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Ending a wonderful London trip with those highly needed wake up call Zingers from @jameswhitedrink —————————————————————————— More caffeine than a cup of coffee, with healthy ingredients & interesting vegan flavors. The Turmeric Zinger is a best seller with a dash of black pepper to assist with the absorption of turmeric benefits. 📌 Lime Chilli Zinger is my personal favorite 🌶
I wasn’t even hungry when I passed by @brasserieblanc & saw these Shetland Island Mussels on the door menu; I obviously had to check out this French Brasserie owned by the famous Chef @raymondblanc —————————————————————————— These Scottish mussels are steamed with saffron & served with fries - nothing impressive but nothing to complain about either. The Risotto was surprisingly below average. 📌 It was nice trying out this famous chain but not worth coming back for.
One of the places that I visit every time I’m in London is @busabaeathai - and I was terribly sad to know it closed down in Dubai before I got the chance to try it. —————————————————————————— This Tom Yam Goong is one of my favorite soups with just the perfect flavors of lemongrass & spice, and this Thai Calamari with green peppercorns & ginger is absolutely the best calamari you can ever have; ever. 📌 The Coconut Rice is beyond amazing & the Crunchy Seaweed is a very unique snack!
The weather is still super cold in London and it’s always the perfect time for a rich Cafe Au Lait from @cote_brasserie —————————————————————————— By far the best Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon & the most delicious Eggs Benedict Royale I’ve had in a while. 📌 Visit @cote_brasserie at St. Christopher’s Place @stchristophersplace - one of my favorite alleyways in London.
Had to make a stop @carluccios for a late night dinner and couldn’t but have this delicious Arabica Coffee ice cream scoop too! —————————————————————————— Gelatos & sorbets @carluccios are “Gelati Artigianali” - made traditionally with natural flavors & served with a crispy Carluccio’s wafer! 📌 Their cheese platter is served with truffle honey; a new addition to my addiction list.
Say hello to grilled cheese greatness @pickleandtoast - where your “homemade” cheese sandwich is much better than it is at home! —————————————————————————— This toasted Truffle Cheese Sandwich with a side of pickles is out of this world & I cannot wait to be back for more!
🇬🇧 Back in London 🇬🇧 One of the best crab salads in London, and definitely one of the least satisfying main courses as well. —————————————————————————— Enjoyed a beyond excellent King Crab Sweetcorn Salad at @fancycrabuk , an average King Crab Burger, a Singapore Chili Crab that has nothing to do with the original recipe, & a very disappointing Devonshire Lobster Bao. 📌 Very appealing decor & indoor plants, but the food isn’t worth the visit.🌱
Who said Icecreams & Unicorns are for kids only? This is what happens when you are at @ellascreamery - if you love surprises, this dessert is for you!—————————————————————————— Crazy about this Mermaizing Rock & Roll Special Icecream Cone filled with surprises, mermaid magic, unicorn dust and sweet dreams! 🧜🏻‍♀️🍦🦄 📌 Make sure you try their crazy shakes!
It’s been a long time that I haven’t been to @jonesuae and I remember it was excellent, except this visit wasn’t good. —————————————————————————— Had the Australian Strip-loin with the Melbourne Coffee Rub and even though it looked good, the meat was white from the inside & over cooked. The manager had it changed but it was even worse the 2nd time around. The meat itself is the issue. The Truffle & Mushroom Risotto was below average too. I’ll be back to @jonesuae on another occasion & until then will stick to getting my cheeses from their awesome Cheese Room. 📌 Entertainer Friendly
Atisuto, meaning “artistry” in Japanese, is what you expect to see at @atisutouae - the decor in the small restaurant, the paintings on the floor and definitely the art of good food. —————————————————————————— The Flamed Sunrise is my favorite with a topping of flamed salmon that tastes smokey & delicious; and the Atisuto Crab Sandwich is worth trying for a change from the standard maki shape. 📌 Zomato Gold
All day breakfast in my new favorite spot in Dubai @culinaryboutique couldn’t get any tastier! —————————————————————————— Such a delicious Spanish Omelette, perfect Eggs Benedict & an out of this world Wagyu Carpaccio with Truffle Mousse. Can’t wait to be back soon 💜 📌 Entertainer Friendly
Exercise??? I thought you said extra fries!! 🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟 —————————————————————————— How can you possibly say NO to this view?? @shakeshackme is introducing the new limited edition BBQ ShackMeister & BBQ Chick’n Shack; but these originals are always a good idea!!
Happiness is sun, fun and milkshakes!! Oh, and a take home huge mug! —————————————————————————— Literally devoured this gorgeous milkshake @yaswaterworld & then spent another half an hour working on the Rainbow Swirl Lollipop 🍭
Less than a month ago, @huqqame opened the first Middle East branch at the new extension of @thedubaimall —————————————————————————— The Gourmet Burger & the Steak Burger were not impressive & the BBQ Chicken Salad was flavorless!! But the Istanbul Burger (in the picture) was excellent & very original. A good change from the classic burgers! 📌 Swipe Left to see the super cute Angry Birds inspired Juice!
Afternoon high tea is a British tradition that my favorite tea blogger @tea_diplomacy & I are currently on the hunt for in Dubai. This afternoon tea experience at Al Bayt @palacedowntown gave me mixed feelings; but it’s the company that matters the most. —————————————————————————— The ambience, service, view & presentation are just perfect but the tea & snacks are not. The savory selection is very limited, & the sweet selection is not tasty; the scones were even flaky & dry. As for the tea itself, I’m confident that they can do way better; at least in following basic rules of tea preparation. 📌 Entertainer Friendly
I think I found my new favorite spot in Dubai. @culinaryboutique is a gourmet cafe in Jumeirah that has a lot to offer!! —————————————————————————— Swipe left to see the beautiful Lavender Coconut Latte I’m sipping on. 📌 Not sure if my love for lavender & the color purple wrote today’s post 💜
Tawook lovers, Beirut has a new place for you. @tawookland opened its doors with 20 flavors & versions of Tawook! —————————————————————————— This platter is the Tawook Crispy platter & it isn’t that flavorful; the sandwiches are better - but they’re not as photogenic :) Being a garlic paste lover, I’m not fond of the garlic paste here; it’s too strong! 📌 It might have not tickled my taste buds, but it might work for you!
Waiting for over 40 minutes for a seat, watching steaks grilled in open fire & these pictures make any steak lover like myself drool; but things are not as good as they may seem. My experience at @meatsandbread.lb was extremely disappointing & I am questioning the hype about this place!! —————————————————————————— Started off with “Wings & Other Things” which were relatively good then had the specialty WTF Burger (yes, this is its name) which is way below average & the Double Double Burger which is good but not exceptional. And then the Aged T-Bone steak arrived & it looked scrumptious - cooked perfectly but tastes horrible!!!! The meat tastes like rusty metal & is super chewy!! 📌 So disappointing - not worth the wait nor the money & definitely not the hype.
Wayn Yo!! The pictures @tabliyitmassaad look exactly the same every time; and the food tastes exactly the same too! My favorite things here @tabliyitmassaad are the Tabliyit Tawouk, the perfect Garlic Paste, and the consistency in quality. —————————————————————————— @tabliyitmassaad is a Lebanese concept famous for the Tabliyi (wooden board) presentation, simple BBQ meat & generous Zahlawi feel. From Zahle to the World, @tabliyitmassaad keeps me coming back for more.
These pretty plates don’t only look good, but they taste amazing too; and you can find them at @beroe.beirut handmade with love by Chef @karimbibi —————————————————————————— The Grilled Octopus with Chimichuri Sauce is awesome, the Cilantro Lime Chicken is just perfect and the Asian Beef with Crisped Rice is so original & delicious!! 📌 Loved the service & attention to detail - a must try!
I’ve always been a fan of @toninocrepesandwaffles in Beirut & my favorite orders were Kinder @kinderarabia or Nutella @nutellamiddleeast crepes. I never really explored any further. —————————————————————————— This time a Lotus addict friend of mine introduced me to Caramello (lotus spread + white hersheys) & this crepe totally won my heart! It’s my new favorite and if you’re as sweet toothed as my friend & I, you will love it!
Served daily between 8-12 noon, breakfast at @lapetitetablelb gives you a choice from 3 set formulas or a la carte. I had the Quick Fix which consists of Tea or Coffee, 1 Pastry or Jam & Butter, Juice & your choice of eggs; all for $12. —————————————————————————— The chocolate croissant wasn’t impressive at all, yet the Fried Eggs were really good. Also had the Toasty Goat Cheese Sandwich which had the perfect ingredients like thyme, hazelnuts & honey; but was disappointing because the ciabatta barely had any of this delicious filling in it. Compared to last time, service wasn’t as good even though the place wasn’t busy. Until next time.
Kicking off the week with the perfect dose of caffeine & the excellent flavors of Ethiopian beans in this cup of Piccolo @espressopoint - and I loved my pretty tulip latte art as well 🌷 —————————————————————————— Piccolo Latte which I like to call “Mini Latte” is my choice of coffee when available, and @espressopoint excelled at it!
This is not a one-eyed smiley face - but is sure to put a smile on yours!! Such a huge portion for one, but you’ll manage to finish it! —————————————————————————— Enjoyed this juicy Calzone Siciliano @eatalyarabia stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, fried eggplant & tomato sauce. 📌 Don’t forget to try the Patatina Tonda - a delicious homemade version of potato chips!
I wasn’t planning on posting anything for Mother’s Day as my page is purely about food; however my Mother has been and will always be my first & favorite chef; and if there’s anything I know about food, it’s because of her. I am sure you share the same feelings about your mothers too. —————————————————————————— Wishing all the mothers of the world a very sweet Mother’s Day! Oh, and this picture is not mine 😛!
I never have my steak with sauce unless it is at @lerelaisdelentrecote - had a good meal at the Dubai branch even though I must admit the quality of the meat & the sauce weren’t as impressive in comparison with my experience at the original Paris branch & Beirut branch. —————————————————————————— @lerelaisdelentrecote is known for their double portion of steak with crunchy fries & awesome secret sauce preceded by their famous salad with mustard dressing & fresh baguette.
I’m so craving this Rose Latte from the specialty coffee menu @sukkaruae !! A good cup of coffee with milk, rose syrup and a topping of marshmallows & rose petals - love it! 🌹🌹 —————————————————————————— Even though I’m not a fan of sweet coffees, the Rose Latte made an exception! Excited to try the Lotus Latte next time around, I bet it is to die for!! Have you tried it?
This juicy beauty is a Pulled Brisket Burger @chukkers_smokehouse & it is absolutely delicious!! Notice the Pastrami Burger in the background, a very good one too! —————————————————————————— The executive lunch offers @chukkers_smokehouse are very good deals: I had the burger/sandwich with a side option for 45dhs only! 📌 Make sure you try the corn on the cob side & take some cool pictures of the original Polo Chukker’s decor 🌽
An ice cream that defies gravity! Enjoy some teasing tricks before finally getting hold of your treat! —————————————————————————— A mix of Vanilla & Pistachio Turkish Ice Cream, also known as Dondurma that tasted absolutely amazing & flew me from @citywalkdubai to Istanbul!
Every time I’m in @thedubaimall , the simple decor of @markettedubai & their comfort homemade food slogan tempts me into walking in. This last time, a shopping break was highly needed & @markettedubai was the place. —————————————————————————— 3/5 ⭐️ Kale & Pumpkin Salad: A relatively small portion & okay flavors. 3.5/5 ⭐️ Grilled Corn & Chicken Salad: Good portion & tasty flavors. 3/5 ⭐️ Mussels & Fries: a really tiny portion (especially if it’s to share), yet a good creamy garlic sauce. 3/5 ⭐️ Shish Taouk Platter: A good tasty plate yet the garlic paste is missing! The menu says it comes with garlic but the staff said it doesn’t & taouk is boring without garlic! Not impressed, yet not disappointed - will give it another try but this time with desserts too! 📌 the complimentary warm bread is very good!
If only this picture was taken in Seoul or Tokyo at the Dior Cafe by Pierre Hermé @cafedior_seoul - It was actually taken at @dior @malloftheemirates amidst a tea tasting shopping break. —————————————————————————— Beautiful Dior fine china & one amazing Dior special tea blend that make me wish for a Café Dior opening in Dubai where we can enjoy the delicious macarons & specialty mille feuille Ispahan by @pierrehermeofficial under the roof the flagship. Until then! ☕️
💎 Hidden Gem 💎 Are you familiar with Masgouf? Well I wasn’t, until I was introduced to @samadiraqirestaurant which makes Masgouf the Iraqi Traditional way; and I was surprised to see that it’s full of tourists from around the world! If you’re a fan of Masgouf or simply delicious grilled fish, this hidden gem is for you. I’m so craving this now! —————————————————————————— Semec Masgouf or simply Masgouf is the national dish of Iraq where a big Carp fish is seasoned, cut & slow grilled in a huge wood fire for around 3 hours or until the fish fat burns off (swipe 👈🏻) It is served with onions, lemons, mango chutney & delicious hot bread. 📌 Make sure you try the super sweet Iraqi tea.
You’re probably thinking this is just another warm drink - but no; this is “Nescafe with Nestle”, which is a traditional Lebanese coffee mix that I haven’t had since my last visit to Beirut. @albastasandwiches makes it & it is guaranteed to take you back to your favorite rainy corner in Beirut’s streets. —————————————————————————— I am not sure if this mix is a Lebanese invention or not, but what I am sure of is that you will find it in every little coffee shack in Lebanon. Made of instant coffee, condensed milk & water, this drink is known as “Nescafe with Nestle” and it is to die for. 📌 If you’re in Dubai & craving for some Lebanese Nostalgia, head out to @albastasandwiches for this perfect drink.
I cannot get over how perfect the salads @mittsandtrays looked & how delicious they tasted. Having tried 4 out of the 5 salads on the menu, @mittsandtrays is by far one of my new favorite salad spots in Dubai. If you’re a fan of salads, @mittsandtrays is a must try. —————————————————————————— The first beauty is the M&T Burrata with heirloom tomatoes & figs, followed by the amazing Kale & Walnut Salad, an out of this world Watermelon & Feta Salad, & finally the pretty Honey Glazed Salmon Salad which is a full meal itself! 📌 The starter hot bread & dip is not to be missed.
Milas, is the Emirati phonetic pronunciation for the word “Majles” which is the most welcoming space of any Emirati home; and @milasrestaurant is truly that. Impeccable service, branded gold cutlery, purse hangers, phone power banks, & oud perfumes are part of the “feel-at-home” experience here. —————————————————————————— Enjoyed an excellent Shubaik Lubaik Karak Ice Cream served over caramel cake in an appealing dry ice effect & a traditional Emirati Coffee with some amazing dates. 📌 @milasrestaurant don’t accept tips; the customer’s satisfaction is what matters most.
Hasta La Barista Baby Mixtape out now! Link in @dingalingbmz bio! 💿 . . . . . . #dj #mix #yourshot #soundcloud #pioneer #pioneerdj #soulselections #chill #vibe #vibes #relax #breaks
Another show. ANOTHER WIN! Thank you for everyone who came out and supported the first night of #SoulSelections at the Fremont Abbey! Thank you to Abbey for having me curate and thank you @goodsteph & @brothagroove for rocking the night. It was a real joy to be there with you all. Looking forward to the next piece of the series. Video by Brotha' Groove Song "Love You Better" by Sassy Styled by Sassy Jewelry by @ladysoulfly Pants by @CrossColorsLA provided by @kingkidlove (the plug) #SassyBlack #Producer #Vocalist #GOODSTEPH #BrothaGroove #FremontAbbey #Vibes #Freestyle
I’m a fan of Chick’n Shack @shakeshackme but always felt that it would be much better had it been a spicy chicken burger; and I was right. —————————————————————————— This pretty burger is called the Hot Chick’n and is available @shakeshackme for a limited time only. A crispy chicken breast dusted with paprika & cayenne pepper; with spicy slaw & pickles. Enjoy it while it lasts! 📌 Get a free burger with every Hot Chick’n if you have the @theprivilegesclub card!
When a Turkish Restaurant serves traditional delicacies, you know it’s @babajidubai When the plates are that gorgeous, you instagram them. —————————————————————————— Tried so many items and my favorites are the Mevlana Pide, the Külbasti, & the Sucuk Humus with a refreshing Bodrum Punch. Now this awesome bread is not on the menu & was part of the Chef’s welcoming. Try showing the staff this picture if you want to have it next time! 📌 End your meal with a Turkish coffee or tea accompanied by the Honey & Kaymak which is a breakfast mezze item that I personally enjoy as dessert!
No Coffee? Ugh, so Depresso! Finally had my # 1 BAE specialty Frap @depressocafe & a Piccolo to cheer up my lack of caffeine. —————————————————————————— The Frap is very sweet for my taste buds, but must say it’s smooth; yet Piccolo, my usual coffee choice, wasn’t as good as I thought it would be - I couldn’t taste the coffee, there was too much milk in my mini latte. Worth mentioning, the donut was delicious & the branding is very attractive!
Vay, Vay, Vay!! (@gurkansef personal slogan meaning WOW x 3) I’ve visited @gurkansefdubai several times since its opening less than 3 months ago @citywalkdubai & almost tried the whole menu; I can honestly say I am addicted. The service, the presentation of the food, the variety in the menu, the fun show accompanying the special items, & above all, the taste of the food are all superb! —————————————————————————— Favorite items: Gurkan Sef Salata, Lokkum Burger, Lokkum Filet, & Gurkan Sef Vay Vay Vay! Turkish steak lovers, @gurkansefdubai is the new hit in town!
MY KIND OF SUSHI 🍣 (minus the soy sauce) Can’t get over the sweetest candy treats at @fuzziwigsuae - Check the one with a little fried egg on top; little yummy pieces of art! —————————————————————————— @fuzziwigsuae has some cute little wrapped plates like these that can make for a sweet gesture; these sushi plates are my favorite!
If I had to name one of my favorite salads in Dubai, Cretan Dakos Salad would definitely be on top of the list; & it is the main reason behind my visits to @eatgreekkouzina Being a fan of greek food, I almost always enjoy my meals here with almost always the same items: My favorite Cretan Dakos Salad, the succulent Octopus with Eggplant Mousse, & the Traditional Kleftiko Roast that isn’t as good as Cyprus’s but still reminds me of summers there. —————————————————————————— This time we decided to try the Mixed Grill platter which wasn’t up to the standards as the chicken was raw (returned & brought back raw, twice) & the whole platter was overpriced; & the Kadaifi Jumbo Prawns which made an okay appetizer with the strawberries & apples. The manager offered a complimentary Galaktoboureko to make up for the chicken incident, but I think I’ll stick to my usual orders & the zesty lemons on the table. 📌Entertainer Friendly
After being a loyal customer for at least the past 10 years in London, I am so happy to have witnessed the opening of one of my favorite if not “the favorite” sandwich chain in Dubai Mall, 2 days ago. I can finally enjoy the perfect filtered coffee, an almond croissant, a fresh fruit pot, and a chicken avocado sandwich for my sister. I am just hoping they’d add my favorite seasonal Brie & Cranberry baguette to their fixed menu. —————————————————————————— Pret A Manger, meaning “ready-to-eat”, was founded in 1983 in UK and now has more than 500 branches worldwide. Pret opened the first UAE branch in Dubai International Airport, but Dubai Mall’s branch is definitely more accessible.
Yesterday was the long awaited opening of @raisingcanesme Dubai & I am so happy I was among the first few to enjoy a Chicken Fingers Box!! Excellent non-frozen chicken fingers, crispy fries & an awesome secret sauce. Not to forget the delicious buttered toast & home brewed ice tea. #onelove —————————————————————————— @raisingcanesme only serves Chicken Fingers in a form of a burger or different sized platters; & with the so many branches around the world including KSA & Lebanon, they’re finally open in Dubai @thedubaimall 📌 @maxthegambler you can’t tease me anymore!
There’s a child in each one of us, and the child in me loves old fashioned candies. It’s been quite a while since I had my childhood candies and felt the happy sugar rush. Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory made this happen. Besides my favorite tootsie roll and oh so missed salt water taffy, I had excellent homemade chocolates, extra large chocolate dipped strawberries, a huge caramel apple, and amazing Lotus Nutella sandwiches. Oh and I also sipped on very good Fuzzi coffee with lots of chocolate in it!! —————————————————————————— Swipe 👈🏻 for the pictures & zoom in!! To know more about my Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory experience, check the link in bio, you won’t regret it.
I’ve been discovering my gardening hobby lately & with it I discovered @roseleaf.cafe as it is hidden inside a gardening haven in Dubai. The sunny greenhouse seating area is the most attractive bit about this place, the coffees & freshly baked goods are the second! —————————————————————————— 4.5/5 ⭐️ Cajun Chicken Salad: a small portion but full of flavor! 2.5/5 ⭐️ Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: Good flavors but very dry. 4/5 ⭐️ Victoria Sponge Cake: Perfect balance of sweetness! 📌 I’ll be back very soon for a cup of freshly brewed coffee & a slice of the Himalayan Pink Salt Torte; Oh and some more planting seeds for my little garden 🌱 #soulselections #soulfood #roseleafcafe
The first time I tried @sliderstationom was in Muscat, Oman a few years back & I just loved it! I tried @sliderstationae Dubai a while after, expecting the same experience but was disappointed. I gave it another try last weekend, & unfortunately proved my negative review right. —————————————————————————— Besides the Wagyu Truffle Cheesesteak, all the sliders are average or even below - especially compared to their price. The Black Pepper Tenderloin Lollipops make a very good side & I’m thankful for the Commando Fries & Shoestring Truffle Fries for keeping us full & happy. For the sweet toothed, try the Lotus Pancake & Chocolate Milk Cake; both can satisfy your sugar crave. No for the sliders, Yes for the sides. #soulselections #soulfood #sliderstation
. ⭐️ “The difference between style and fashion is quality.” - Giorgio Armani ⭐️ “The difference between thoughts and ideas is coffee.” - Soul —————————————————————————— Enjoyed the transition of my thoughts into ideas while sipping on a distinctive Italian latte at Emporio Armani Caffe @malloftheemirates
This is my second visit to @taphousedubai & I still don’t understand why people come here. The service is bad, & the food is mostly inedible. Please bare with me. During my 1st visit, the manager advised me of trying their specialty Tap House Burger & I had to return it twice. During my second visit, we were a larger group & 4 burgers were ordered. They were ALL very disappointing. The patty tasted like Kofta meatballs & lacked all sort of basic flavors. To top it off, the chicken Heisenburger was actually raw fried chicken & the manager said it is supposed to be this way, pink. Now that’s a first to me! They were out of mussels, & I had grilled Tiger Prawns instead. Those were okay, & so was the Angus Tenderloin, but nothing to brag about. —————————————————————————— Besides the Truffle Chips, which was also basic, @taphousedubai is a big NO & is definitely not a specialty burger place. Not recommended in terms of food, service, nor value for money. 📌Entertainer friendly
The first branch of @thechickery in the Middle East is now open @lamerdubai - @thechickeryuae is less than 5 days old & already rolling! I tried this place in Toronto a while ago & wasn’t impressed - I was surprised to know that all the Toronto branches closed down this year.. My experience here was better but not impressive either. —————————————————————————— Not sure if my judgment is fair though as it’s still the soft opening phase & many items weren’t available yet. The Rotisserie Chicken tasted good, but The Hot Chic was disappointing. I’ll be back soon for another try!
** WINNER ALERT ** Congratulations @wickdanu for winning a voucher worth 350 aed at @mr.crab_uae - Enjoy your crab meal with your tagged friends @winkcheers & @waqarhsheikh —————————————————————————— Don’t forget to take pictures of your meal and tag both @mr.crab_uae & @soulselections Stay tuned for upcoming competitions!! #soulselections #winwithsoul
❤️ Ways to my heart: 1- Buy me food. 2- Make me food. 3- Be food. —————————————————————————— Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! May your days be filled with heart shaped pizzas, burgers, steaks & desserts! ❤️
Collaborating with @sassyblackcat on a poster series for the new show she is hosting, Soul Selections (!!) 🎩👑 #sassyblackcat #soulselections
Super excited to announce my concert series #SoulSelections that I am curating at the Fremont Abbey. It kicks off on March 2nd with myself GOODSTEPH & Brotha' Groove. I will have a very special set you won't wanna miss and premiering BRAND NEW MUSIC! Fantastic flyer by @feministfatal #SassyBlack #Curator #FremontAbbey #AllAges #GOODSTEPH #BrothaGroove #Concert #LivePerformance
Good food for a good cause is what @coeur.de.miel is all about. Enjoy a box consisting of the daily dish, a salad, & a dessert delivered to your office or home. I had a delicious Lebanese Fish Sayadiya & I am a big fan of their frozen pastries!! —————————————————————————— @coeur.de.miel is under the program of women empowerment @ajialounaorg to help widows financially & emotionally so they can support their families & children.
#Repost @soulselections (@get_repost ) ・・・ **** COMPETITION TIME **** @mr.crab_uae & @soulselections are offering a lucky follower the chance to WIN a DINNER for THREE at @mr.crab_uae Dubai. @mr.crab_uae is one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai, and serves the juiciest crab meals in town! So let’s get Crabbin’!! For a chance to win: 1- Like this post. 2- Follow @soulselections 3- Follow @mr.crab_uae 4- Leave a comment under this pic tagging two friends you’d like to take with you. 5- Make sure your friends follow the 2 pages as well! —————————————————————————— Winner will be announced on Thursday the 15th of February. The more you tag, the higher your chances! Good Crab Luck #soulselections #soulfood #mrcrab #competitiontime
#Repost @soulselections (@get_repost ) ・・・ **** COMPETITION TIME **** @mr.crab_uae & @soulselections are offering a lucky follower the chance to WIN a DINNER for THREE at @mr.crab_uae Dubai. @mr.crab_uae is one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai, and serves the juiciest crab meals in town! So let’s get Crabbin’!! For a chance to win: 1- Like this post. 2- Follow @soulselections 3- Follow @mr.crab_uae 4- Leave a comment under this pic tagging two friends you’d like to take with you. 5- Make sure your friends follow the 2 pages as well! —————————————————————————— Winner will be announced on Thursday the 15th of February. The more you tag, the higher your chances! Good Crab Luck #soulselections #soulfood #mrcrab #competitiontime
I always thought that milkshakes were made of milk; but apparently they’re made of dreams. Was very happy to attend the launch of the 200th branch of @keventers_arabia in phase 3 of @lamerdubai —————————————————————————— @keventers is specialized in milkshakes.. lots of milkshakes, yet one favorite: The Lotus Biscoff 🥛
What’s for breakfast this weekend? We enjoyed traditional Jordanian breakfast @azkadenyauae with lots of great food & a wonderful company. The decor & table ware are also worth mentioning! —————————————————————————— Favorite items: Egg Shakshuka, Fattet Batenjan, Adas bHamod Soup, & of course Karak Tea.
**** COMPETITION TIME **** @mr.crab_uae & @soulselections are offering a lucky follower the chance to WIN a DINNER for THREE at @mr.crab_uae Dubai. @mr.crab_uae is one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai, and serves the juiciest crab meals in town! So let’s get Crabbin’!! For a chance to win: 1- Like this post. 2- Follow @soulselections 3- Follow @mr.crab_uae 4- Leave a comment under this pic tagging two friends you’d like to take with you. 5- Make sure your friends follow the 2 pages as well! —————————————————————————— Winner will be announced on Thursday the 15th of February. The more you tag, the higher your chances! Good Crab Luck #soulselections #soulfood #mrcrab #competitiontime
It’s been a while that I had a proper Medium Rare Steak without having to return the plate a couple of times. Thanks to the professional staff at @couqleyuae —————————————————————————— Try the business lunch at @couqleyuae between 12 noon & 3pm - make your choice between 2 starters, a starter & a main, or a main & a dessert. I always choose the Grilled Portobello for a starter & Steak Frites for my main. Loved this place in Beirut & now in Dubai!
I had a ridiculously sweet time @sukkaruae with all these yummies!! The launch of the new dessert menu couldn’t get any sweeter!! Make sure you visit @sukkaruae to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can thank me later. And since it’s World Nutella day, why not have their Nutella Well? —————————————————————————— Thank you @sukkaruae for a very generous welcoming. Everything was absolutely amazing yet the Horlick’s Milk Cake and the Rose Latte had a special place in my heart.. and stomach ❤️
Thank you @fluffypufffloss for the sweet gift - I made sure the gift box joins me on my Beirut trip! My nephews & I enjoyed the different flavors of these cotton candy cone treats; My favorite is obviously the lilac one 💜 —————————————————————————— @fluffypufffloss specializes in organic cotton candy, and these chocolate filled cones. 10% of their sales are also donated to charity. 🌈
Inspired by Dubai’s biggest cup of Karak tea, my friend and I enjoyed 18 cups of Saffron Karak & Classic Karak @800karak - I call that Karak overdose. —————————————————————————— @800karak serves different kinds of Karak Tea and delivers warm Karak thermoses to the lazy addicts like myself.
Simple & nostalgic Lebanese decorative items with traditional Lebanese slogans are the base of the homey feel @albastasandwiches This newly opened restaurant promises Beiruti comfort food through sandwiches & platters that are a main part of the Lebanese streets; yet I unfortunately was very disappointed & didn’t enjoy the Lebanese comfort food I was hoping for. —————————————————————————— 2/5 ⭐️ Chicken Francisco: Stale bread & a chicken mix that is no where similar to the Lebanese version. 1.5/5 ⭐️ Chicken Msahab: Again stale bread, smelly chicken, & mayonnaise instead of the garlic paste. Would be back, only because the concept is worth another try.
Finally had my dose of @dosecafe_uae after queuing and waiting for over 40 minutes. Had the specialty Spanish Latte while overlooking the @citywalkdubai area and watching all the customers take pictures of their coffee 📷 —————————————————————————— Not sure why all the hype about this place. The coffee is good, but nothing extraordinary. The branding is probably my favorite thing here.
After all the snacks I had @theinventingroomae , I feel as cool as liquid nitrogen; minus the frost bite 😎 Tried the Vimto Slushy, Nutella Macaron, Oreo Space Foams, Spicy Cheese Balls, Really Really Cold Cheetos, and Popcorn! My ultimate favorites are the Vimto Slushy with popping boba & the Spicy Cheese Balls. —————————————————————————— Thank you @theinventingroomae for the fun experience at the opening of the new branch @lamerdubai @theinventingroomae uses liquid nitrogen at a below -200 C to make these awesome snacks. Check them out 👈🏻
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