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Lindie is really excited about our newly organized craft closet, all set with visuals for easy learning! Check out my blog link on my profile to see more 👆🏻#littlelindiefern #aimeebeeblog #tulsaswiftabode . . . . #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #momblogger #blogger #lifestyleblogger #homeschool #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #upsyndrome #theluckyfew #lifewithds #littlelindiefern
I can’t imagine doing fall and winter without these safe, non-toxic, all natural products that are antiviral, antibacterial, and wayyyyy more effective that commercial OTC products. My kiddos - especially my #specialneedskid - stay so much healthy than their peers, because we use these on the daily . . . Research has shown how toxic triclosan and other ingredients are (which are used in all commercial ‘antibacterial’ hand soaps). Why poison yourself when you can use something safe hat actually works better? . . If you want to see the research for yourself, check out my stories today 👆🏻. If you’re curious and ready to give oils a whirl, I can include you on today’s deal for only $35, which includes tax and shipping. Be proactive and choose safe, healthy products for you and your family. You deserve it!✌🏻❤️💧 #scienceexperiment #kidshealth #nontoxic . . . #essentialoils #doterra #essentialoil #germs #becausekids #momlife #crunchymama #healthykids #healthyfamily #specialneedsmom #downsyndromemom #autismmom #allnatural #choosehealthy #safeforkids
If you hate working out, or just can’t, don’t go!!! I’ve been posting a lot about the new workout program I’m doing, BUT I wanted to take a sec and let y’all know that I am starting another group on Monday for our NUTRITION ONLY program! Workouts are not required, just extra credit. * 🚫NOT A DIET!!! 🚫No more yo-yo dieting 🚫No more counting calories or calculating macros 🚫No more cutting out food groups 🚫No more fad diets that aren’t sustainable * ✅A change in MINDset ✅A better relationship with food ✅Freedom from cravings and binge eating ✅Sustainable eating habits ✅A better example for your kids ✅MORE energy ✅Better sleep ✅Eat MORE, lose weight happily!!! * Our THIRD group is starting this upcoming Monday. We had NO idea how incredible this program would be, and our previous two groups are KILLING IT!!! Women who have tried EVERY diet out there and never had long term success are losing weight, and keeping it off! * Why? Because they’re not giving up their favorite foods, drinks, or desserts. They’re not missing out on life because of restrictions. They’ve got more energy, more confidence, and the freedom to make mistakes, learn, and keep going! They have endless support from a great group of women who have been doing the program themselves, are going through it with them, and keep them accountable. Sometimes the hardest part about changing your nutrition is keeping up with friends who aren’t there yet. This program gives all the help you need to still have a fulfilling life, participate in everything you want to, and still make good choices. * Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of something LIFE changing!!! (And if $$ is your main concern, we offer a FULL refund if you try it out and it’s not for you. I don’t know of any other program that does that...but I guarantee you won’t want it! ☺️) If you want to be a part of our group, or just want some more info, shoot me a message! * These are REAL women, living REAL life, with REAL struggles, who have had incredible life change with this program, and we all just want everyone to have this opportunity, because it’s like nothing else out there!!!! ❤ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️
Edgar keeping lookout for Gage while he sneaks cookies 🍪🤫🤭 #adoption #downsyndrome #specialneedsmom #dsdn #upsyndrome #bestfriends #bros
30 Minute Intervals & Arms with the amazing Ally Love! It’s been a bit. And it need not be that way. #putyourselfonyourlist #prioritizeyourself #sweattodetox #specialneedsmom
I started Smart Fit Fam (a 501 c3 non profit organization) about 6 years ago with @sheehyphilip because we wanted to help families with children with autism and other related needs to increase movement, motivation and momentum with their daily fitness, nutrition and overall mental wellness regimen. We understood by being martial artists, instructors and active professionals, with decades of working with our families, that SELF-Care and FAMILY-Care ARE the missing puzzle pieces, not the diagnosis itself! As a result, Smart Fit Fam was BORN💙🌍🔥 Along with our consistent supporters, past and active board members and advisory team we are STILL helping families by providing quarterly fitness, nutrition and wellness programs. JOIN US in celebrating our 5th year of our Family Fun Day in the park this Sunday July 22nd 11am-4pm Marine Park, Brooklyn. PLEASE invite a friend and pass the information along to others 💙🌍🔥. For more information text or call 646-725-1119 #autismmotivation #autismfitness #autismwellness #autism #autismnyc #smartfitfam #sosmartkids #autismspeaksny #autismmoms #autismfamilies #asd #specialneedsmom #specialneedsny #nyparksandrecreation
When Evie first started school I cried. I use to hover at the door, itching to go back to get her. Watching her look around, her eyes darting back and forth trying to locate my voice. Now when I leave I don’t hesitate at the door, I don’t linger in the doorway. Every single morning I take her into her classroom, every single morning I am greeted by this amazing bunch of ladies and two others who instantly make my morning. Fussing over Evie, Complimenting my outfits and nails! Every afternoon I pick Evie up to one of them rushing over with a video of evie doing something new, eagerly telling me what she’s been up to ... Phone calls from her two teachers when she is not in school to see how she is... I could sit and write a list a mile long of things these ladies do that lighten up my day. Some of these ladies have been with Evie for three years and now we won’t have any of them. Photographs can express a thousand words, videos of these ladies helping Evie .... I can see how much they care and love their job. See how much they think of my daughter. Celebrating the highs and comforting the lows. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for the outstanding work they’ve done with Evie. How far she’s progressed because of their sheer passion for learning my child, for pushing her and in doing so having a bucket load of fun along the way. These ladies are pure gold, we will be devastated Tuesday when we bid farewell. Thank you for loving my child and believing in her.... she certainly has loved all of you ❤️
Who doesn’t love some great percussion. Answer. Everyone!! Check out our next special needs inclusive dance party!! #getplatinumfit #specialneedsmom #specailneedsveronanj #newschannel12 #veronanj #letsdothis #workhard #dance
I’m having one of those “that Mom” days. I’m in the children’s hospital parking lot right trying to let my hungry baby sleep as long as she can before her swallow study. Hopefully we will learn more about why this baby is aspirating. They wanted me to bring her in hungry and bring an array of food so they can see her swallowing strengths and weaknesses. While I was packing up my hungry baby I also packed ALL THE FOOD EVER. Thanks, giant blue IKEA bags! 😅 Literally tapping my fingers trying to keep myself from nursing and feeding this baby.
This place may break my bank but it may just change Ryder’s life for the future. What I’ve learned over the last year is that I’ll do anything to help my children thrive and be their best. #specialneedsmom #specialneeds #mowatwilsonsyndrome #raregenetics #chd #heartwarrior #heartmom #thestruggleisreal #momlife
🌟 Last Day to Bid! 🌟Bidding ends tonight: 8pm EST, 5pm PST! A couple THD items have NO BIDS!! 💙
Mid morning slump? Try my #energyelixir ! 💜 It really works!! " Hey Lisa ... Just had to tell you that you really nailed the recipe for that Energy Elixir which I made for the first time over the weekend. It was light but had real substance so I wasn't hungry until well into the afternoon and it kept me awake on my long drive. It was the first smoothie type drink I have ever made from an actual recipe and it turned out to be the real deal." (J.L.) 👉 https://www.empowersurge.life/p/em-power-surge-energy-elixir 👈
One of the most beautiful and powerful lessons I’ve learned on my spiritual journey, my power was within me all along💫 • For years I not only looked for it externally, but I, unknowingly, kept giving it away. I gave away my power when I didn’t stand my ground. I gave away my power when I put everyone else , but myself, first. I gave my power away when I was so focused on people pleasing because I wanted people to like me. I gave my power away when I let the fear of judgement stop me from sharing about what lights me up. I gave my power away when I kept pursuing a career that in my heart I knew wasn’t for me, but I wanted to make my family proud and wanted to boost my OWN ego with a “job title”! People tend to treat you differently when you say you want to go to medical school, suddenly you’re “so smart”. These are just a few. It saddens me to see how, for most of my life, I was giving my power away. But I’m grateful for my growth, I’m grateful for self-awareness, that has led me to here🖤
Having a hospital breakfast! Thankful this hospital has a mini fridge in our room, and a big countertop in our bathroom I can wash my dishes and cook my eggs on the countertop!
You haven't truly worked to dress a child until have put a swim suit on a nearly fully grown child who can't independently stand/sit up weighing about 80 lbs. Gonna need to see that chiropractor a little sooner now! 😜 #phew
This is us 😜!! Hi, I’m Allison ➡️ @arjake and you will be seeing a lot of me today because we are taking over @goshoutlove ’s IG feed! Our son Silas was the second GSL kiddo to be featured in June of 2014 ❤️. He was born with a rare chromosome abnormality (partial 9p monosomy/16q trisomy) that caused multiple congenital anomalies throughout his body including congenital heart defects, Chiari Malformation, kyphoscoliosis, growth hormone deficiency, feeding issues, and bilateral club feet to name a few. He is gtube fed, non-ambulatory, non-verbal and globally delayed. His chromosome issue is “de novo” meaning we are not genetic carriers and it is “new to him”. This #smalldude has come a long way since 2014 and isn’t quite the little squirt he used to be! He became a big brother, just turned 5 and will be going to Kindergarten in a few short weeks 😱! We have been so blessed by his amazing progress and continued support from so many of YOU 🙌🏼! #goshoutlove #shoutloveforsi #rare #specialneedsmom
#blenderizeddiet meals thawing for my #tubie gal! If I forget to take it out of the freezer it sits in a sink filled with water ... #tubefood #tubielife #loveyourlife #specialneedsnutrition #specialneedsmom #22qtie #autism #nourishtoflourish #paleo #scddiet
Who is ready to train today? Let's do this! 🏋️‍♂️ 3 rounds 3 exercises takes 20 minutes! Grab a mom, dad, sister, brother or friend and have some fun 😀😀 Here is your free workout - click the link in bio! @NDSS @pujolsfound @GDSFoundation @FightForAutism @SpecialOlympics @bestbuddies @TheRock #BruteAF #Zappos #playunified #adaptivefitness #specialneedsfitness #Iamadaptive #fightforautism #downsyndromerocks #bestbuddiesfl #specialolympics #adaptivecrossfit #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #downsyndromeawareness
Anyone else out there love a good latte in the morning!? Or afternoon?! 🙈Shout out to @cafezola for one yummy latte! -⠀ Here’s a fun fact for you—I hated coffee until I was an adult—probably until my mid 20s. Then I got with the program. Haha! ⠀ -⠀ What is something you hated and now can’t live without? 🤔
I’m back..... I think, having a special needs child can be a hard job. Taking time away from here was something I didn’t really have a choice to do. We’ve been in hospital for some time and we only got home yesterday so today I am writing on my @princess.planning weekly planner and determined to make a change. Seeing my sons determination is only going to make me stronger #strength #determanation #consistency #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #weightloss #trying #hospitals #specialneedsmom #specialboy #specialneedsparenting #trachelife #motivation
Today I started @alexia_clark program. I signed up and I'm ready to do new things. ♡ I'll always be back for Shaun T to get extra sweaty when I need to but I know I need a break from it too. Ready to be a part of the @queenteam ! I'm really loving how her site is set up. Like my set up? Laptop on top of the recycling bin so the baby won't destroy it. Another plus is I can put on kid shows while I work out and they don't bug me as much. Happy Friday!
We finished week one ☝️🎉!! Now we get to rest/stretch 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ over the weekend! • • A great workout 🏋🏼‍♀️ program and simple, flexible nutrition - we are feeling amazing! • • Still time to get in the group - 4 days a week, 30 minutes - DO IT! 😀
Mom life is...ALWAYS having your personal space invaded! 😁🙃🧐RIGHT?!?! . . I ADORE my children, but I think they are really working at my patience. This is the last week home before our trip. It also means the last week of therapy before Theodore starts school, getting some doctors appointments completed and sending documents for his evaluations. . . So besides Theodore having some MAJOR sensory processing issues this week, and Oliver learning his latest karate moves ...busy has been an understatement. . . I know it will all works itself out, we just have to get over the packing and preparation hump. Then it is off to Indiana for a week of more doctors appointments/check ups AND then VACATION!!! We CAN do this!!! Please send suggestions, prayers or even stories of how crazy it always is before you leave for a trip!! I need a good laugh!! Xoxo 💋#mamareportingtoduty . . p.s. for mamas with children that have #sensoryprocessingdisorder Theodore is currently using @nubyusa rubber toothbrush, @arktherapeutic mouse z vibe attachment, Hedstrom sensory shapes from @amazon and other various household items for oral stimulation... plus lots of spinning, swinging and heaving moving!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #adventureswiththeodoreedward #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #stopdropandmom #joyfulmamas #momsofinstagram #momsohard #fullheartmamas #lifedailymoms #honestmotherhood #honestlymothering #memoirsofmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodandme #mytinytribe #bestofmom #boymomproblems #choosehappy #preciousmoments
My poor poor legs! I am going to feel that this weekend! BUT with this new program I do not have another scheduled workout until Monday! Love this new schedule ❤ however that does mean I do not get my recovery yogurt again until Monday that is so sad 😢 #softballmom #specialneedsmom #basketballmom #nogymrequired #athomeworkout #blessed #southernliving #livinginthesouth #liift4
Great quote that encompasses many of our relationships now that we are a special needs family. I get it, I was guilty of this myself before I had my daughter. Now, I make sure to ALWAYS say something. People don't need to remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel. When you say nothing, when you do nothing, it hurts. Just another beautiful gift we've received from being a special needs family. My daughter has taught us so much. #greysanatomyquotes #itshardbutwearenotsad
We were lucky to have Angela join us yesterday to make Watermelon Cupcakes! 🍉 These are the perfect summer treat. Watch the video and find the recipe in our Facebook page!
We all have this choice every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY! And honestly I am sick to my stomach when I hear people complain about their lives, about their lack of happiness yet choosing over and over to write their same story day after day. I feel sick over it because I know that dreaded feeling of waking up and not loving your life. I know that dreaded feeling of hating your job or the people you are surrounded by. But YOU have the power to change all of that. YOU have the power to transform your life. Nobody can do it for you. Sure, you can be guided. You can get help but the choice falls on YOU! Make today count. You can start big or small but START! 💕 . . . . #fiercemomboss #fiercemomentrepreneurs #workathomemoms #workingmomlife #specialneedsmom #beyourownboss #lawofattractioninaction #goaldigger #momlifebelike #mylifemyrules #positivemindset #positivevibrations #liveyourlifetothefullest #spiritualgangster #positivelifestyle #ipreview @preview.app
Workout 1 of 2... Got my 3 miles in! 🏃‍♀️🎉😍 #twoadays #workoutstats #oneoftwo
Tyler often struggle with managing his emotions. It may not take much for the mood swing to happen. Tyler tend to feel anger, anxiety, frustration or disappointment more intensely than their peers. At the same time, he typically has trouble managing his emotions and reactions. That makes it hard for him to keep a reasonable perspective. Instead, Tyler feel like a minor frustration is a major problem. Glenn and I’ve have learned a few strategies in helping Tyler when those moments happen. Don’t overreact to flare-ups. If their mood swing starts with an outburst, try not to react too quickly or intensely in the moment. If you’re highly emotional, it may make it even harder for him to gain control. Plus, you’re not likely to be heard at that point. It may be helpful for him to vent his frustrations for a bit, so long as his venting isn’t extreme. Reflect what you see. When your child’s negative mood doesn’t quickly pass, it may help to mention that he seems unsettled or frustrated or annoyed. He may not even realize he’s had an abrupt change in mood, or even be able to identify what he’s feeling. Noticing it in a calm, uncritical way may help him to open some constructive conversation. You can say something like, “It looks like you’ve become angry or annoyed about something. You were in such a good mood earlier.” Ask what’s going on, and empathize. It’s important to show empathy to your child and tell him it’s okay to feel the way he’s feeling. At the same time, you can show him that talking about what’s bothering him allows him to get it out and move on before his negative feelings grow. You can say something like, “Did something happen to make you become so down on yourself? If he tells you, show him empathy by saying. Just know that your child may not be ready to talk about it, and it’s important to respect that. Give him room to back away from it for a while if he needs to. #adhdforbeginners #childadhd #adhd #adhdproblems #childadvocate #parent tips #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #mentalhealth #momblogger #disability #endthestigma #stigma #journey #adhdmom #anxiety #health #ninja #ninjawarrior #adhdlife #childadvocate #adhdkids #family #adhdkids
LIIFT4 Day 4, Week 1 DONE! HAPPY FLEX FRIDAY! So looking forward to two recovery days! This was certainly a challenge, and I love it! ✌❤💪🤓🏋️‍♀️ #CerebralPalsyLove #SpecialNeedsMom #NoExcuses #liift4
Here we go! Ready to have a repaired heart! ❤️❤️❤️
Who doesn't love icecream for breakfast? 🍦 This ice cream cone is made of sliced bananas, a piece of wheat bread, a waffle, and a cherry on top! Check out our Pinterest page for more fun ideas for picky eaters. #therapyshoppe #therapy #ot #occupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapist #icecream #pickyeaters #specialneeds #therapytools #sped #spd #asd #specialneedsmom #specialeducation #specialneedskids #pediatrics #pediatricot
Week 1 is officially in the books🙌🏻💪🏻👍🏻 My mind tried talking me out of getting up early this morning mainly because I knew it was leg day and I hate leg day🤷🏼‍♀️ but the guilt of not getting it done with the rest of my group was too much so I did it anyway. . . But not without a little help from what I like to refer to as my “mom crack”🤣 Thank you my lil yellow friend! Now I feel great and ready to slay this busy day. . . Fellow friends...if you can’t find the motivation or feel like you don’t have the energy to get a workout in or may be you didn’t get enough sleep, let me hook you up with this secret weapon of mine. I promise it will make your mornings so much easier😘 . . . #legdaydone #needalltheenergyicanget #momcrack #earlymorningmetime #mommytimeout #tripletmomma #specialneedsmom #cpmom #37weekspregnant #fridayvibes
Fun Fact Friday!! July 20th is Space Exploration Day 🚀🛰 This annual holiday commemorates the first manned mission to the Moon. On July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step foot on the surface of the Moon. In 1984, the day was proclaimed a holiday in the U.S. * * * Anyone parenting a future astronaut? Many of our special needs kiddos have an interest in space. Since around age two, our daughter has shown an interest for learning about the solar system and says that she wants to be an astronaut. Time will tell where this leads. The sky is the limit...or maybe not 😉🚀
Last night I stepped out of my shell a bit. I love to entertain but sometimes new faces and social gatherings make me get those “meeting new people butterfly’s” 😂 Who knew I was surrounded by all these amazing women? If you don’t know the people in your neighborhood, get out and meet them. You may be missing out on some awesome people! #latenight #needmorecoffee #neighbors #gettoknoweachother
Something pretty awesome is happening this weekend. A few months ago, one of Conner’s NICU RTs, Paul, contacted me to see if Conner would be his crew man for his upcoming 100 mile run (you read that right, no typo here...100 miles)! I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Paul had played a major roll in Conner’s life from his first emergency surgery in the NICU until now. Conner received his first ever race bib from Paul (Just days after we met him). On the bib he wrote “For strength and going the distance.” I say those words to myself nearly everyday because it is the perfect description for Conner’s life. Conner is the strongest person I know and while he has not hit many milestones kids his age normally would, he’s well on his way, but he takes his time and is going the distance! Paul was a source for hope and encouragement while in the NICU and has always been team Conner. Well, this weekend, it’s our turn to be team Paul! You’ve got this, Paul! We can’t wait to follow along on your adventure this weekend!
She’s growing up you guys!!New glasses and bigger braces just this week. For those of you who don’t know, Alexandrea was born with clubbed feet (meaning her feet were rotated inward). It’s a treatable condition with some casting, surgery or just braces. My little fighter got all three. 💪🏼👊🏼 #happyfeet . . . #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #medicallycomplex #medicalmom #babygirl #clubbedfeet
I AM SO HAPPY!! 💙💙💙 Addy is in the beginning parts of starting ABA therapy. Right now she is being observed to create her therapy goals & to see what would work best for her. On Wednesday, the gentleman observing her went to her school. When I brought Addy into school today I was talking with her teacher & in the fall Addy is set to transition to another classroom- more of a mainstream. Her teacher told the ABA that she was concerned about Addy moving up to this classroom. He told her teacher that HE’S PUTTING IN HER TREATMENT PLAN FOR SUPPORT IN THE CLASSROOM!! I’ve been FIGHTING this for MONTHS! I could cry right now! I’m so so so glad that I found this ABA agency that also takes our insurance! I’m so glad & happy for Addy! She just needs some extra support & she is FINALLY going to get what she needs! #specialneeds #autism #autismawareness #autismacceptance #inclusiveschools #autismmom #specialneedsmom #abatherapy #oneononesupport #preschool #keepfighting #imsohappy #autismspeaks
Plain #truth . .. ... And I cannot think of a better way to spend my days (especially my day offs🤗) than with you ❤ Today we roll.out of bed, make breakfast, plan for the day and do our #morningPractice #art #momLife #iAMmom #kids #familyLife #specialNeedsMom #myGirl #beautiful #DS #T21 .. .. So everytime I get home , they have the same chorus of question "how was your day at work mom?" And irregardless the tone of the day , how fray my nerve gets or how my brain is half mush --i answer them the same way "I AM SO HAPPY I AM HOME NOW WITH YOU . Work? What work? I'm home with you and that IS what is important ." And they have this look, a smile on their face that widens and then breaks into a big hug . Cheers to all moms (and dads) you homeschooler, the stay at home, the work from home, the working one , the single one .we have our kids /family and we've got it all right? Right . #word xo . .. ... #myArt #artOfWriting #calligraphy #meTime
Please follow @lifewithasideoftheunexpected - this account will be deleted Sunday. Let’s stay connected over on my new page!
Pure happiness ❤️😍 I love you ❤️ #specialneedsmom #love #happiness
"Life in the Spirit relieves pressure; it does not add it." Read an awesome devotional by @bible_app ! Swipe to see which one. It's been really perfect for where we're at. 🌻 #hopeinjesus #prayingmomma #specialneedsmom #stronggirls #godisourreason
"You might be an Autism Parent if..." Double tap if you liked this post Get a FREE issue of Autism Parenting Magazine Just follow us on Instagram: @AutismParentingMagazine Turn on "Post Notifications" so you don't miss out on the contents we're sharing. 👇Link on our profile 😊 #autismawareness #autism #autismo #asd #autismmama #autismparents #autismmom #autismlife #autismfamily #autismstars #specialneedsmom #specialneedschild #specialneedschildren #specialneedssiblings #specialneedsfamilies #specialneedsmoms #specialneedsawareness #specialneedsparent #asperger #aspergers #aspergersyndrome #friends #health #followme #happy #beautiful #specialneedsparenting #specialneedskids
ARE YOU READY FOR OUR FIRST EVER EVENT?!?!! If you are a parent, friend, grandparent, guardian or a supporter of a child with special needs then this event is for YOU!!! Come enjoy a night of drinks, food and painting. Early bird tickets are just $75 - ends August 1st 2018. Email indestructible5kids@gmail.com to purchase your tickets! Must be 18+ for this event! Come on out for an amazing evening 🍷🎨🍴!!! #paintnight #nightout #parentsofspecialneeds #parentsofchildrenwithspecialneeds #specialneedsmom #montreal #canada #indestructible5kids #event #schoolsupply #schoolsupplies #specialneedsparenting #specialneedsawareness #break #firstevent #manymoretocome #morealikethandifferent #support #awareness #bigfamily #relax #downsyndrome #leukemia #musculardystrophy #autism #multiplesclerosis
As we sit waiting for the bus on this early chilly morning, Jake shares with me the agenda of his school day ➖ He’s taking his role as an eighth grader very seriously ➖ He gets dressed without asking twice, packs his own lunch tote, makes breakfast and shoes are on with 10 min to spare ➖ He loves school and the feeling of being independent! ➖ He reminds me of the snack sale today and asks if I put money in his wallet. (I forgot) 🤦🏻‍♀️➖ He will question me if his paperwork is signed! (I forgot to do that too) 🤦🏻‍♀️➖Where did my baby go? ➖ Those days of struggling to get out the door on time, are over ➖ For that, I’m grateful ➖ Although, I miss the days with my little baby nugget, I am truly embracing the small freedom his independence affords me. #teens #downwithjake #downsyndrome #LifeisBetterWithYou #alllifeisbeautiful #trisomy21 #t21 #nothingdownaboutit #alopecia #bald #morealikethandifferent #theluckyfew #specialneedsmom #momof3 #photooftheday #potd #canonphotography #photography #portraitphotography #feelgoodphoto #photowall #perspective #liveauthentic #faithoverfear #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #seethebeauty #seeksimplicity
On Monday, I started my Warrior Fitness Summer Challenge with my team. We are working hard ahead of the @1stphorm Summer Sprint Challenge (starts 7/30). The left pic was Monday morning 137lbs. The right is this morning at 135lbs. . The ONLY difference? What I’m eating. And it’s actually not less food. It’s more. . I’m eating a balance of lean protein, complex carbs, and green veggies or Opti-Greens50 at every meal from wake to bed, spaced 3 hours apart. I’m logging my food for the day first thing in the morning in My Fitness Pal. If I don’t do this, I eat like an asshole and add 300-400 extra calories a day on bites here and there. . My workouts are the same intensity and level I’ve been doing for months. I’m drinking a gallon of water a day as I always have, and I’m supplementing with Micro-Factor, Full Mega, Greens, and the Post workout stack. None of this is a change. . Nutrition is KEY. Eating responsibly is KEY. Logging your food gives you a plan and accountability. Be consistent. The results will come. . Want help getting back on track? My private challenge is closed (next one will be in the fall), but you can be a Warrior too and join my team by registering for the free Transphormation Challenge. It’s linked up in my bio. Please email or message me with any questions! You don’t have to do this alone! I’m here to help, and I’m bringing 750 Warriors with me! . #teamwarriorfitness #warriors #fatlossjourney #weightlosstips #weightlossjourney #transphormation #transphormationchallenge #iam1stphorm #fitmom #specialneedsmom
Imagine waking up to this view in Labadee, Haiti! Let's get you there! On the other side of the ship is the beach! #traveldepotpa #RoyalCaribbean #cruisespecialist
This says it all... 💫 How often do we say "I don't have time" How often do we BELIEVE we don't have time? 💫 But then we find ourselves scrolling through social media for what a half hr, an hour, more? 💫 My friends we HAVE time! We have time for what is important to us. If that 30 min workout is important to you then you will make time. If you have dreams and goals you will make time to start building them. 💫 "I don't have time" is fear giving you an excuse not to try! 💫 BE BRAVE! Work toward your goals, start today! How are you going to start making your dreams reality? Comment below #softballmom #livinginthesouth #nogymrequired #athomeworkout #blessed #southernliving #nascarfan #familytime #basketballmom #specialneedsmom #momoftwo
Sweat is definitely MY secret sauce! Starts my day off right, helps me work through any stress, and those endorphins leave me feeling GOOD all day long! What are you doing to fill YOUR cup today?!
🎵📚Favorite sing-along book📚🎵Any Pete the Cat book, by Eric Litwin, will be sure to grab the attention of your little one! Puff the Magic Dragon, By Peter Yarrow & Lenny Lipton, The Wheels on the Bus, By David Ellwand, Row Row Row your Boat, By David Ellwand! 😜🎵📚 . What are your favorite sing-along books❓🎤💖 . #singalong #bookoftheday #speechtips
Do emotions ever hit you when you’re not expecting them? Sometimes they do for me! Just had an awesome workout, nothing is “wrong”, I have a grateful heart...but a thought popped into my head and tears started to flow! Raising kids is HARD, raising kids with special needs is even HARDER! But, the tears will stop and we will have a great day! #whatwillherfuturehold #mustliveinthepresent #cantworryabouthingstocome #specialneedsmom #specialneedsfamily #specialneedsmomlife
Honestly, I could watch Gem sleep every night. It always amazing and frustrating to watch her stretch and move in bed just like her brother. But then she will wake up and her body won’t work the way she wants it to. It’s hard to swallow all the pain she has had to endure to live but she is so remarkable. In every other aspect she is like other children, she’s shy around strangers, she loves to play with her brother but also annoy her brother, she loves all things frilly and pretty but also enjoys riding in her Jeep. Today I challenge you to look past a disability to actually see the child, to see the person. #specialneedsmom #love #lesson #morningsnuggles #strokesurvivor #hearttransplant #mylittlemiracle #advocate
Piece off cake 🌞 Als de zon schijnt is het leven mooier. Maar of het er door makkelijker door wordt? Als speciale zorg moeder gaan de verzorging, zorgen en regelwerk altijd door. Een pauze zit en niet -of nauwelijks- in. Het leven is zeker geen piece off cake. Het leven is meer overleven dan leven. Hoe zorg jij voor de kers op jouw taart?🤔 Hoe plan jij even een moment voor jezelf?🤔 Al zijn het maar 5 minuten! 🌞. Even naar buiten geeft letterlijk lucht. Pak elke dag een moment voor jezelf! Als jij niet goed voor jezelf zorgt wie doet het dan? 🤔 Wil je dit ook maar je weet niet hoe? Vraag dan een gratis Skype sessie aan en ik help je graag. Link staat in bio. Wíj vrouwen durven alles maar dat hoeft niet alleen 💝 #ikzorgvoorjou #specialneedsmom #specialezorgmoeders #autism #adhd #t21 #rett #mvb #lvb #pieceoffcake #buiten #choach #linkinbio #zorgen #takecare
Happy Fri-yay!! Week 1 of my awesome new program done! Looking forward to my 2 rest days this weekend, friends...make it a great day! ❤️ #specialneedsmom #blessedeveryday #gratefulheart #specialneedsmomlife #icandohardthings #legdayworkout #specialneedsfamily #specialneedsmomscanbefittoo #cantpourfromanemptycup #fitmom #fitover40 #fitmomover40 #neverforgetyourwhy
Learn how to make #spelling lessons fun in ‘Developing spelling skills’ on the Read and Spell Blog. Link in bio-> #firstgradeteacher #secondgradeteacher #homeschoolmom
Sharing our new #flightsurvival faves from this #vacation ✈️ Like the rest of my crew, I need these annual trips home to renew my body, recharge my spirit, get back in close touch with my roots, and be reminded of my values. That does not mean that the idea of taking two kids on a #longhaulflight - 20 hours in the air one way, fills me with delight 😐 We added a few things to our usual #carryon #arsenal . Swipe through 👉🏼 The most useful addition, this padded lap tray from #ModFamily is just 🙌🏻 When you have one kid who craves sensory play, this tray is the answer to your prayers. You can use it to play with @kineticsand or @playdoh , it can hold your drink, it is great for playing #boardgames and also holding your lunch in place when there is #turbulence 🍽 Just props to @modfamily4 for this 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Another amazing thing to have along, which was a lifesaver (not only on the flight, but during the long, long, baptismal church service for my new nephew) is this travel tray from @babycessory 👍🏻 It is basically a big whiteboard with pockets and a large zippered compartment that holds your #dryerase markers, eraser, #slime and even #handsanitizer 😄 Just wow. Taught the kiddos to be responsible about putting away their things and definitely cut back the times I have to bend over and look for something on the plane floor. Another item I want to share about is the #AirGoods #inflatablefootrest . We had a pretty long layover this trip, and not only does it help the kiddos sleep on the plane, it also makes for comfy #napping in the #airport 😴 I am running out of steam now, so will share about the books and toys that held our tag team’s attention on board in a separate post 😁 Anyways, thank you again to these brands for making our flight quite a bit easier! #nyckids #nycmom #pinoykids #batangpinoy #pinoysinthecity #travel #travelwithkids #familytravel #specialneedstravel #specialneeds #motherhood #momlife #specialneedsmom @tybeaniebaby @amazon #explorer #newyork
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