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Just a little #thankfulthursday post, how pretty are these?! 💐 Saw them at Pike Place Market, if I wasn’t on the road I would definitely have gotten some! It’s also been perfect weather so far since I’ve arrived in the PNW (weirdly nicer than it has been in Hawaii! 😅) Love springtime, what are you thankful for today? 💗
Happy dog, happy life? 😊🐕
Want a free workbook that will help you gain clarity, help you break through your blocks so you can create with confidence? 🤩🙌 . If you have an idea you’ve been procrastinating on, or something you really want to do but you’re not sure if you’re good enough, or maybe you’re completely unsure and want to explore, this is for you! 🙋🏻‍♀️ . My workbook ‘Confidence Through Clarity’ includes a series of questions and prompts that I worked through when I decided to transition from acting to helping people. 💕 . If you want it, drop me an emoji in the comments and I’ll send it over! (It’s also accessible in my bio) . Let’s do this!! 💋
You can have, be and do anything. . Did that statement make you cringe at all? Did a little voice in your head start telling you all there reasons that that is completely ridiculous?! . . 🔺We hold back and dream smaller because stepping out of our comfort zone feels really hard and scary. . 🔺We’re told by friends and family that we ought to be realistic and to get our heads out of the clouds. . 🔺A lot of the time we comply, but there’s a sadness, a dissatisfaction, a knowing that we’re meant for more. . I want you to know that putting myself out there, deciding to start a business, creating a group and doing my first live training in there has been a series of terrifying and insecure moments where I’ve really had to take a leap of faith. ✨ . Faith I’m on the right path, faith that I can be of value of others, faith that that I’m creating something that’s real and viable. . Even telling people what I do has been a scary step, so here goes: 👋 I’m Megan and I’m a Mindset + Creativity Coach. I help amazing driven women break through their limiting beliefs, gain control over their thoughts and habits, build the confidence to pursue their creative dreams and design a life they love. . . Sounds good right?? 😉 I am opening up space for 3 super committed ladies who are ready to really GO FOR IT in my 1:1 program to work with me for 3 months. Together we will identify and break through your blocks and build a new way of approaching your dreams so we can create the confidence, freedom and abundance that you dream of. 🎉 . Know that when you work with me, I am ALL IN. I’m fully committed to supporting and guiding you through the steps to shifting your mindset and creating real results in your creative endeavors. 💃🏻🔥 If you’re feeling called to take that leap to really commit to your creative dreams and the purposeful life you desire, send me a PM and we’ll chat. ❤️ . . P.S Check our my FB group ‘The Confident + Creative Collective’ (link in bio) Join me outside the comfort zone!
M O N D A Y S: Many people see it as the worst day of the week where the coffee needs to be extra strong and 5pm can’t come soon enough…☕️😴 . But it’s also a day that you can choose to use to set the tone for the week, what is your intention? What small steps will you take towards your dreams? How can you find little ways to bring your creativity? . Starting your week with that kind of focus and clarity can turn that mundane Monday into a #magicmonday ✨💫 . Put it out there! Get the ball rolling, share your intentions for the week below 👇🏼💜
Stay weird my friends!👽👻🧚🏻‍♀️ . The quirks, the oddities, your unique magic. The little things that make you, you. That’s the good stuff! . The right people will find it magnetizing, others will fall away and that’s okay. Accepting you’re not for everybody sets you free, because that will always be the case no matter what you do anyway. 😉 . So shine brightly, you really might as well! 💫
‘I’m not going to do this now, I’m going to wait until I’m READY…’ . . Have you ever said this to yourself before? I know I have! 😅 I’ve told myself that I needed to wait until the perfect moment, where I feel good enough, educated enough, talented enough…but here’s the problem with that: . The perfect moment doesn’t exist. Being ‘ready’ doesn’t exist. . The only way to do something is to DO IT. 👊 Sounds obvious right?! But it really is that simple. All it takes is one step in the direction you want to go to get things moving. Accept that your ego will object, that fear will come up and decide to DO IT ANYWAY. . All it takes is just one small step, one foot after another. Decide to show up for YOU. ✨ I believe in you, you got this! 💖
Ready to follow through on your creative dreams with confidence?! 🔥 . Have a project you want to launch soon that you’re worried about? Feeling unsure about whether you’re on the right creative path? Or just need a confidence boost? 🎨🎤 . I’ll be doing a free video training workshop today at 4pm PST There will be tips and tricks for getting into the right mindset to share your creative gifts with confidence! 🎉 . It’ll take place in my FB group ‘The Confident + Creative Collective’. Link is in bio and grab another freebie while you’re there! Look forward to connecting! 😊💗
Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🎉💀🌮 Have a great weekend.
Do you meditate? 🧘‍♀️ I’ve been pretty on and off about it honestly, but I just did a full week and I’ve definitely noticed a difference! I have been feeling more balanced and aware. 😌✨ It’s a great way to reset your mind and call in clarity so that you can move through your day with more ease. 🌿 What’s your meditation routine? How does it make you feel? Or is it something you’d like to start? Let me know in the comments! 👇
Sweet dreams are made of this 💙 Happy Friday everyone!
Are you waiting for permission to thrive in your creative dreams? You have a great idea, deep down you know exactly what you want to do and you love doing it… But somehow it gets put on the back burner, you tell yourself that your not ready or that you’re not being realistic… For me, it would be about not allowing myself to get to the ‘next level’. I realized that I had unconsciously set a limit to what was an acceptable level of success for myself. It wasn’t until I started doing the inner work that I was able to break through these barriers to own my creativity! Awareness is everything. Find all the reasons why these beliefs aren’t actually true. Reframe it positively and remind yourself of it every day! 👊
Hit the reset button, look for the good you already have, and focus on how good it feels to envision what you want in the future. What are you grateful for today? 💙
Ever procrastinated or didn’t finish a project because you thought it would take too long or you felt like you weren’t talented enough? I knowww the feeling! It’s usually a symptom of comparing yourself to others (‘they’re so much further ahead’) or trying to have it be perfect right away or just simply underestimating yourself. Start the thing and take the time that it takes, the time will pass anyway. You’ll feel so much better for giving it a go. 💙
It's nice to work with such professional models 🤙 #pose #walkwithme #bear #pnw #thatsmilethough #strangebeingbrooke #strongcreativewomen #photographer
Words to live by! 🍍 But seriously, when we hang onto negativity and out dated stories of the past, especially for long periods of time, we are in fact fighting with ourselves! Here are a few questions to ask yourself in those moments: 1) Is this making me feel good? 2) Is this negative thinking true or do I need to shift my perspective? 3) Is it more important to hang onto this or be kind to myself? Then let it go, you have better things to do! 😉
You are limitless. . There are many reasons to believe otherwise, but really you can have, be and do anything. It’s just a matter of what you’re willing to open your mind to. 💫 We see it all the time, inspirational people rising from extreme poverty and difficult situations who go on the achieve extraordinary things because they believed in something bigger, and they weren’t going to let anything get in their way. . What dreams have you shelved? What is in your way? What do you need to believe about yourself and the world in order to take action and manifest them into reality? 💙
It’s not so much ‘giving up’ these things, negative thoughts will always pop up at some point. It’s about changing how we react to them in the moment. . It’s also a lot of pressure to try do everything at once! Pick one area to focus on, start by being aware of when it comes up. When you start to notice it, thank it and let it go. While we can’t banish unhelpful thoughts we do have a choice in the importance we attach to it and how much we engage with them. . Pick a number to get started! 💙
Morning Açai bowl with homemade granola! This arrangement is not just for this post, I make my food look presentable in general 😂 It’s oddly satisfying to do these little things for yourself, for no other reason than it’s just nice. What little things do you do for yourself?
Are you hiding your inner magic? ✨ . Just by virtue of being ourselves, we each have a magic that is unique to us. For many reasons we’re told it’s better to dim this magic, it’s better to put our heads down and do what we’re told. . How does that feel to you? Not great right? Whether you do it for a living or not, we all have a sense of creativity in us, it’s a part of being human. How can you express this inner magic in your life? What would you like to do most? 💙
Take the road less travelled 🛣 . We’re taught that we need to fit in and follow what everyone else does, it’s the safe way after all. It keeps us out of trouble right? No ruffling feathers, no questions asked. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a curious person and have always wanted to know more than what was just placed in front of me. What are you curious about? What do you long for? What are you not currently giving yourself for fear of not fitting in? Tune into your gut, see what your heart says. 💙
3x3 canvas, interested buyers please send dm #walkwithme #strangebeingbrooke #abstract #strongcreativewomen #canvas #artist #art
Let this be your motto as you head into the weekend. Happy Friday! 😘
Make it easy! Instead of ‘working hard’, pushing and forcing things to happen, lighten up! Soften and bend into life. What does that mean? It means letting go of attachment and perfectionism and needing things to go a certain way. Things are changing constantly and life will throw us curve balls sometimes. What we have control of, is how we respond. 💙
I gotta be honest: . I was getting to the point where I was ready to throw in the towel on this biz journey. . I started spiraling into ‘what’s the point?’ type thinking. I got caught up in feeling unworthy next to people who are more ‘successful’, and felt like who am I to try to do this? But then I remembered that this was just my protective voice trying to keep me in my comfort zone! Very sneaky indeed. . Here’s the truth; there is enough for everyone. Success isn’t something that comes in finite form, there’s no allotted amount. Just because someone else has what you desire does not mean there is less of it for you. If anything, it should remind you of what’s possible. I believe that everyone can have what they deeply desire no matter where they are right now, and I’m passionate about helping people achieve those desires with tools that will help get them there. . Consider two questions: what does success mean to you? and are you ready to leave your comfort zone for it?
If you didn’t care about what anyone thought, what would you be doing right now? 💋
Taking Agent Carter along on my fun day of artist visits, factory tours, and new product creation!! #mugmonday #agentcarter #hayleyatwell #smartwomen #strongcreativewomen #zildjiancymbals #coffee #caffeineismyfriend
#selfcaresunday ! What are you doing for yourself today? 😊 The sun has come out after a week of overcast rainy weather so I’m going to the beach! It’s one of my favourite places to be! 🏖 How about you?
‘A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for’. Staying in your comfort zone may be um...comfortable, but it’s not helping you. Our well meaning minds are just trying to protect us from harm, humiliation, judgement or whatever it is you fear most. What’s keeping you safe in the harbour? Are you able to identify the reasons? Weigh them against all the wonderful reasons to be out at sea. . Finding that clarity will fuel your motivation to get out there. Thank your protective mind but tell it you’re ready to sail the open seas ⛵️ What greatness are you ready for today? Let me know in the comments!
Happy International Women’s Day! Today I’d like us to share some womanly love and support by discovering and following some new female creatives. Comment with a link to 1-3 inspirational designers, fearless females, new talents or simply some accounts you think we need checkout! Tell us why you rate them and let’s all go show some love! 💕💪 This kick ass illustration is by @martamunteillustrator #strongertogether #internationalwomensday #dotandflow #blueprintshow #femalesruletheworld #girlpower 💪
It seemed only fitting today that I wear my "Fearless Female" T-shirt. Happy International Women's Day to every single woman that I know, and don't know! You rock! ✨To my gorgeous friends who support me in more ways than they realise, you girls are priceless! ✨To the strong beautiful women of my family, I hope I can be half the woman you all are! ✨To my nieces and all the amazing little women warriors that are in my life, you will be powerful, kind and brilliant. ✨To the #ttc community on Insta, you are incredibly brave, strong and "fearless" and thank you for all the love. Keep inspiring! ✨To the brilliant women I have met through my career, and have become the greatest of friends, you are absolutely smashing it! I couldn't be prouder of what you have all achieved! ✨To the fabulous women I haven't met yet, I look forward to meeting you soon! ✨Lastly to my Dwighty, who is my biggest champion and helps me be the woman that I am. This also seems a fab opportunity to say THANKYOU, because without even really realising I seem to have gained over 600 gorgeous followers on @_tryingtobeamum_ , which is just incredible. Thankyou! K xx #iwd2018 #fearlessfemale #ivfwarrior #strongcreativewomen #ivfstrongertogether #pressforprogress
I did an interview with Wilhelmina from The Post Feminist Post a couple months ago for The Women & Arts Issue, it was wonderful to see this arrived in the mail today! However, it was also absolutely amazing & inspiring to also see/read all the other interviews by a very diverse group of strong, driven female artists! 👏👏👏👏👏 @rebeccachaperon @priscillayuart @jennbrissonart @kyborgi @carylannn @wendydphoto #lizknox #veronicaaimone #nicolelangdon -davies . . . . #emmalehtoart #yvrartists #femaleartists #postfeministpost #driven #talented #diverse #creativefemales #strongcreativewomen
And then .... there is Cheryl. As @cherylstrayed herself commented in our previous post, there are lots of pictures of her wearing #mysilvercocoon and we love them just as much as she does! This is the one from 2015 that connected us via the internet. The one that stopped time for little bit and brought all the words she said in her lecture many months before back to the surface ... about choosing to be an artist - the conscious decision to not split her attention but to commit to her craft - come what may. She inspires because she is so vividly honest about her humanity: her grief, her struggle, and her resounding perspective on life. She is able to cut through the nonsense to shed light on the morsel that matters most. The morsel that has always mattered most to me, is that an artist I respect so much SEES my work and enjoys it, too! It has empowered her (on some really big days) the same way I hope it empowers everyone who wears it. What a mission! ... Always sending endless flowing love in her direction!! Thank you, Cheryl, for the love you have sent my way!
"I don't want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art." #carriefisher repost from the amazing @courtneylove #strongcreativewomen
@ayovanelmar_fashioncafe official opening event..loving the ambience with designer @ayovanelmar @sharonojong and ofcourse designer @asakeoge 😉😋.. #strongcreativewomen #tvgirlepisodes #page3onstv #STREETSTYLES #mediapersonality #mypicturestor
Feeling so much love for every single woman in this photo (and for the people who had snuck away before we thought to take any photos). Thank you, thank you for sharing this day with me in celebration my heart couldn't have burst more. #strongcreativewomen #threebabiesbrewing
Feeling very thought of 💜. My beautiful friend @busyhead_design sent some precious birthday love. Something for baby and me ✨ #strongcreativewomen
So inspiring to be interviewed by these beautiful gals @claudiasangiorgidalimore & @michelleghunder for #hersoundherstory Talking to & about strong,creative women made perfect sense for me to wear @southofthebordersydney #strongcreativewomen
Good bye to a queen :( 👑 Sonia Rykiel ! Her life was such an inspiration! #strongcreativewomen rock ! #soniarykiel
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