤
Happy Sunday!❄️ Definite rest day for me today! If you saw my story I got some new ink yesterday💉 the pain was real😅 my other tattoos didn’t hurt at all but having one on your ankle/foot... well that is another story😷🤣 - Just want to say thank you for the response to my last post. It truly means the world to me that I’m inspiring others to try/think about the vegan lifestyle🌱 You just got to remember you got to do what works best for you! I would never be the one to push anything on anyone! But if you want to know more about what I eat/tips&tricks etc.. don’t hesitate to ask😘 • • #fitness #backworkout #weighttraining #bootybuilding #bootyfordays #booty 🍑#gymbooty #fitgirl #fitchick #fitfam #gymmode #gymgirl #gymshark #inspiration #goals #fitnessjourney #weightlifting #girlsthattrain #girlsthatlift #girlsthatsquat #gymbooty #girlswithmuscle #tattooedgirls #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #strongissexy #instafitness #trainlikeagirl #motivation #vegan
I feel it is only fitting that my first food post is my all time favorite go to breakfast/lunch/snack/anytime combo: 🌱sprouted grain bread 🥑smashed avocado (seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, lemon juice, Himalayan pink salt, and black pepper) 🍳poached egg 🍴@traderjoes everything but the bagel seasoning I could literally eat this for every meal of given the opportunity. Filled with fiber, monounsaturated fats, and protein-this meal really has it all🤤
To each their own 😉... lots of folks on my IG feed yesterday were partying for St Patrick’s Day 🍀 over Guinness, Corned Beef, and Lucky Charms... me? I saved all my weeklies and fit points for an incredible dim sum & Chinese food feast at my Grandpa’s birthday 🎁 🎂 lunch! There were lots of veggies, (including particularly delicious garlic choi sum), but there was also incredible look fun 🤤(top left), baked manapua (char sui bao), and Shanghai noodles (covered in gau gee, veggies, and meat 😳... I ate the noodles and veg only on that one 👍🏼)... there may also have been a birthday celebration mini sweet egg 🥚 tart or two 😅... totally worth it, but back on track today! 🙌🏼 • • • #weightwatchers #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyeating #smartpoints #wwonline #wwjourney #wwfitpoints #wwigfamily #wwcommunity #beyondthescale #losingweight #bettertogether #livefully #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fitgirl #strongnotskinny #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #chinese #chinesefood #cheatmeal #celebrating #dimsum #workhardplayhard
🖤Sunday Funday 🖤 Loved seeing my lil bro and lil sis this weekend. Going out with them on St. Patty’s Day weekend only reinforced the idea that I’m too old for this sh**. Props to the people that have the stamina to drink all day and stay out til 2am. I’m tapping out. On my way to brunch and then it’s naps on naps on naps. #ThisIs30 #sundayfunday
Good evening and welcome to another chilly evening ⛄️Was absolutely gutted today as was meant to do the Reading Half Marathon 🏃🏻‍♀️ but it was cancelled because of the snow ❄️ England definitely cannot handle any form of abnormal weather 🙄BUUUT booked another one in 10 days so it’s okay 😇 Anyway! Whipped up this quorn bolognese and would you belieeeeve that it is completely vegan 🌱 Here is the recipe it you’re interested (if not... keep scrolling) 1️⃣ Fry a red onion until see-through 2️⃣ Add garlic and mushrooms 3️⃣ Whack in some chopped tomatoes (about 3/4 of a tin), veggie stock, tomato purée and marmite and then the quorn mince 4️⃣ Add oregano, salt and pepper and let simmer And heeeeey you have plant-based bolognese 💕👅💕 Enjoy and have a lovely evening 💗
Not very #instagramable but super yummy😬 Vegan Mexican inspired stuffed peppers with soy meat, kidney beans, sweet corn and tomatoes - topped with some soy yogurt🌶🌽🍅🤩 . . Heute mal kein so instagramtaugliches Abendessen, dafür trotzdem genauso lecker😬 Vegane, mexikanisch-angehauchte gefüllte Paprika aus dem Ofen. Mit Sojahack, Kidneybohnen, Mais und Tomaten. Serviert mit einem bisschen Sojajoghurt🌶🌽🍅🤩
Flexin’ & Progressin’ ———————————————————————— Always room to improve physically, mentally, professionally, etc.
Aufgrund der aktuellen Umstände bei dem lieben Dani, @par1se.fitness und mir 🍦🍫🍰... 😁😂🤣, möchten wir heute ein paar Worte zur Ernährung (IIFYM) sagen. Ihr findet dementsprechend den zweiten Part auf seinem Account 🍏🥑🥞🍔. 🔊 Ich höre sehr oft folgende Fragen: ▪️ Kann ich FastFood/Süßkram essen? ▪️ Muss ich auf... verzichten? ❔ Wirst du dick, wenn du Junk- & Fast Food isst? NEIN 🚫, solange die Lebensmittel in deine Kalorien passen. ❔ Also kann ich den ganzen Tag so sowas essen? NEIN 🚫, auch nicht. Funktioniert zwar, aber darunter leidet ganz klar die Gesundheit, Sättigung, dein Wohlbefinden wird beeinträchtigt und damit ist die langfristige Durchführbarkeit deiner Ernährung gefährdet. Dir fehlen sonst auch einige Vitamine, Mineralien und Spurenelemente. Dazu kommen oft viele gesundheitsschädliche Transfette, wenig Ballaststoffe etc. 💡 Ob du zu oder abnimmst liegt an deiner Gesamtaufnahme der Kalorien. Solange du im Kaloriendefizit bist, nimmst du bspw. ab. Ja, auch mit Junk und Fastfood 😉😜. ➡️ Die Qualität spielt allerdings eine wichtige Rolle. Bedeutet, dass du zuerst einmal deine Nährstoffe abdecken sollst. Decke deine Proteine und Fette sowie deine Mikros. Wie ich immer so schön sage, esst euer Gemüse 😉🍅🍆🥕! Carbs ist ein variabler Faktor und keine Sorge, nach 18 Uhr verdreifachen sich die Kalorien nicht 😁. Makros sind außerdem wichtig für das Sättigungsgefühl, deine Leistungsfähigkeit, die hormonelle Lage, Muskelabbau etc. 💡 Es gibt kein Zauberlebensmittel und wir ersetzen Mahlzeiten auch NICHT durch Shakes 😉. Alle XY-Diätprogramme funktionieren schlichtweg ausschließlich weil du ein Kaloriendefizit hast. Das wars dann aber auch schon, ergo muss nicht sein 🤡. 🐊 Ich persönlich bin ein absoluter Freund von IIFYM 🤗. Meine Hauptmahlzeiten decken meine Nährstoffe (meist) ab dazu kommt "gelegentlich" dann mal Ben&Jerry's 🍦, Lindt 🍫 oder anderes 🍰🍹. Für mich gibt es keinen Verzicht, denn das ist auch Blödsinn. Dementsprechend bin ich persönlich auch gegen Cheatdays. #balanceisthekey ❔ Wie schaut eure Ernährung aus und wie handhabt ihr Junk- und Fastfood? #realtalk #cwoffit #friendship #iifym
Hey liebe #fitfam ❄ Heute kam meine erste Note vom Personal Trainer Studium ❤ 1,3 🎉 lässt sich mit Leben 💪 Wir haben bis jetzt den Sonntag einfach nur genossen, etwas spazieren, die Sonne genießen und zur Feier des Tages lade ich meine Leute zum Essen 🍴 beim Kroaten ein. Meinen #legday lasse ich sausen, ich habe nämlich immer noch tierischen #muskelkater ☠ ❤❤❤ #kraftsport #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #diet #loveyourbody #newlifestyle #nevergiveup #abgerechnetwirdamstrand #trainhard #training #motivation #strongnotskinny #strongissexy #workoutdone #fitfam #youcandoit #fitspiration #nopainnogain #fitsport #diätphase #krafttraining #hantelliebe #sunglasses #sunday
Can I be this color forever ?
I hope ya’ll had a wonderful & safe St. Patty’s Day weekend! ☘️
Throwback to Sicily last summer with @alessioalitept 🔥 🌋
What’s amazing to me is how connected I feel when I am alone. When I am here. This is the time I am able to listen into a higher power, strive for my greater self, and rediscover my purpose on this earth. I read something recently that said to “be the person you needed when you were younger.” To be honest, I don’t feel I really NEEDED anyone else to come along and save me. My parents and sisters were more than enough for a great life. Looking back what I needed most was to realize that even though people would judge, hate, bully, and criticize....it was still okay to be ME. To let go. As I get older this statement rings true as I find myself being goofy, child-like, free, funny, and open. Going against the status-quo. Letting out my feelings and thoughts even though putting them out there opens them up to all feedback - negative and positive. Who did you need when you were younger? The world may need you to remember and bring that light back into the world today. #livingduncan #kauailife #soulful
Scissors and Bicycle for @marchmatness with @benjamindegenhardt : I always struggle with the reverse bicycle... very hard to remain long in the spine and stable!
Sunday Funday check in. I’m trying more with the kettlebell weights lately...mostly lifting not swinging 🙄 for the safety of others #sundayfunday #fit #progress #fitmom #strongnotskinny #fitness
The big 🦍 @chill20588 and I paid the man again today in typical bro-sesh fashion💰👉🧞‍♂️ . We started with the CrossFit open workout 18.4. For those of you that don’t know that workout goes as follows: . - 21-15-9 of Deadlifts @ 102.5kg (males) / 70kg (females) AND Handstand Press Ups. - 21-15-9 of Deadlifts @ 143kg (males) / 93kg (females) AND 50 foot Handstand Walk. *9 minutes Time Cap* . This workout was always going to be paced by me. I’ve learnt the hard way, too many times, that heavy deadlifts whilst fatigue are the perfect recipe for injuring my back. I got 7 reps into the set of 21 on the 143kg deadlifts and called it a day. The Adam of younger years would have ground out a few extra reps. Today I stopped because I want to train tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Learn from my mistakes and please don’t compromise the health of your back to get that one extra rep 🙏🏻 . Now, @chill20588 went RX+ on this workout by performing his handstand press ups strict 😱Absolute beast! He got 13 reps into the set of 21 on the 143kg bar 👏🙌 . We then finished with some training for the @superhuman_sf games with this workout. . 20 minute AMRAP (you go I go) of: - 12 calories @assaultairbike - 12 MB Slams @ 15kg . We managed 20 rounds in this workout, so 1 minute on 1 minute off style 😎 . Good luck to those of you trying 18.4 👍 . . ***Programs available at www.awpthub.com - links in my bio*** . #GarageGymGladiator #PayTheMan #HomeWorkout #Motivation #Kettlebells #BeastMode #homegym #workout #GymRat #GarageGym #Muscle #Fitness #Health #Exercise #Training #Gym #Bodybuilding #FitFam #FitnessMotivation #strengthtraining #WeightLifting #Strongman #crossfit #StrongNotSkinny #Aesthetics #PersonalTraining #TeamActiv7 #DoWhatMakesYouHappy #TeamAWPT
This egg and avocado sammie was 👌🏻!! I used a toasted, grain free biscuit from @zenbelly that I had made earlier in the week! This is the perfect breakfast!
HIGH VOLUME is kicking my arse! 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 5 sets of 20 squats, 5 sets of 15 Deads, 5 sets of 10 Good Mornings. Only 50% of max, but what looked like a mild workout on paper turned out to be a Cardio Blast. I SS every other set with the 10 reps of Ab Roller to offset the backpump. Finished with 15 minutes of StairClimber to hell and Voila! DONE. ✅✅✅✅✅✅ Happy Sunday, FitFam!!
Have a dumb selfie 💁🏼from me today as my body is sore from the gym. Had a lovely snow walk to stretch out my legs after hitting 80kg dead lifts 🏋🏼‍♀️ Happy snow day peeps ❄️
Anyone watching Sport Relief tonight, make sure you check out “Famously Unfit” 9pm bbc2 - I’ll be on it training one of the celebs 🙌🏼😁🏋🏾‍♀️ Tameka who plays Kim in Eastenders had an extremely tough time, but overcome many fears to get fitter, raise money for charity & kick some crazy obstacle courses ass!! All celebs & PTs worked hard & gave up our time for free for this awesome charity, so please tune in 🙏🏼😁⛹🏽‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♂️🏋🏼‍♀️🧗🏽‍♀️🏊🏽‍♂️ Contact me NOW for your FREE "Feel Fitter Fast" consultation. DM me or shout YES below 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Personal training, tailored specifically for you, because YOU matter ❤️ Push your limits... Be #limitless #strongnotskinny #makeithappen www.limitlesspersonaltraining.com
Cardio time 💕. . Those of you who voted ‘no’ are such bad influences god damn it 😂😂. . But thanks for those of you who voted yes! Getting my butt into gear 💪🏻😰
Progress on assisted pull ups! Happy with a decent upper body sesh this afternoon after a snowy 10k run this morning. Also love training in my super comfy @bejuststrong T-shirt. #love2run #upperbodyworkout #trainingplan #gettingitdone #strongnotskinny #juststrongclothing #thisgirlcan #progress #pullups #strengthtraining
Rest days are for walking to the grocery store and trying a different flavor of @gtskombucha 🌱 (how had I not tried the multi-green flavor before?!) In all honesty, I REALLY didn't want to take a rest day today. I planned on getting up and running four miles for 5k training. But I woke up feeling exhausted with a sore throat, and I realized how desperately my body needed the rest after such a busy, tiring, exciting week. You don't have to push yourself all the time. It's GOOD to slow down. Your body needs to recover just as much as it needs to move and be active. I'm going into BBG week 10, more miles for 5k training, and going on my first back packing trip next weekend. That's a LOT. As much as I want to move today, my body's going to need to recover to conquer everything ahead of me. So today, I'm taking a step back and just chilling out. Don't forget to listen and give yourself what you need to grow 💚
Treningi zaplanowane na ten weekend: odhaczone, z przytupem 👌 a Luna - Przylepa jakich mało - czy jem, czy się maluje, czy uczę: wierny towarzysz 🐾 gorzej będzie tylko jak podrośnie🙄 #fitspo #polishgirl #poland #health #fit #fitness #workout #bodybuilding #befit #befitpolska #gym #gymfreak #girl #healthy #eatclean #eattogrow #eathealthy #motivation #selfie #silownia #shelifts #strongnotskinny #strong #fitinspiration #squats #shesquats #healthylifestyle
@resultswithlucy 30 day challenge day 5 is to plan a 20 minute chill time just for you! I decided to run a bath with candles and a cuppa and catch up on my favourite bloggers and also do a 5 minute mindfulness meditation video 🙌🏼🧘🏽‍♀️🛁🛀🏽 #selfcaresunday #selflove #relax #relaxtime #meditation #mindfulness #sefcare #rwl30days
BOOTY BURNER - Part 2👑 . After this session I was waddling my way out of @ironworksgymnasium all thanks to @ptcaz 😂 Part A is in the previous video!!💪🏻 . Kick start your week with growing the 🍑 because who doesn’t love a booty pump🙅🏼‍♀️ . @gymglutes @gymalpha @gymaesthetic @gainzvillle @gymgirlvids @fitgirlvideos @gym_videos @fitfemalesclub @fitness.union
Love yourself exactly as you are. Light up the room for your own damn self! There’s no perfect 💕. I haven’t posted selfies in 8 years. Never liked looking at myself... now I do it as much as I want! #confidence #loveyourself #bodypositive #strongnotskinny #behappy
In support of the @i_weigh movement led by @jameelajamilofficial . . I weigh my husband who is also my very best friend, my experiences as a racialized woman, my experiences as a trauma-survivor, my short 4’9” body and big personality, my passion for ashtanga yoga, my ecofeminist values, my social work education, my future as a counsellor/therapist, my complicated past, my strength in overcoming it all, and my promising future
Tour of CNN is going to be rough.... stairs on stairs on stairs #citypass #atlanta #sightseeing #cansomeonecarryme
At 46 you definitely start to see the world differently. Mid-life is a huge time of transition. It’s not always easy, and it’s challenging but having had my ass kicked a few times over the past 12 months it’s time to #kickass #empoweredwomen ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • #midlifemindset #perimenopause #hormones #strongmind #strongbody #strongwomen #fitmind #fitbody #structuralfitness #empowerment #transitions #strongnotskinny #stronger #real #authentic
It always feels so strange when I don’t post for a day😂 I understand how youtubers feel now when they skip an upload and they say they missed their viewers... It’s hard to explain, but I just really enjoy interacting and helping other people with fitness😂 Anyways, yesterday was my rest day, but the thing is is that I think I’m getting sick😭( also I have like a really bad bruise like in my leg where my thigh bone meets my hip so I’m basically limping everywhere and I have NO IDEA how this happened) - Ok back in topic😂 Today is supposed to be leg day but I don’t feel like it would be safe to do with feeling sick and my leg ya know??? I’m probably just going to slide down my workouts by a day and do that. - Tag a friend who understands the struggle of life getting in the way of the fit life🙄😂 - Which days are your rest days??
Feeling AMAZING after Week 1 of my program! Today’s workout was a yoga stretch which felt soooo good after how hard my body has worked this week 😆 and it didn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous outside so I took my mat to the patio! Bring it on Week 2! 💪🏼 • • • #bowandapple #inspiredlife #teacherlife #teacherlifestyle #fitgirl #happyandhealthy #healthyeating #workoutoftheday #yogaday #strongisbeautiful #strongnotskinny #funworkout #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers
Jordo pose in the elevator after my workout yesterday morning ♥️ About 6 hours after this photo was taken I went Go Karting for my boyfriends birthday and successfully cracked my ribs 😅😂 so that’s great.... #gohardorgohome #sports #hardcore Will be going a little lighter in the gym until this heals up but still planning on getting some exercise in!
@futureshockwrestling ready, already 5 drinks deep dont even need the vest anymore cause the booze will keep me warm.. 🍻🤼‍♂️🦇
#repost of @raematilda amazing transformation that shocked me just as much as it shocked her! Absolutely incredible to think that these two photos are of the same person 😬 • • • “Debated on whether to upload this or not but I’m in actual shock 😱 Posted the photo of me in the can-can dress on Snapchat this morning and soon after got a notification from Facebook to “view my memories”. The photo on the left popped up from 3rd year of uni, 4 years ago and I barely recognised myself! Complete change in body shape, diet and mindset. Constantly working on myself (and growing my delts)💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻” • • • Very proud of this woman. And even happier to be a part of her journey. Keep up the good work, Rachael! 👊🏻 • • • It’s Sunday, plan the week ahead and smash the goals you set. You might be confident enough, like Rachael, to post about your own progress very soon 😄 • • • #sundayfunday #preplife #progress #pt #personaltrainer #strongnotskinny #getstrong #strongwomen #fitfam #fitspo #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #ne1 #newcastle #newcastlept #train #gym #fitness #fatloss #weightloss
Monday’s have never been STRONGer. @dharris2016 has your morning, @kaligotbody has your evening. You just bring that body. Sign up today. #TheFitIn
We maken er gewoon weer even een post van. Beentjes reizen de pan uit en het was vandaag niet eens #legday . Nadeel is dat m’n broeken nu echt strak gaan zitten. Mocht ik uit mijn broeken gaan scheuren (wat trouwens wel super zonde is, want ik heb er zoveel mooie 😅) hoop ik wel dat dat thuis gebeurt. 😬🤞🏼 #fitmom #nieuwebroek #adidas #nike #fitness #gym #gains #legs #sunday #girlswholift #momswholift #gymaddict #fitfamnl #strongnotskinny #legday #shapeupdate
all the greats - açaí bowls are my jam.
post run snack ⌚️🍫 our new DOUBLE CHOC BROWNIE flavour now has 60% less sugar and sweetened with honey 🍯
HAPPY SUNDAY ❣️ my gym is currently closed due to power issues:)))))
A Sunday well spent...👌🏼 spent my morning training at the gym and this afternoon has been filled with flat and life admin, lesson planning and food prepping ready for another busy week ahead 👊🏼 #sunday #workout #foodprep
@resultswithlucy 30 day challenge day 4 was to satisfy your cravings with one of the rwl sweet smoothies! I chose the banana and peanut smoothie as it’s one of my favourites! 😍😋🥜🍌 #rwl30days
Sunday’s and restday is a great combo 🖤 #restday #aimnsportswear #flitigafrida #bodyfitness
At home brunch goals thanks to Jacqs' momma 🙌🏼 #mommaknowsbest
Sundazee are for brunch and hitting legs heavy 😛
Woot woot lets kick this Friday off with some plyometrics shall we?? - This workout kicked my butt, but come on ladies we gotta get ready for bikini season!!👙☀️ These workouts help get your heart rate up, while getting us a whole body workout! (like okay I’m listening) Overall it doesn’t take up a hugeeeee chunk of your day (thank lord) and does wonders😍 So here’s the workout: ❕Split Lunges: 3 sets of 15 reps with 30 seconds between each set ❕Mountain Climbers 3 sets of 40 reps (when both knees have come up is one rep) ❕Squats Jumps 3 sets of 15 reps ❕Burpees 3 sets of 10 reps - Boyyyyy is this a killer when you’re wearing a sweatshirt for a nice sweat sesh😂💦 I followed this up with abs and then I stretched/rolled out!! - Tag your workout buddy and get ready to kill it next time you’re in the gym🤗💦
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