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— uHhH I’m not finished another old edit bc I have no time whatsoever yikes also it’s missing one logo I’m sorry :( cc starsial | ac I can’t remember dt haley (@ostitanc.y )💗 [ @finnwolfhardofficial #finnwolfhard #guitarplayergrp #stussygrp #radiantgrp #cityboygrp #begoniagrp ]
There was a little girl, Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, She was very good indeed, But when she was bad it was horrid. [Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow] Well when I saw this poem, I figured I just had to make an edit out of it. It suits Eleven perfectly. #strangerthings #strangerthingsedit #strangerthings2 #strangerthings2edit #eleven #elevenedit #strangerthingseleven #strangerthings2eleven #milliebobbybrown
crying is for the weak Via: -@strangerrr.thingssssss #strangerrr .thingssssss #strangerthings
THIS IS ALL HAPPENING SO FAST WHAT THE FRICK Via: -@bubblywolfhard #bubblywolfhard #strangerthings
— bellyache ib: mikesdirection ac: drizzyaudios dt: madwheeler gc ♡ app: video star cc: noah.aep
°happy birthday dAd i love you so much! you are doing great in life and well... just keep doing you°¡¡¡ :) #joekeerybirthday #joekeery #joekeeryedit #finnwolfhardedit #finnwolfhard #happy birthday #happy #birthday #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #strangerthingsedit #strangerthings2edit #mood #moodatthemoment
Omg I’m love with mike’s and Dustin’s reaction 😍🔥 credits to @mouth.breathr #madmaxedit #maxmayfieldedit #badassgirl #girlpower #strangerthings2edit #strongestgirliknow
expect the expected 🤧 — ac regimechxlls app : videostar for jancy shippers(: #omgpage #guitarplayergrp #cityboygrp #stcult #caimgrp #embracegrp
:D @fingerlickinfinn cc 1 + DT: @felicitqy cc 2: me ac ex.niel app cpp
song: sesame street-idk - I forgot to pOST IM SORRY AND I DID THE WRONG USENRAMEMEMEM AHHHH - #strangerthings #strangerthingsedits #strangerthingsedit #strangerthings2 #strangerthings2edit #strangerthings2edits #lfl #l4l #fff #f4f
+ happy birthday to this incredibly amazing and talented girl! i love you so much @sadiesink_ thank you for being so inspiring and making so many people happy everyday 💕💗💘💘💓 <3 ib/ac hybridnik bg m.esmeric #happybirthdaysadie Via: -@dazedbyers #dazedbyers #strangerthings
+ — @finnwolfhardofficial 🐺 this edit is so extra also ignore that i used the same two pictures twice um ib mystic.gods Via: -@dazedbyers #dazedbyers #strangerthings
+ — @finnwolfhardofficial 🐺 this edit is so extra also ignore that i used the same two pictures twice um ib mystic.gods Via: -@dazedbyers #dazedbyers #strangerthings
Which is your fav ? ❤️❤️❤️ #milliebobbybrown Via: -@strangerthingsw #strangerthingsw #strangerthings
Which is your fav ? ❤️❤️❤️ #milliebobbybrown Via: -@strangerthingsw #strangerthingsw #strangerthings
sorry i haven't posted anything guys. i will try to get something up either later today or tomorrow. anyways, i just wanted to say that we're so close to 100k oh my god! thank you guys that's actually so many people and like jeez Via: -@lolwillbyers #lolwillbyers #strangerthings
i was possessed while making this. — ac: me — ib: @httpmia.x — - hey guys, sorry for not posting. i just haven’t had the inspiration to do anything, and also coming on this account made me kinda like sad? idk how to explain it but i just didn’t enjoy coming on this account for a little bit. as for the contest, it was actually one of the main reasons i didn’t want to come on here, and i don’t even know why. but i do think i might still choose the winner, i already have, kinda. anyways thank you! #finnwolfhard #milliebobbybrown Via: -@lolwillbyers #lolwillbyers #strangerthings
what’s your mood? Via: -@scamxnder #scamxnder #strangerthings
It’s also Mrs McLaughlin’s birthday today!!❤️❤️❤️ {Caleb’s Insta Story} Via: -@strangerobsessed #strangerobsessed #strangerthings
Muchos estamos felices de ver esto!! Te reto a comentar "Hopper" letra por letra😏 Via: -@stranger_things_arg #stranger_things_arg #strangerthings
Junto con la confirmación de que veremos más de Mileven en la Tercera Temporada también se confirmó que veremos más de la relación entre Lucas y Max...¿Seguirán juntos en la Temporada 3?❤️🤔 #StrangerThings Via: -@stranger_things_arg #stranger_things_arg #strangerthings
Which is your fav ? ❤️❤️❤️ #milliebobbybrown Via: -@strangerthingsw #strangerthingsw #strangerthings
happiest of birthdays to our favorite, @uncle_jezzy !!! joe keery, you bring SUCH a light to this show and cast. stranger things would simply not be stranger things without steve harrington. i couldn’t have imagined or hoped for or dreamed of ANYONE else in this entire world playing the adored character of steve. you are talented, genuine, laidback, hilarious, loving, and an all-around hoot. i love you so much, have an amazing birthday❤️ Via: -@elevensblanketfort #elevensblanketfort #strangerthings
hi please comment some songs that you're obsessed with right now! i'm making a playlist :)💘💓💞 Via: -@hawkinshighschool #hawkinshighschool #strangerthings
SLAYY 😍 ~ follow me { @strangerthingtweets } for more 🌸 Via: -@netflixbased #netflixbased #strangerthings
Part One! When you are done reading, read part two! • (Y/N): “Wait, who got hurt? Oh my god!” Mrs. Sink: *ON PHONE* “I don’t know exactly who got hurt but I was told it was some of your cast members. They wouldn’t give me their names yet” Sink: “Oh my god, oh my god” -You start hyperventilating (Y/N): “Sadie, we need to go see if they are okay!” Mrs. Sink: *ON PHONE* “I know you guys must be scared, but we need to wait for一” -Sadie cuts off her mom before she can finish Sadie: “Mom, we need to go to the set! They are our friends!” Mrs. Sink: *ON PHONE* “Honey listen一” -Just then you thought of an idea, you whisper to Sadie so her mom doesn’t hear (Y/N): *WHISPERS* “Sadie, let’s sneak out and get a bus down to the studio and set” -Sadie nods Sadie: “Okay Mom, we will wait for more news” Mrs. Sink: *ON PHONE* “Okay, I will let you guys know right away if I hear anything” -Sadie hangs up the call Sadie: “Why can’t we call one of the drivers from set?” (Y/N): “They won’t take us to where the fire is, think of that. It’s not safe or whatever” Sadie: “Right, well how is this going to work?” (Y/N): “What do you mean?” Sadie: “Umm, public bus + famous actresses from Stranger Things won’t go well” (Y/N): “Oh sh*t, you’re right” Sadie: “Bikes?” (Y/N): “Too slow. I think we will just have to take the bus” Sadie: “You sure? What about your一”” (Y/N): “Don’t worry about it” Sadie: “Okay well what about your mom?” (Y/N): “She left earlier for her job, she won’t be back until later tonight so we’re good” Sadie: “Okay, well let’s go. We don’t have time to spare” -You guys look up a bus route and head to the nearest stop and wait Sadie: “I am so nervous, who got hurt?!” -You stare blankly at the sidewalk Sadie: “(Y/N), hello…?” (Y/N): “Sorry, I was just thinking about Noah, what if he got hurt Sadie?” Sadie: “Don’t worry (Y/N), Noah probably ran so fast out of that building” -You both let out a small laugh, just as you look up the bus pulls up to the stop Sadie: “Let’s sit at the back, there’s like no one on here” (Y/N): “Perfect” -What felt like a 3 hour bus ride later, you arrive at the block just down from set because you wanted to avoid paparazzi at all cost *READ N
(Y/N): “Ready to run Sadie? You know the secret ways into set right?” Sadie: “All good, let’s go!” -You bolt down the street avoiding the media and cameras, you make your way through your secret “tunnels” and finally arrive at the studio Sadie: “I wonder which set it happened at?” -You start to panic (Y/N): “We need to find the director, I don’t care if I get in trouble but I need to know where it happened and where our friends are!” Sadie: “Okay, be careful (Y/N)” (Y/N): “You walk into the studio and see your director talking to the firechief” Director: “(Y/N), you should not be here!” (Y/N): “What happened? Where are our friends?” Director: “I can’t tell you due to media issues” (Y/N): “I swear to god if you don’t tell me where my friends are I will一” Director: “Come with me” -You follow him Director: “I couldn’t tell you there, in front of the firechief. The fire happened on set at Hopper’s cabin. It spread like crazy through the forest, we were lucky enough to get it contained before it spread into the town set” -You can’t believe what you are hearing, thousands of thoughts running through your head if your friends are ok” Director: “Noah, Caleb and Gaten were there in between scenes hanging out” (Y/N): “Did they get hurt? What about Finn and Millie? They were filming a scene there right?” Director: “Noah, Caleb and Gaten are all in the hospital but not because they got hurt. They inhaled a lot of smoke so they are just getting treated for that” -A rush of relief goes through your mind about Noah, he’s okay but then Millie and Finn come into your mind” (Y/N): “I don’t want to ask… Finn and Millie?” Director: “They were in the cabin when it happened” (Y/N): “Oh my god no, please tell me their okay” Director: “They were filming a scene where Eleven throws something telekinetically at the door because she’s upset but it ended up knocking over one of the oil lamps that was on and the drapes caught on fire from there and spread like crazy” -You’re in shock *CONTINUED IN COMMENTS* Via: -@strangerthingscad #strangerthingscad #strangerthings
sorry there's literally only two pictures of noah but i got tired at the end. also this is kind of a test edit, and it's pretty short so maybe I'll upload one later today. — software: ae & svp — #finnwolfhard #noahschnapp Via: -@lolwillbyers #lolwillbyers #strangerthings
Awww millie today in London with her friends!!❤️📞 Via: -@strangerthingsmilllie #strangerthingsmilllie #strangerthings
I like it like that (I love both of them Sadie is just underrated asf)
I only screenshot it lol hahaha😂 #strangerthings2edit
That’s what no inspiration looks like. Thought the pic of me looked like Sadie’s. sc: enchanting.mp4
- happy birthday Joel Keenly 💕 • • aka the greatest mother ever (also mind the end part) • • AC: me DT: @uncle_jezzy @uncle_jezzy @uncle_jezzy (tag him please?) • • [#omgpage #omledit #joekeery #joekeeryedit ]
first post 🌘 hi so has you know me I’m in love with finn so I decided to do an edit account only for him I’m going to post finn and only finn in this account it will be soft or badass or aesthetic but it will be there only finn but anyway I hope y’all are enjoying my account ! my main account is @liliskata.mp4 - - loml 💞💕💗💘💖 ac: i forgot it was an old audio and it dint have a watermark for: @finnwolfhardofficial and nessa bc I know she miss a lot soft edit like that <33
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