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Stay warm on this snowy spring day with #GreenRoads #ChamomileTea ☕️❄️ “Our calming tea contains a proprietary blend of #phytocannabinoids & #chamomile . Both are considered safe plants used by many different cultures. The combination of these two plants produce a calming tea that is soothing and will aid in easing stomach aches, reducing #anxiety & promoting a restful night sleep.” - @greenroadsworldhq. • • #MethuenMA #AmesburyMA #NewEngland #Massachusetts #Grassachusetts #Cannabis #Cannabiz #CannabisCommunity #CBD #HempHealth #Hemp #Terpenes #AlternativeTherapy #EducateToMedicate #StopTheStigma #FreeTheLeaf #WhatIsCBD #HighSociety #Relief #Cannibidiol #Cannibinoids #TakeBackYourHealth #SupportLocal #SupportLocalBusiness
if you’re ever feeling down- reach out to those you can trust! you can DM me and i will keep it 100% confidential! . #StopTheStigma #AScottLetsTalk
i hope your day has been going well! in foods i made pasta! . #StopTheStigma #AScottLetsTalk
Our WOW sisters at Chicago Vocational Academy received a visitor from Durban, South Africa! As part of Chicago Sister Cities International , delegate Dr. Roshini Bob sat in their WOW circle to learn more about our program, its impact, and the experiences of our youth. Thank you for visiting us! ✈️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #workingonwomanhood #durban #southafrica #sistercities #delegate #international #circle #wow #exchange #supportyouth #helpingkids #dreamalive #futureleaders #stoptheviolence #stopthestigma #mentalhealth #spreadpositivity #cbt #grouptherapy #healing #chicago #chicagogram #counseling #socialwork #socialworkerlife #teachers #chicagopublicschools #growingup #highschool
W O W !! YOU'RE SO SMART, I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT #redundantadvice #shutthefuckup #mentalhealth #mentalillness #stopthestigma
GRATITUDE - Be grateful for what you already have. Seriously, I had the best time of my life when I was living under palm trees on an island in Indonesia with almost no money - If you think money will bring you a happy life, you’ll be disappointed Money is a great thing but happiness and gratitude are way more important Chase happiness, not money Always and forever - Let me know your thoughts! 👇
Those feelings of worthlessness and being a burden are pressing in. I can't get off the fucking couch. All I want to do is cry myself to sleep. I've got to find a way to pull back on the stick and come out of this nose dive. #depression #worthless #burden #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthadvocate #endthestigma #stopthestigma #selflove #loveyourself #suffering
🐸 . . Have you heard of Green Roads?! If you haven’t; it’s time to check out @purerelief !!!😍 . I’m starting my Thursday with these 100mg FROGGIES. 25mg per FROG is perfect for getting your personal dose just right!!!🔆 . . These gummies are DELICIOUS and they can help you with so many different ailments such as anxiety, depression, and pain. All while being NON-PSYCHOACTIVE‼️ . https://www.purerelief.com/?rfsn=1080231.e4988 #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cbd #froggies #nonpschoactive #painrelief #anxiety #depression #cbdsaveslives #educateyourself #stopthestigma #kush #worldreefers #ganja #gogreen #helpyourself #learn #edibles #ganja #thursdaze #almostfriday #purerelief #happiness #marijuana #extraction #medicate #stayhigh #highsociety
@namirhodeisland twitter poll results indicate that followers feel mental illness is scary. IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE! When #PeopleHelpPeople we can fight back against mental illness together and #stopthestigma !!! Visit the NAMI Rhode Island website for more information on memberships, meetings, etc. and remember we’re all in this together!
We are grateful to IGA Supermarkets for their continued support to #endmedicineabuse ! Click on our bio link to find out how they are helping support families address the opioid epidemic. #IGAsupermarkets #IGACares
Are you aware of the latest facts and statistics about #addiction and substance use? We lose the equivalent of nearly three sold-out 747 jet planes every week to drug overdose deaths; seven planes if we include alcohol related deaths. Check out the Addiction Resource Center to read the most recent data related to substance use and #addiction .
Never underestimate the power of kindness. Dutchess County Helpline:(845) 485-9700 Ulster County Helpline: Call (845) 338-2370 or (845) 679-2485 Ulster County Mobile Mental Health ACCESS: Supports for Living (844) 277-4820 1 pm - 11 pm You can also call the national NAMI helpline at 800-950-6264 or text NAMI to 741741. #stigmafree #youarenotalone #namimidhudson #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthwarrior #intomentalhealth #nami #dutchesscountyny #ulstercounty #hudsonvalley #stopthestigma
im proud of you! you’re doing awesome!! ❤️ . #StopTheStigma #AScottLetsTalk
i guess you gotta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . #StopTheStigma #AScottLetsTalk
take care of yourself, too! . #StopTheStigma #AScottLetsTalk
Roll on summer. Maybe I can start my 30s without having a fucking headache all the time
Celebrating my Abuelo’s 90th & getting together with my family was extremely important to me. The last time I was with the Cerna gang was for my beautiful cousin Tabata’s wedding. I had to leave early. Shortly after the wedding I flew out to Florida. My grandpa Soria was sick & he wasn’t getting any better. I spent the rest of spring break next to my grandpa’s bedside. I still remember the last words he said to me before I flew back to Utah. The week before finals I got a phone call, one that would change everything. I missed my grandfather’s funeral because I was worried about the consequences of not showing up to my finals. Last summer, I missed an incredible opportunity to travel around Europe with the crazies pictured above because I worried about how it would affect my status at work. I spend too much time in my head instead of just living. I knew I wasn’t going to miss another family event. I didn’t ask work if I could go, but rather I told them. I’m tired of missing out on memories I may never get the opportunity to create in my lifetime. Although the Cerna’s can be ruthless they are there for you no matter what you’re going through. Also, they are the funniest + most sarcastic people you will ever meet. I want to thank my cousins for loving their gringa cousins ❤️
What are you grateful for on this #thankfulthursday ? What would you like to have the more of in your life? Focus on what you like and enjoy and more of it will come to your life.
Not on a beach but grateful for a day off from the school drop off. A day to just breathe, drink coffee and work knowing my littlest monkey gets a morning to just breathe too. #anxietysucks #beingbraveishardwork #sheworksalotharderthanido #anxiety #mentalhealth #stopthestigma #lovemymonkeys
HopeWay provides extraordinary treatment for mental illness. And the cure for despair.
I think ‘you time’ is so important and one thing I love to do for myself is get my nails done. There’s something so relaxing and therapeutic about it. The place I go to is really chill and the women are lovely. I was always really nervous to go and do this however if it’s something you want to do I’d highly recommend researching and looking at reviews and you’ll find somewhere you love! What do you do for ‘you time’? 💅🏻
take care of your homies!! . #StopTheStigma #AScottLetsTalk
Please come out to Regal Cinemas Deerfield Towne Center 16 on 4/19 at 7:30pm to see the Suicide: The Ripple Effect film! Proceeds will support 1N5's efforts to provide local schools with mental health, resiliency, and suicide prevention programming and ultimately, stop the stigma and end youth suicide. Please come out and support! 🎥🍿🤝 • • • #therippleeffect #suicide #mentalhealthmatters #letstalk #stopthestigma #starttheconversation #beheretomorrow #1n5 #youarenotalone #depression #anxiety #movie #movienight #recovery #survivor #fighter #miracle #suicideprevention #saveourkids #teens #highschool #fundraiser #support
Compassion fatigue happens! It’s common in helping professions like medicine, mental health, social work. It happens to people who caregive for family members as well. The point is, it happens. But we live under the false notion that to admit it; to stand and say, “Caring affects me,” is somehow wrong. There’s a shame and stigma attached to confessing that sometimes it gets to be a bit much. What if we professional caregivers quit keeping quiet? What if we were honest about it? Maybe those we help would come to appreciate their own fatigue in caregiving and emotional labor, and they’d honor it with some of the self care we all seem to preach, but seldom practice. Maybe normalizing the toll caregiving takes isn’t the same as saying we aren’t good at what we do, but is instead a way of saying we do care, and maybe it does something to knock down the notion that people are energizer bunnies that can go nonstop. Maybe we can get rid of the lie that if you can’t go forever without a crack in the facade that you’re unworthy or unwell. Compassion fatigue is the natural and unavoidable fallout of being a caregiver of any sort. You can’t bubble bath your way out of it, but you can examine it, set some boundaries, and ask for help with it. #compassionfatigue #counselorlife #therapy #getreal #stopthestigma
What is a Spiritual Awakening? Our "spirit" is the energy that surrounds our heart. Science tells us that there is an electromagnetic field that extends from our heartspace which we can sense and feel within 8-10 feet of each other. This is how we intuitively sense whether one's actions stem from love, fear or a space of anger, hence why we describe them as "mean-spirited." To this end, our Spirit becomes awakened as a result of growing sick and tired of staying small. Many of us experienced shame as a result of expressing ourselves & our emotions as a child, causing us to disconnect from ourselves and our spirits. We started to live in our heads, using logic to analyze and rationalize ourselves away from our emotional experiences. However, this disconnect is not our natural state; Our natural state is oneness with ourselves, not the great divide that this creates. The more we suppress ourselves and our spirits, the more we lose sight of our true selves and begin to attract in experiences that may lead us further astray from our heart's calling. We either contract of expand; We either stay in safety or start to Seek Spirit. Sometimes this discomfort leads us to choose people, places and situations that allow us to stay safe. When we do this, we may experience a low level discontent or even some form of depression as an expression of our spiritual suppression. So we often search for quick fixes to suppress the discontent that festers below the surface. And we stay in safety until staying "safe" becomes more uncomfortable than staying the same. Shame serves as the catalyst for stepping out of safety. Shame is so uncomfortable that we stay unconscious of it until something sheds light on how it is keeping us in safety. It is only when we start to face our shame head on instead of chasing it away, that we start to break free of its chains. We must get tired of suppressing and of staying small before we may start living from our heartspace again. May this serve to remind you, that our natural state is WHOLE. We may come back to ourselves again & again. 🙏💛
A message from the PCA president: Dear PCA Members, . It is that time of year again that we launch into preparations for our annual fall conference. This year's conference is a very special one, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary in Pittsburgh. . I am asking for dedicated and creative leaders to step forward to serve as conference chairs for this historic event, and hope that you will choose to apply your considerable talents and passion for our profession to work to make this a successful and memorable event. . Please email me at drlindathompson@gmail.com and let me know how you want to serve. There are many opportunities such as conference co-chairs, coordinator of proposals, proposal reviewers, exhibitor and advertising coordinators, and event coordinators. We are also looking for suggestions for a theme for our golden anniversary, and welcome your ideas. . We are having a board meeting on March 10 via ZOOM and would welcome anyone desiring to be a part of the conference committee to attend to discuss further. I will forward the details of the meeting if you email me your interest. Thank you for all of your support of PCA. . Linda Thompson, PCA President
Coming back from a rather long flare up #cptsdrecovery #stopthestigma #loveyourself
Imagine that you show up to lunch with my Mom. You're wearing a new shirt & my Mom notices. "New shirt?" she'll ask. . And you'll smile, about to thank her for noticing, but she'll continue. "That's really not a good cut for you. I wouldn't buy more of those in the future." . You might turn to me, expecting me to chime in & I’ll start asking questions: Do you like it? Do you have the option to return it? Does it happen to belong to a recently deceased relative & you're not wearing it because it's flattering but because there's emotional significance attached to it? . Here's what makes this interesting: neither approach is right or wrong. . My Mom thinks she's helping you. She's following the Golden Rule & treating you as she'd want to be treated. If she showed up in a shirt that wasn't the right cut for her, she'd want you to tell her, even if she didn't ask for your opinion. . I also think I'm helping you. I'm following the Golden Rule & treating you as I'd want to be treated. If I showed up in a shirt that wasn't the right cut for me, I wouldn't want you to presume I want your opinion, especially without getting the context first. . There are a thousand whys behind our different approaches & preferences. Fortunately for you, Instagram's 2200 character limit prevents me from getting into them. . But here's one of the True-est things I've learned in recent years: the planet has room for both of us. . Do I know that 95% of people would probably prefer my Mom's approach? Of course. . But, on a planet of 7 billion people, the remaining 5% is still 350 million people. . Just because 95% of the planet would prefer me to be more direct, doesn't mean I "should" be more direct. Just because there are 350 million people who would prefer my mom to be gentler, doesn't mean she "should" be gentler. . And, beautifully, we have options. We're allowed to change our approach person to person, being direct with those who prefer directness & gentle with those who prefer gentleness. We can stop following the Golden Rule & start following the Platinum Rule: instead of treating others how we want to be treated, we can treat others how they want to be treated.
These three right here are my why; my heart. The reason I am determined to fight to end suicide and stop the stigma surrounding mental health. You see, I’ve struggled with anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember and believe me, it is a BATTLE. A war no one should fight alone. Did you know that BND donates a bracelet to a struggling teen for every bracelet purchased? We have pledged 6000 by summer so we need your help! Shop the link in profile and SHARE!! Let’s do this! 👊🏻 #bndcommitment #stopsuicide #stopthestigma #mentalhealthawareness #cincinnatichildrens #survivingtheteens l
For those that don’t understand me. For those that second guess me. For those that don’t believe me. For those that question me. This is me. This is my fight. This is only one of the many conditions affecting MY life. Yes my life, not yours. Be kind to everyone you meet, never judge. You will never know what battles people are facing in quiet. #invisibleillness #stopthestigma #dontjudgeme #ifeelpaintoo #justbecauseilookokdoesntmeaniamok #thisisfortherestofmylife #bekind
See the pink rod-shaped bacteria? Those are Mycobacterium tubercolosis bacilli found in sputum. Last year in our hospital, (January to December 2017) 3/98 (3.06%) patients were found positive from TB thru direct sputum smear microscopy (DSSM). This year, from January to March 22, 5/41 (12.2%) were found positive. While TB remains one of the leading causes of mortality in the Philippines, it is CURABLE. If you have cough for 2 weeks with sudden decrease in weight, and/or blood in your sputum, go to a nearest TB-DOTS Center, or Brgy. Health Center and have your sputum checked. Medicines are free. Do contact tracing and take meds religiously. #stopthestigma #TBMalaya #TBFreePhilippines #TBMicroscopist
The only way to move forward is to accept where you are and start from there. . Changing your life isn’t easy, but you know what? It’s worth it! . April @aprilahenry Coach * Equestrian * Healer * Mom #reversedepression #withoutashrink . . . #jesuswins #depressioncoach #bipolar2 #anxiety #endthestigma #stopthestigma #mentalillness #projectsemicolon
We picked out some artworks from our exhibition Going Through The Emotions for @thedoublenegative. Catch the show at weekends at @unit_51 in Liverpool's @balticcreative CIC. . . . Pictured here: @comicsyouth , ‘Everyone Else’. "This image is from a young people’s mental health workshop by fellow Liverpool-based social enterprise Comics Youth. The protagonist being weighed down under seemingly flying peers is a powerful one, given the current social media culture of Boomeranging beauticians and the like". . . Full article @thedoublenegative http://www.thedoublenegative.co.uk/2018/03/in-pictures-the-mind-map-presents-going-through-the-emotions/ . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #comicsyouth #socialmedia #socialenterprise #artexhibition #artist #artworks #musicmagazine #liverpool #whatsonliverpool #baltictriangle #stopthestigma
I've deferred my place in this year's London Marathon to 2019. When I made this decision I was heartbroken and felt like I let myself and the charity I'm fundraising for down. My mental health has deteriorated since around October last year. I've isolated myself, underperformed at work, been signed off sick from work, put multiple pressures on my partner and fallen back into destructive patterns. I'm now at the point where I have accepted the fact that I'm not well enough to run this marathon. I've tripled the dosage of my meds, gone back to therapy and even adopted a fur baby, my floofy Smudgie who I adore. Everyday I wake up dreading the thought of being alive, but the weight is slowly lifting and I know one day I'll be back. For now, I'm just going to keep focussing on recovering and take things one step at a time. This is a marathon, not a sprint! See you in 2019 @londonmarathon 🏅 #nofluffvegan #marathon #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #eatingdisorder #mentalhealthawareness #timetotalk #timetochange #mentalhealthmatters #recovery #breakthestigma #stopthestigma #yourhealthcomesfirst #selflove #acceptance #realtalk #puns #stillgotasenseofhumour #iuseittocoverupmycripplinganxiety #lol
Research shows that 1 in 5 adults struggle with their emotional or mental health each year. This can negatively impact physical health, work, and home life. That's why AbleTo provides therapy and behavioral coaching to help you feel better and get better. #LinkInBio • • • #wordstoliveby #mentalhealth #therapy #recovery #healthcare #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalillness #anxiety #depression #chronicpain #pain #goals #selfcare #health #wellness #mindfulness #change #positivethinking #motivation #inspiration #youarenotalone #stopthestigma #feelbetter #getbetter #ableto
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