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From inside the head of a former persisting pain patient.... I was trying TOO hard to move. TOO hard to “get better”. I didn’t understand HOW to “calm shit down”. I didn’t want to stay in pain. Eventually I got to a point I had no idea how to help myself anymore and was burnt out on trying to “fix myself” and “do the right things” The medical merry go round was too much- I broke down and froze in fear, and desperation..... “As a patient, I had no idea what to tell my professionals.  The story was so long, so involved, so all encompassing and so damn frustrating that I didn't KNOW what information to pick out.  The part that mattered to ME was how hurt and sad and frustrated I was.  I wanted someone to understand that while my body felt broken, so was the rest of me. I needed a kind heart and encouragement. I had pushed through pain for so long. I needed someone to teach me how to
Be more gentle with myself.”
-Amy Eicher. #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #dptstudent #dpt #painscience #pelvicmafia #spoonies #pain #chronicpain #exhausted #tired #physiotherapy #truth #insidemyhead #storiesmatter #storyofmylife #author #restoringvenus #betteriscoming
I’ve finished my layout. So nice to be memory keeping again. I will enjoy getting these photos into an album to treasure and reinforce the memories which will store up some more happy. #memorykeeping #storiesmatter #scrapbooking #bobunny @maria.malvestio
Today, Senyo is safe and healthy at the rehabilitation center where all our children stay temporarily post-rescue. He has clean clothes, consistent meals, and a bunk bed to call his own. Senyo and the other children in this rescue group will remain at the shelter for a few months and begin school classes. Freedom for Senyo means sitting in a classroom for the very first time in his life and the ability to dream of becoming a world-class soccer star. Soon, Senyo will be reunited with family members that, with the aid of our social workers and child sponsors, will be able to provide and care for him as he enrolls in his local school and looks to the future. On behalf of Senyo, thank you for giving new life. (3 of 3) ... We’re housing stories like Senyo’s on our website so you can view them in their entirety: https://mercyproject.net/acloserlook ... We invite you to take a closer look, share with a friend, and continue to be part of our freedom story.
"Stories help our children expand their world." Chelsea Clinton. @american_booksellers_assoc #Ci6 #Kidstute #ABooksellersLifeForMe #StoriesMatter
“In suffering we find our truest selves.” ————————————— Jessie Burton ————————————— . . . . . . ————————————— After struggling through a couple of books I finally landed on this one and man I love it. I couldn’t be more happier with the decision. This book is turning out to be another wonderful debut novel. This is so booking good(Coz I can’t curse out here). Happy days!! ————————————— #theminiaturist #jessieburton #fantasy #picador #bookstagram #paperback #fiction #instareads #bookcoverlove #debutnovel #books2018 #storiesmatter #booklife
If the last few days have revealed anything, it’s where we are choosing to be found in the midst of great injustice, indecency, and devastating loss. The things we’ve witnessed play out this week, and I’m afraid still in the days to come, are evidence of a long line of repeated history, of choosing self over neighbor, country over humanity, and political division over dignity – with little regard to the cost so long as we save and protect our privileged skins. I don’t want to be found on the sidelines shaking my head as these atrocities play out – nor do I find any Kingdom place in the middle of reprehensible Biblical justification that flies in the face of everything that Jesus stood for. ... Instead, I want to be found sitting right down in the dirt with the most vulnerable, the voiceless, the defenseless. I want to be found mourning with those who have no place to call home. I want to be found standing in the gap and fighting for families to be together in safety and freedom. I want to be found there, because I’m confident that the heart of Jesus is there as well – for all cultures, all countries, and all children above any border, law, or act of government. ... With our time, our voices, our talents, our checkbooks, our energy – it’s time we meet there.
Beautiful day to be on a patio, hanging with all these ladies and more! 👯‍♂️👯‍♂️ 🌇 Who caught that sunset? @unco.official @unco.summit
Waves seem to be the most common metaphor used in the grief community. Can you relate to this imagery? If so, why has it been helpful for you? What other metaphors have been helpful for you in learning how to navigate grief? . // Image by @spaceboyistaken // . . . . . To have your story of #miscarriage , #stillbirth , #infertility , or another form of #pregnancyloss or #infantloss featured in our community, please tag @ourscarlettstories and hashtag #ourscarlettstories . 🌹 ♥️ #gracelikescarlett #grievingwithhope #mamagrief #miscarriageawareness #pregnancylossawareness #miscarriagesupport #breakingthesilence #iam1in4 #1in4 #ihadamiscarriage #lifeafterloss #hopemoms #miscarriagesucks #tellyourstory #storiesmatter #breakingthesilence #thisismotherhood #hopewriters #joycomesinthemorning #ectopicpregnancy #griefsupport
Walking in the rhythm with the Light isn’t easy. Stepping out of the shadows of fear, political affiliation, doubt, and controversy is hard. But doing nothing? I promise at the end of your life that is a much harder reality to face. The Light is leading and calling us all into freedom, grace, hope, and love. The Light is begging us to trust the plan and the process. That welcoming the “other” no matter HOW they come to us, is our greatest call. We either pledge allegiance to the Light’s love or man’s law. “For you cannot serve two masters.” // God, forgive us and our evils against these little children, against the least of these.
Why some moms still use her professional camera? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🗯 I think one of the top wins of phone cameras is that they provide us with a sense of instant gratification as we can take a fairly good image and even quickly improve it using various apps and filters. If an image looks good enough to be shown on Facebook or Instagram, why bother with other options? In this motherhood journey, somedays it is a big victory to get this cute photo on our Instagram feed. Also, we love the flexibility to have our phone camera with us at any moment when a special moment just happens :) So, with all these benefits... is still a place for professional cameras in our homes? We believe photography is a beautiful hobby... and as a mom having one can be a great move at this stage. So if you plan to learn more about photography and have some time to dedicate to it, having a professional camera sounds like a good plan. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 👉🏼 Tell us your story. Camera or phone camera for your baby's memories??? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🚫PS: photo of my desktop! yeah, right!!! with a baby around NEVER let your camera, phone, laptop or anything expose!!!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #memorykeeping #memorykeepers #memorykeeper #tellyourstory #storiesmatter #photography_lovers #photography_love #simplemoments #simplestories #inspirationalquotes #inspiration_photography #lifewithababy #newbornbaby #momslife #firsttimemom #therealinstamoms #mindfulmotherhood #themommydiary #momlife #mommylifestyle
This Thursday is RFRS’ first major multi-media storytelling project, Food as Healing, in partnership with @asianartmuseum. Combining original works of visual photography, audio storytelling, a panel discussion with diverse voices, and a tasting menu, the evening sets out to hold a conversation around how food is more than just sustenance.⠀ ⠀ Panel + Tasting:⠀ Sylvie Charles @justdatesyrup ⠀ Preeti Mistry @navikitchen ⠀ Aileen Suzara @sariwakitchen ⠀ Kristyn Leach @namu_farm ⠀ ⠀⠀ Portraits: ⠀ (in collaboration with @brentongieser )⠀⠀⠀ Navina Khanna - @HEALFoodAlliance ⠀⠀⠀ Nik Sharma - @ABrownTable ⠀⠀⠀ Pei-Ru Ko - @rfrstories ⠀⠀⠀ Sana Javeri Kadri - @DiasporaCo ⠀⠀⠀ Stephen Satterfield - @WhetsoneMagazine ⠀⠀⠀ Karen Leibowitz - @ThePerennialSF ⠀⠀ ⠀ Tickets $8 + Museum Admission⠀ Link in profile 👆🏽⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #storiesmatter #storytelling #listening #generouslistening #eatforchange #listenforchange #story #rfrstories
In between calling your members of congress, we hope you'll take a moment to read our waxing moon offering, this poem from Kayleb Rae Candrilli. When things are at a fever pitch, it helps us to remember that putting our tender stories out into the world is a political act, and we will keep speaking, no mater what. Find the link to this piece in our bio, and follow Kayleb @kayleb_rae // Kayleb Rae Candrilli is the author of What Runs Over with YesYes Books, which was a 2017 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in transgender poetry. Candrilli is published or forthcoming in TriQuarterly Review, Cream City Review, Bettering American Poetry, and many others. You can read more at www.krcandrilli.com
Very excited to release this one. Big shoutout to the legend @paul for giving me the opportunity. I really love this style of editing. Let me know what you think! All feedback is welcomed.
“When I got to USA, I felt like I was becoming the person I used to be.” Leon Ndahimwa Shombana What a privilege to hear stories and at #ctr4htr #refugeecoffeeco #storiesmatter #RefugeeVoicesCCHR #refugeeswelcome #centerforcivilandhumanrights
An excerpt from one of Barb’s stories: “I was so lonesome. I knew how long he’d be away, and so I took paper clips, connecting them into long strings, and hung them all over my room. There was one paper clip for every day he’d be gone. And each day that went by, I removed one paper clip. I was so in love with him.” ❤️ Here’s to big love that paper clips itself to your heart. The world would love to hear that story, whatever it is. . . . . . . #storiesmatter #storytelling #springyourstorytolife #lifestories #womenbosses #writingpractice #womanownedbusiness #mnmakers #writersofinstagram
Senyo’s main tasks in the village included repairing and weaving fish nets. He also helped with preserving fish and other domestic household chores. Senyo’s master expressed a willingness for him to be rescued in order to receive a better future and life away from the lake, and we applaud his courage and kindness in that decision. True to his character, Senyo gladly walked out of the village with our Mercy Project staff last week wearing his “Be Happy” sweatshirt. Though the rest of Senyo’s story is yet to be written, we trust that because of your support, his future will indeed be a happy one. (2 of 3)
Letztes Wochenende hatte ich ein super inspirierendes Gespräch mit der tollen Anja @organja.de , als wir zusammen nachts mit der Bahn durch Dortmund gefahren sind. 😄 Es ging darum, dass jeder Aktion eine Reaktion folgt. Jede Wirkung hat eine Ursache. Wenn wir nicht agieren, können wir daher auch keine entsprechende Reaktion erwarten. 🤷🏽‍♀️Hätte Anja am Wochenende zum Beispiel eine bestimmte Person nicht angesprochen, dann hätte diese auch nicht auf ihre Handlung reagieren können. Und so hätten wir diese Person niemals kennengelernt und unser Abend wäre komplett anders verlaufen. So läuft es immer im Leben. Wenn wir nicht sagen was wir wollen, dann müssen wir uns auch nicht wundern, wenn wir es nicht bekommen. Wenn wir aber mehr agieren, anstatt immer nur zu reagieren, dann gestalten wir unsere Welt aktiv mit. Denn auch eine kleine Handlung kann etwas in Bewegung setzten. Auch eine kleine Handlung kann der Anstoß für etwas ganz großes sein. ♥️ #bahngeschichten #gedanken #storiesmatter #schreibedeinestory
Tonight we talked about different ways of looking at neighborhoods—ours and yours. #storiesmatter #uofsc #everyoneiswelcome
D A D 20.06.2018 It’s dads 74 birthday today. I can remember celebrating his 27th birthday in grand style, under a maquette in Penang. Yep, you read that right. 27. Today Dad is the lush ripe age of 74. There is much to love about this man. Our family traditions are anything but traditional and on his birthday we receive a birthday message from him. It’s hilarious and uplifting and offers some counsel for our life. He is a great dad. He has mellowed in his autumn years and given me and the fam much laughter, the occasional frustration [he ain’t good on it stuff] and treasures unspeakabke😜 fir those in the know, one word. FLANNEL 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so on this annual day of celebration. I honour you Dad and give thanks that I was blessed to have you care for me on this mortal journal. Thanks is never enough, how ‘bout a box of mangos and a trading post 😜🎁🎈🍰❤️ . . . #peaceout #happyhappyday #loveyoudad #youarehilarious #lifedocumented #storiesmatter
Got to discuss our film #TheApologyNFB in #NewYork with @povdocs so honoured that The Grandmother’s Story will be part of the 31st Season this Fall... so proud that their voices will be broadcasted across the US ❤️. #POV #PBS #Documentary #StoriesMatter #MeToo #womeninfilm #DocLife
Today’s blog was written by @sojourner4jesus , Community Partnership Manager for Guatemala, who brings a unique perspective to HopeChest. It turns out that slow and steady really is the way to go when it comes to long-term partnerships! (Link in bio🔝)
Behind the scenes at the @asianartmuseum shooting for this Thursday's portrait collaboration with @brentongieser ! ⠀ ⠀ Brenton has been a friend and a supporter of RFRS since day one, and with his photography focus of those unhoused in San Francisco, he has honed a deep awareness and keen ability to visually portray the lives and stories being told. Together, he helped realize our dream to use multimedia to tell the stories of these food changemakers around us.⠀ ⠀ Join us on Thursday for Food as Healing! Tickets $8 + Museum Admission. Link in profile 👆🏽⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #storiesmatter #storytelling #listening #generouslistening #eatforchange #listenforchange #story #rfrstories #california #sfevents #bayarea #dothebay #tastingmenu #foodishealing #foodashealing #portraitseries #photography #photographer #instagood #portraits #photoshoot #asianartmuseum
This is Senyo. He’s 10 years of age but began working in Logakorpe 5 years ago. His parents were farmers for a time, but eventually Senyo’s father left his mother, taking him along to help work. His father began leaving him with fishing masters as they had need and eventually left him altogether. Because he was so young when he was trafficked, Senyo does not remember his mother or what she looks like, and he does not know if he has siblings. Not only has Senyo never been to school, he wasn’t even sure what one was when asked by our social workers. Once he heard about classes and learning, Senyo’s first words were, “Please take me there.” Even through these circumstances, Senyo remains a joyful child. He’s quick to offer a grin, and he has so much anticipation for what’s ahead. (1 of 3)
I found a app that you can play arround with character design. So I quickly did up my three main characters in the mage chronicals. Echo and Ethan Archer and Amila Maddox. #characterdesign #characterpictures #characterreveal #reveal #fantasystories #fantasy #wip #writerslife #writerswritingwrite #projects #writersofinstagram #write #writing #writer #writingchallenge #betareaders #bata #books #storiesmatter #representation #representationmatters
When you are just about to kill it today. Of morning grinds. . #mpeakphoto #corporateevents #documentary
Bowing to this king and queen who put a smile in my day.@alehandrom31 I am continually encouraged by the beauty of how love persists. #enjoy #hope #lovestory @thisisliove #alehandrom31 #hecansingtoo #filmshort #storiesmatter #create #gbcsolutionsgroup
Question: Do you have any regrets for how your miscarriage was handled? . Answer: “Yes. I was so scared and naive, and didn't want to see the baby after I delivered. I think I thought it would be grotesque and scary. I regret not holding my baby and saying goodbye.” —Becky . // Story by Becky // Image by @anniespratt // . . . . . To have your story of #miscarriage , #stillbirth , #infertility , or another form of #pregnancyloss or #infantloss featured in our community, please tag @ourscarlettstories and hashtag #ourscarlettstories . 🌹 ♥️ #gracelikescarlett #grievingwithhope #mamagrief #miscarriageawareness #pregnancylossawareness #miscarriagesupport #breakingthesilence #iam1in4 #1in4 #ihadamiscarriage #lifeafterloss #hopemoms #miscarriagesucks #tellyourstory #storiesmatter #breakingthesilence #thisismotherhood #hopewriters #joycomesinthemorning #ectopicpregnancy #griefsupport
I’ll be taking over @adoptalovestory on 6/19 to share a little about our family+adoption and tiny bits that I have learned doing this parenting thing. #Repost @adoptalovestory with @get_repost ・・・ This mama is taking over our Instagram story tomorrow for #takeovertuesday . ⠀ Follow along as she shares all the details of her adoption journey! 💕 ⠀ . . . . . ⠀ #motherhood #adoption #adoptionrocks #adoptionstories #adoptionsupport #joyinthejourney #beautifulstory #adoptalovestory #vsco #humansofjoy #linkinbio #darlingweekend #storiesmatter #adoptionjourney
This mama is taking over our Instagram story tomorrow for #takeovertuesday . ⠀ Follow along as she shares all the details of her adoption journey! 💕 ⠀ . . . . . ⠀ #motherhood #adoption #adoptionrocks #adoptionstories #adoptionsupport #joyinthejourney #beautifulstory #adoptalovestory #vsco #humansofjoy #linkinbio #darlingweekend #storiesmatter #adoptionjourney
Life is messy, hard, and full of the unexpected; I don’t have to convince you of that. I’ve found a few key things lend to not only surviving, but enjoying all the ups and downs that come. First, hold onto your faith with everything you have. Let it be the safe place you run. Always. Second, believe in yourself. It sounds so cheesy, but if you don’t love yourself hard and relentlessly, it makes it hard to believe you’ll be okay. And finally, find your tribe and love them hard. Find the one or two people who are with you; really and truly with you. They see all the nitty, gritty, and ugly parts you offer and what the world hits you with; and they look you in the eye to say, “I see you. I know you. I understand.” Life isn’t always kind, but I promise you it’s still beautiful. You’ll be okay. The sun always rises with hope if you look close enough and sets with the promise of kindness.
The sweetest faces you ever did see! 6 boys and 2 girls safe at the shelter, excited for school classes, bunk beds, and playtime. This week, we’ll be introducing you to one of the boys and telling you his story of freedom - follow along! 💙
“In the modern age of health and wellness, there is starting to become a distance between the cultures that a lot of this great knowledge came from … I really want to pull the ideas of health and wellness back to their original roots” - Sylvie ⠀ ⠀ Hear more from Sylvie Charles (@justdatesyrup ), Preeti Mistry (@navikitchen ), Aileen Suzara (@sariwakitchen ), and Kristyn Leach (@namu_farm ) next Thursday 6/21 at the @asianartmuseum for Tasting Menu: Food as Healing, curated by Real Food Real Stories. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ The evening will incorporate this panel of rockstar women, a tasting, and a portrait + audio series in collaboration with @brentongieser. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Portraits: ⠀⠀⠀ Navina Khanna - @HEALFoodAlliance ⠀⠀⠀ Nik Sharma - @ABrownTable ⠀⠀⠀ Pei-Ru Ko - @rfrstories ⠀⠀⠀ Sana Javeri Kadri - @DiasporaCo ⠀⠀⠀ Stephen Satterfield - @WhetsoneMagazine ⠀⠀⠀ Karen Leibowitz - @ThePerennialSF ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Link in bio for tickets ⠀👆🏽⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ #storiesmatter #storytelling #listening #generouslistening #eatforchange #listenforchange #story #rfrstories #california #sfevents #bayarea #dothebay #tastingmenu #foodishealing #foodashealing #portraitseries #photography #photographer #instagood #portraits #photoshoot #asianartmuseum
Meet Jess Butterworth, one of our three authors sharing her work June 26th at our STORIES MATTER reading series. Jess Butterworth lives in Lafayette with her husband. She spent her childhood in both Great Britain and India, and grew up hearing stories about the Himalayas and the people there from her grandmother, who lived in India for many years. Don't miss Jess read from her soon to be published book, RUNNING ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD. Tuesday, June 26th from 6pm-8pm at Alexander Books . #books 📚 #author #bookshop #reading #livereadings #bookstorereadings #storiesmatter #stories
Thanks to four cornea donors and their families, Teresa sees and lives life in bright, vivid color! Read the rest of her story at the link in our profile. . . . . #donatelife #donevida #gorecycleyourself #corneatransplant #corneadonation #seethegift #storyofhope #storiesmatter
One of the most redemptive aspects of our work is the opportunity to watch an individual child transition from slavery to freedom. We don’t use those terms casually; with your help, we’ve literally given new life to 124 children to date. We’ve given them the chance to experience hope and futures they never dreamed possible while working on Lake Volta for fishing masters. We’re proud of the big number because it shows our process is working. But we’re equally thrilled with the journey each child has been on and his/her accomplishments and milestones along the way. We celebrate every single story, and we want to specifically highlight a few children from our recent rescue – children that you are reaching across the ocean to walk alongside and help transform. ... Like every one of us, each child and his/her family is nuanced and often complex, but these children are representative of the typical situations we’ve encountered. Over the next 3 weeks, we’re sharing 3 stories with you to show more tangibly why we do what we do and what freedom truly means in the life of a particular child. ... We’ll post on our IG and FB pages as well as house everything together on our website so you can see the collective journey. Make sure you’re following along, and join us tomorrow morning to meet 10-year-old Senyo!
Starting another week—let’s do this! (Shop the Micah mug in the link in bio🔝)
C H E E S B U R G E R. C H E M O 18.06.18 Brink and I snuck off for a little “cheeseburger chemo”😜 run, late this morning. Just him and I. He loved every bite. We sat together in the Italian beast and he enjoyed his American cheeseburger, minus the pickles ... and that’s the best medicine 😜🐕❤️ making memories, yep, we can do that. It’s a dogs life, someone’s gotta live it 🐕😜 . . . #brinkley #lovehim #makingmemories #lifedocumented #storiesmatter #himandi #cheeseburgerchemo #sharpeilove #itsthelittlethings #wegotthis #furryfamily #theboys #hotdatewiththedoggo #wa
Time to sort my precious Lebanese Tomato Seeds from an old customer of mine. I don't feel like they are my seeds, they are John's to me but then really they are from the old lady who brought them out from the old country when she came out to Australia. A friend of John's who has since passed. I am merely a custodian. He asked me to grow them and pass some on so they can be shared as this is what the lady would've wanted. So I am, I have a few special envelopes for a few keen gardeners and cooks because I know they'll be grown to their full potential, loved into something delicious and passed on again. As an Australian of British ancestry I have always held a romantic fascination with the cultures of my fellow Australian's from countries all over the world beyond just Britian. It is my favourite thing about large cities and communities where I can see this diversity, I see Australia like that, a rich tapestry, for lack of a less cliche term. I'm hoping to introduce more indigenous edible food plants onto our property too so I can use these in our cooking. What are we without an understanding of where we have come from, or the stories of our homeland, ancient and new to this place. Perhaps to some, it's of no consequence but to me, as a girl raised around the oldest culture on earth, this countries first culture and in communities of migrant families from all corners exposed to foods and customs from far off places it made me dream about seeing one-day, I feel so much richer for it and not just that, I feel privileged, honoured, that this was my start in life. It might just be a tomato to you but to me it's someone's story, their journey, their dream of a new life with a tiny piece of home to help ease the longing of all that was left behind. This gesture, to me, is so meaningful, so it's not just a tomato, it's never just a tomato when it comes to you this way. #storiesmatter #tomato #seedsaving #seeds #heritage #homegrown #organicgardenermag #thehappygardeninglife #homegrownveggies #thehomegrownlife #winter #country #harvest #organic #instagardenlovers #instagarden #garden #gardens #foodie #farmlife #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #countrystyle #huonvalley #tasmania
“When we make miscarriage and pregnancy loss a women’s issue, we unintentionally alienate the men who are also impacted by loss. This is not a women’s issue—it’s a family issue, a human issue.” —Adriel Booker (@adrielbooker ) . Today—Father’s Day—we remember those dads who feel any number of mixed emotions. We see you and we honor you, too. You are not forgotten. . In honor of Father’s Day @adrielbooker is running an entire series on Men & Miscarriage on her blog. (Visit her profile for the link.) Seven articles throughout the month of June that focus on caring for dads who have lost babies, exploring grief from a different angle, and giving platform to stories written by dads and granddads. We also have an upcoming post on how miscarriage can impact sex, intimacy, and marriage. Hope the series is a huge blessing. . // Image by @unsplash // . . . . . To have your story of #miscarriage , #stillbirth , #infertility , or another form of #pregnancyloss or #infantloss featured in our community, please tag @ourscarlettstories and hashtag #ourscarlettstories . 🌹 ♥️ #gracelikescarlett #grievingwithhope #mamagrief #miscarriageawareness #pregnancylossawareness #miscarriagesupport #breakingthesilence #iam1in4 #1in4 #ihadamiscarriage #lifeafterloss #hopemoms #miscarriagesucks #tellyourstory #storiesmatter #breakingthesilence #thisismotherhood #hopewriters #joycomesinthemorning #bereavedfather #fathersday #ectopicpregnancy #griefsupport #grief
Once a year we set aside a whole day to celebrate fathers. But the reality for many of the vulnerable children we serve is that they have lost a father or a mother, or both. Although we can never fill the loss that these children experience, Children’s HopeChest is determined to meet these children in their loss and provide a nutritious meal, basic medical care, and strong, healthy relationships. We are tremendously thankful for the men who work at our CarePoints who step up and provide mentorship, strength, and love to the children we serve. (In photo: Nestor, Lead Program Officer in Guatemala)
day 3 of 7 : posting the cover of a favorite book for seven days. The agreement is to offer "no review, no explanation," and to nominate a new friend to do this each day. I was nominated by @justinelizabethsayre , and today i nominate @lindsaymefff 💜 #booklover #readmore #smartissexy #developcompassion #storiesmatter #dorothyallison #southernlit
This morning at 2:45 a.m., 22 people were injured during a shooting at an art festival in Trenton, New Jersey. One of the injured was a 13-year-old, currently in extremely critical condition. The 33-year-old suspect is likely to have committed this act of violence due to “neighborhood beef”. How much longer does this have to go on? How many more must be injured before we realize it it too many? #namesovernumbers campaign. #speakloudspeakoutspeakup #penmightierthangun #writersoverrifles #guncontrol #powertothepeople #storiesmatter #tellyourstory #stories #parklandstrong #parkland #santafe #neveragain #enough #msdstrong #useyourwords #childrenarethefuture #wecallbs #changetheworld #emma4change #emmagonzalez #marchforourlives #everytown #everystorycounts
Happy Father's Day! Today we honor Ghanaian fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and all those who stand up for our kids and families as strong male role models. We see your hard work, your efforts, your willingness to lead and provide. Thank you for loving your children well. We love and believe in you, and we celebrate you!
For everyone with sisters. For everyone who wants to have a voice. For everyone who is looking for his or her unique power. Read this book. #chapmanrocks #readeveryday #storiesmatter
This is an amazing book about friendship and loyalty. Everyone should have a Bob in their life!💜 #storiesmatter #readeveryday #chapmanrocks
Love #dearzoo by Rod Campbell, just delightful to read and so many possibilities! We 'posted' the animals back using 1p stamps (we were busy for a whole hour!) #rodcampbell #eyfsstories #eyfsactivities #developinglanguageskills #freetoddleractivities #busytoddlers #rainydayplay #toddlertime #toddlerslovebooks #storiesmatter #justreadmore
Tem hora que a gente pensa que falar inglês é só pra isso, né? Entrevista de emprego, se candidatar para aquela vaga mega “uau”, ganhar mais, abraçar aquele projeto incrível e liderá-lo no exterior, negociar com investidores, fechar contratos bacanudos com estrangeiros, abrir sua empresa fora e deixar sua marca por lá também, fazer um MBA ou outro curso banbanban em outro país, dar um tchans no currículo, sei lá... E é! - claro! - o inglês te permite tudo isso e tantas outras coisas! Mas tem hora que o MAIS importante é esquecido: ao falar inglês, conquista-se acesso a um mundão de gente! Um universo todo se abre! Estas pessoas que cruzam os nossos caminhos, putz, como elas marcam nossas vidas! A mágica da abertura! Esta chavinha 🔑 que conecta 💞 deixou em mim sua marca profunda rumo à Eslovênia porque duas pessoas (mais outras duas que não estão na foto) tocaram a minha vida para sempre em maio de 2013. #livethelanguage #letsgetconnected #storiesmatter As hashtags que não existem à toa, afinal.
Some days you wake up with that little gray cloud overhead. It’s been lingering for a few days but you can’t ignore its presence any longer. You have no idea why it’s there, what it wants, and pray that it doesn’t downpour. You can’t ignore it. You can’t seem to out run it in order to find the clearing and blue skies. It’s just there sometimes and you wish it wasn’t. // That is often how seasons of depression or depressed moods feel for me. That’s how yesterday and this morning felt. So, I find joy where I can. Even if it only lightens the cloud for a moment. I keep pressing forward, not to disregard this mental state, but to live in-spite of it.
There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak // Simon Sinek #storiesmatter #storytelling #listening #generouslistening #eatforchange #listenforchange #story #rfrstories
Crapes for breakfast with my lady @level9mossgolem going to bike home later this morning. I hope it's not to hot out. You can buy my books at https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/mira-and-cath or https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/after-ava Or you can support my writing at ko-fi.com/herosong #wip #writerslife #writerswritingwrite #projects #writersofinstagram #write #writing #writer #writingchallenge #lgbtstories #books #workinprogress #fantasystories #stories #fantasy #wip #writerslife #writerswritingwrite #projects #writersofinstagram #write #writing #writer #writingchallenge #betareaders #bata #lgbtstories #books #storiesmatter #lgbtstories #breakfast #biking #mylady
T O D A Y Saturday,16 June, 2018 #lifedocumented I just love the boyfriend. His intuition served us well today. A morning together, out of the house, in the sun by the sea, eating our fave snacks from the #boatshedmarket , cottlesloe,overlooking a park with a view to Rottnest Island...it provided some grateful downtime from the hustle, respite Brink probably needed from me 😜 and a time to receive a clearer perceptive on managing the looming difficulties. Today has been s blessing. So grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that teaches us how to have joy in the sorrow, endurance in difficulties and hope during the unknown. It really was a great day today. Our last out and about in Perth. . . . #perth #sharpeilove #brinkley #bosley #truffles #seafood #iamlds #storiesmatter #gratefulheart
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