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Have you tried the crepes @mathieucrepes ? They have Savory & Sweet crepes with lots of options. This is my second time & I really like this place!! —————————————————————————— Having tried a few off the menu, I advise you of trying the Chèvre with dried figs as savory, the Dolce Banana & the Chocolat Blanc et Fraise as sweet! The s’mores is a nice idea, but I personally didn’t like it. 📌 If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, their Noir Orange is super dark & good!
Morning Coffee or Afternoon Frappe? Either way, you’re getting a fresh piece of Patchi Chocolate. —————————————————————————— Patchi Cafe, @patchichocolate the new meeting point in Beirut is now open @abc.verdun with a menu full of tempting drinks & desserts!
Eggplant Fatte or فتة باذنجان is one of my favorite Lebanese appetizers and is on top of my list in any Lebanese restaurant. It’s basically made of fried eggplant, flavored yogurt, and crispy bread. —————————————————————————— This version of Eggplant Fatte at @lizabeirut has a slight twist to it which is the extra touch of Basil and I love it! One of the best Eggplant Fattes in a while! 📌 Don’t miss dessert @lizabeirut !!
Missions of the day: - Take a picture of the ice cream before it melts! Accomplished ✅ - Eat the ice cream before it melts! Accomplished ✅ - Don’t stain your white shirt! Not Accomplished ❎ —————————————————————————— Loved the freshness and authentic flavors of the ice cream @makari_sweets - I had the Lebanese blackberry flavor with fresh berry pieces in it, and the Lemon flavor with a dash of orange blossom! 📌 The pistachio flavor is a must try too!
#Repost @sassyblackcat ・・・ JUST ANNOUNCED! I'm coming back to BK August 24th! This time with @whoisskitzo & @joyellenicole 😻😻 Tickets on sale now. Link in @sassyblackcat bio bb 😻💁🏾 Flyer by @feministfatal #SassyBlack #SoulSelections #OnTheMoonArts #TomTomMagazine
JUST ANNOUNCED! I'm coming back to BK August 24th! This time with @whoisskitzo & @joyellenicole 😻😻 Tickets on sale now. Link in my bio bb 😻💁🏾 Flyer by @feministfatal #SassyBlack #SoulSelections #OnTheMoonArts #TomTomMagazine
Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day and I’m starting it with the most decent cup of coffee in Beirut at @thebackburner —————————————————————————— Strong fresh coffee, almond milk, latte art, sunshine and beautiful tiles - works for me!! 📌 If you’re a fan of Matcha, check out their Matcha Latte!
It’s been a marvelous birthday week with lots of cake, calories, singing and love! This picture is not one of the best but definitely the most candid! —————————————————————————— This pearl themed cake by @chocolatinebyranaarayssi is one of my favorite looking cakes this week except that I wished it tasted only half as good as it looked! Who’s celebrating their birthday in July too?
It’s been a week of celebrations for my birthday and I am so blessed to have spent it with the people I love the most. —————————————————————————— One of the best cakes I’ve had this week is this Pavé Cake from @gustav_is Made from pure dark chocolate, this cake is one of the rare yummy gluten-free & sugar free cakes in Beirut! 📌 These trick relighting candles just made my evening!
Beirut is always a good idea and so is @meatthefish - especially when it is as sunny as today! —————————————————————————— On Tuesday’s menu, you can enjoy this fresh Market Salad. I paired mine with a portion of Salmon Sashimi and I loved it! 📌 Beef Carnitas Tacos are my favorite thing on the menu!
Ending my Kraków vacation with a local breakfast under the rainy weather at @charlotte_bistro —————————————————————————— The homemade marmalade and chocolates are extremely good; I even bought a jar of white chocolate spread to keep me company in Dubai. 📌 Their Lavender Honey is a must try!
Apples, grapes, mandarins, bananas, pears, strawberries, kiwis, marshmallows and even chilis dipped in chocolate? That’s what you will find at @owocewczekoladzie —————————————————————————— I really wanted to try the chocolate dipped chilies but being warned that they’re super spicy, I settled for the strawberries, and guess what? I am glad I did! 🍓
You probably know of my love for Lavender infused food & drinks by now; and this Lavender Latte @bighatofcoffee is my latest addition to the Lavender list of love! 💜 —————————————————————————— A very small coffee shop, a welcoming barista, cute gadgets, and excellent coffee - what’s more to ask for? 📌 If you’re a fan of Black Coffee, you will definitely like it here!
Kraków is famous for its street food and what is better than the Food Market in Kleparz for an authentic experience? —————————————————————————— The smell brought me here to @bythewaykrakow and it was the best thing I’ve done today! A very generous portion of freshly made Seafood Spaghetti; and a taste that is just wonderful!! 📌 Swipe 👈🏻 for the making of!
Known as the oldest pastry in Hungary, the Chimney Cake is very popular in all Eastern Europe especially here in Poland. —————————————————————————— Chimney Cakes are made of a yeast dough rolled around a spiral pin then baked till golden. @chimneycakebakery has the most original flavors such as this Tiramisu Chimney Cone. Filled with mascarpone and ice cream, this dessert is not to be missed!
Enjoyed 500ml of an excellent Honey-Nut latte with the best view of Krakow’s Old Market at @cafe_szal_sukiennice —————————————————————————— With a hidden entrance from the museum and a secret stairway above the Medieval Underground Stalls, this cafe offers the full view of the Old Market. 📌 DM me for details on getting there!
Hello Poland, Hello Obwarzanek! Obwarzanek Krakowski is the most popular snack in Krakow, Poland!! —————————————————————————— This braided ring shaped bread is boiled before baking and is usually topped with poppy seeds or sesame. So I’ve had my first Polish specialty, what’s next? 📌 Stay tuned to my insta stories!
Our long weekend getaway to @tilalliwahotel was so refreshing and relaxing that we certainly couldn’t make it to the breakfast buffet on time! —————————————————————————— Enjoyed a hearty breakfast in bed with the gorgeous view from our room before heading to the pool for a farewell desert tan!
Waking up to the view of the desert is just out of this world. Now pair this view with a beautiful infinity pool and a latte. Can it get any better? —————————————————————————— Enjoying this Eid’s getaway at @tilalliwahotel - I think I’ve become addicted to the desert. 📌 Thank you Divine for being one of the very few efficient servers here!
What are your Eid plans? I’m personally enjoying my morning coffee with the family; and of course the Lebanese Maamouls from @alhallabuae before heading out for a Eid getaway with #hubby . —————————————————————————— Happy Eid everyone; may it bring you all the love, blessings and food! 📌 Love my hand painted coffee set from @malfoufii
A few more hours before we go back to our daily routine and the morning coffee instead of the evening one! —————————————————————————— Enjoyed a good evening Rakwa of coffee at @lokmetgibran while bidding Ramadan 2018 a farewell. Until next year!
The iftar buffet @rwabudhabi couldn’t get any better. The variety is exceptional and the display is absolutely beautiful. I loved every detail about this iftar!! —————————————————————————— The @rwabudhabi Iftar Buffet is by Sambusek, their fine dining restaurant. If the Iftar is that good, I’m betting their daily dining experience is exquisite! 📌 Live Shawarma is so good!!
@desertpalmdxb brings back a lot of good memories of my family vacations in Dubai and it’s been a while since I visited; but this time for iftar at RARE, amidst a Polo Club decor. —————————————————————————— A relatively small buffet but with a wide variety and mostly good items! The main courses are served on your table, beautifully presented & generously filled. The only thing I’d change is the juice station as all the drinks were really diluted & flavorless. The dessert table could use more variety but I really did enjoy the different jams. 📌 Zomato Gold
Hop into a donut, and sail in Dubai’s creek while enjoying a gorgeous sunset view and a delicious meal. —————————————————————————— Thank you @boardwalkdubai - it was such a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to be back for the BBQ sail. Make sure you are with precious company like mine & a great Donut Captain like Hubby! 📌 Jeff & Jerico, it wouldn’t have been the same without your awesome service!
TONIGHT! A super ill all ages show takes place with my sis @gifted_gab @hueyandtheinflowentials and @damnshejamaican ! These acts are all amazing and I'm so excited have curated this show. Doors at 7. Show at 8. One of the last Gifted Gab shows for a min, don't play yourself! Flyers by @feministfatal #SoulSelections #GiftedGab #hueyandtheinflowentials #damnshejamaican #FremontAbbey
TONIGHT! A super ill all ages show takes place with my sis @gifted_gab @hueyandtheinflowentials and @damnshejamaican ! These acts are all amazing and I'm so excited have curated this show. Doors at 7. Show at 8. One of the last Gifted Gab shows for a min, don't play yourself! Flyers by @feministfatal #SoulSelections #GiftedGab #hueyandtheinflowentials #damnshejamaican #FremontAbbey
Where are you having iftar tonight? I’ve had Iftar @almayass_dubai last Ramadan & this Ramadan and was very satisfied at both occasions. —————————————————————————— A generous set menu iftar with 10 starters & a choice of 2 main courses for 185aed per person. Being a fan of Lebanese Armenian Cuisine, @almayass_dubai is a great choice! 📌 Hummus Beiruti & Batata Harara are not to be missed!!
The thing I’ve been craving the most this Ramadan is coffee. It’s been tough dealing with the day without my usual caffeine kick!! —————————————————————————— This latte @wildandthemoon is the perfect vegan latte - freshly brewed coffee with almond milk. Have you read my article about this place on the blog? 📌 Love my customized agenda from @malfoufii
Saturday at #fremontabbey ! @sassyblackcat curates another #soulselections show feat. the talented @gifted_gab @damnshejamaican & @hueyandtheinflowentials in the gallery downstairs. Not many chairs out for this show that’s for sure! 8p show start. Flyer art by Jessica McQuarrie
THIS SATURDAY! My sis Gifted Gab is headlining the next #SoulSelections at @abbeyarts ! You shouldn't miss this because she is already blowing up and waaay far ahead of the scene. She is one of the best performers I know. So don't even play around! Tix at abbeyarts.me Flyer by @feministfatal #GiftedGab #SassyBlack #Queens #BlackExcellence
Last week was a marathon of gigs that ended sweetly with Upstream. This week is just a bit chiller: 6/6 - #WeToo - Seattle Central Public Library - 6-8:30 6/9 - #SoulSelections - Fremont Abbey feat. @gifted_gab @damnshejamaican & @hueyandtheinflowentials Photo by @toppingtown Jacket & pants by @izitvintage Glasses & fanny pack by moi #SassyBlack #SweetVibesTour #SexyMCHammer
COZY TRAVELS 📍AUGSBURG CITYY /w THE COZYSOUNDSYSTEM @misakiyah @abygail.based @majiinnbuuu @jcashthakid & SMOOTH BOY @a.tari2600 //• LE HEAT MODULAR AFTER PARTY @wetheheaters #morelife #djlifestyle #cozysoundsystem #augsburg #soulselections
Ending my Cairo trip with one of the most enjoyable suhoors at Naguib Mahfouz Cafe in the middle of Khan el Khalili - the most magical area in the city! —————————————————————————— Authentic Egyptian experience, lovely live music, happy people, great company and the best Mango Juice! Until next time Cairo 👋🏻 📌 Named after the famous Egyptian novelist 📚
Yesterday’s iftar was at #kebabgy which is one of the highly priced iftars in Cairo yet one of the worst in my opinion. —————————————————————————— The food is below average with minimal variety, the service is second to none, and the cleanliness of the outdoor seating area is really bad. To top it off, the live Oud entertainment is so pathetic! The only good thing about this place is the view and the live bread making stations @sofitelcairoeg 📌 Was advised of trying it out again after Ramadan - will do!
Another Egyptian Specialty: Kabab, Kofta, Chicken & Riyash - what we call BBQ! —————————————————————————— Served on a mini grill, the Egyptian spices used & the tenderness of the meat is to die for! You can find this @babelnil_fairmontnilecity where the best Traditional Egyptian shows play amidst the best vibes. 3 different singers each night during Ramadan - a must every time I’m in Cairo at my favorite hotel @fairmontnilecity
Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal consumed before fasting and it differs from one country to another. Egyptian suhoor usually consists of different kinds of Fava Beans, Falafel, cheeses, and eggs. —————————————————————————— The most traditional and enjoyable suhoor you can have in Cairo is at Mahrous. Street seatings, news papers for table cloths, and the best Foul Iskandarani - all hidden here in the alleyways of Garden City! A table of more than 15 plates for less than 10$!! 📌 Try their rolled Eggs - بيض مدحرج 🥚
Kicking off my Authentic Ramadan Week in Cairo with Egyptian Bread Making @sofitelcairoeg with this lovely lady! —————————————————————————— Egyptian Bread (Aish Baladi) is the major component of Egyptian cuisine. It may look very similar to Pita Bread except that it tastes very different. Egyptian Bread is made of whole wheat flour and is traditionally baked in ovens made from Nile red mud. 📌 Check out my stories for a homemade recipe!
Raw Meat is a Lebanese dish consisting of a variety of raw items like Lahme Nayyi, Kibbi Nayyi, Sawda Nayyi, Kafta Nayyi, and Frakèh. It is famous all year round, including Ramadan! —————————————————————————— Served with mint leaves, hot chilies, green onions, red radishes, garlic, walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil on top - this dish is one of my favorites among the Lebanese Mezze!!
What are you having for Iftar tonight? I’m craving this Bhindi Do Pyaaza & Cheese Naan from @indiapalaceme —————————————————————————— Such a rich menu to choose from - but don’t forget to check their Iftar Party Pack! 📌 Zomato Gold
No coffee?? Ugh so depresso!! This is exactly what it feels like skipping my morning coffee during Ramadan! —————————————————————————— Kill your depressed coffee crave at @depressocafe this Ramadan from 7pm to 3 am ☕️
What is Fattoush? Where did it get its name from? What are its ingredients? How can you prepare it ahead of time? —————————————————————————— Fattoush, the Traditional Ramadan Salad, is very simple yet delicious especially with the crispy Pita bread on top! Check out the detailed recipe in today’s story!
Wishing you and your beloved ones a very blessed Ramadan. May it bring you health, happiness and lots of food. —————————————————————————— Share your iftar & suhour pictures with me @soulselections 🌙🌟
My last official breakfast before it turns into Iftar for the next 30 days!! —————————————————————————— Fell in love with the breakfast and dessert here at @cocoaroomae especially these delicious Turkish Eggs served over a generous portion of Turkish Labnè, chili oil and a side of sourdough bread. 📌The Cortado is absolutely excellent!
No fancy tableware, no sophisticated service, and absolutely no regrets - only at RAVI! —————————————————————————— A true hidden gem where the only thing you can expect is excellent Pakistani food and a happy tummy. Keeping it simple and real! 📌 The Mutton Handi is to die for & it’s only for 24dhs!!
Are you getting double the food, double the drinks and double the love for half the price with Zomato GOLD? I know I’ve been doing that for the past 2 months and I love it!! I’m GOLD, are you? @zomatouae —————————————————————————— GOLD membership is now sold out, but keep an eye on the next purchase openings to benefit from: 📌 1+1 on food, brunch & iftars 📌 2+2 on drinks 📌 700+ restaurants 📌 No menu restrictions 📌 Exclusive members-only events 📌Live Chat Support Use my code SOULSE for a 25% discount on your membership and I’ll get an extra month of GOLD!
Those of you who know me well, already know of my endless love for watermelons!! For those of you who don’t know that, I finished this half watermelon by myself. —————————————————————————— Isn’t this the perfect summer quencher? The highlight of last weekend’s getaway @khalidiyapalace 🍉🍉
Today was a GOOD day, but what FRIDAY isn't 😄🙌 Reunited with @ashybines at @wearecombi. Such a gorgeous human inside and out. Thanks for the pressies. Spent the day with my gorgeous girl @aliciacrystal Today was an abundance of SOUL food. #ashybines #wearecombi #friyay #goodfeels #soulselections #wisechoices #yeeeeeee #fitness #family #lifestyle
What are you having for breakfast tomorrow? I’m having @rajuomlet again!! This place is all about eggs, egg quotes, and a fun decor! —————————————————————————— As simple as it gets, yet the best omelette in town! The Cheese Masala Omelette is my favorite; paired with a glass of Cutting Chai. 📌 Lunch & Dinner menu now available.
Have you tried this awesome Quinoa Burger @craftcafe_dubai ? It is delicious, low in carbs, and most importantly gluten-free!! —————————————————————————— While you’re at it, give the Quinoa Truffle Risotto (swipe left) a try - a crafted recipe by Chef @macitkarpuz 📌 Ramadan menu coming soon!!
Enjoyed an Asian inspired feast @baowowdubai amidst a colorful & vibrant graffiti decor by @t.ra.my —————————————————————————— The Wagyu Bao-ger is my favorite item and the Oh Bao is a must try if you’re a fan of spicy food!! 📌 Don’t miss the Coco Bang drink!!
Pair this Burrata & Heirloom Tomato Salad with the King Salmon Filet @hqs459 , and you’ve got yourself a healthy fulfilling meal. —————————————————————————— A nice outdoor seating area and an exquisite service by Big Marc!! 📌 Zomato Gold Friendly
Ending my Beirut trip with one of my never disappointing meals @swissbutter - excellent meat, amazing sauce, and a full meal for $15 only. —————————————————————————— A medium rare, fries, white bread, extra protein portion, and extra sauce; this order is enough to compete with the best steak houses in Lebanon - Until next time Beirut.
Besides the great company, this Beirut plate was the only good thing about my breakfast at @nicaffe - a very fulfilling Lebanese plate for 6.5$ only. —————————————————————————— The truffle omelette was truly pathetic; super small & oily, crepes was served cold and the coffee was below average. Thankful for the great company and good service! 📌 Breakfast buffet on weekends & a way better lunch/dinner menu!
“When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee.” —————————————————————————— Fell in love with the outdoor seating area & excellent piccolo @siplebanon - a good dose when it is most needed! 📌 Dog Friendly
What are your plans for Labour Day? My plans are to fuel up on some natural energy for the rest of the week! (So I can eat more!) —————————————————————————— Cheers from @fadi_fruits where I enjoyed an excellent Avocado Drink. Topped with nuts & honey, this drink is full of good fats, happy calories, & a whole lot of delicious energy! 🥑 📌 Happy Labour Day Everyone!
Breakfast at Tiffany’s? No, breakfast at @thesageparlour Beirut. This new all-day breakfast Parlour with a brew bar has a simple mood-uplifting decor, neutral relaxing colors, & lots of food to choose from. —————————————————————————— The French omelette, avocado on toast & pancakes are delicious but the trays are my favorite! I had the Lebanese tray & enjoyed it. Their sage bread is a must try! 📌 Still soft opening so expect a few items to be unavailable & note that the credit card machine is not activated yet.
They say that if you start the weekend right, you’ll enjoy the rest of it. I’m obviously talking about food. —————————————————————————— Starting the weekend with these freshly baked traditional @arhallab1881 Lahm Baajins for breakfast & aiming at a food-full weekend. How do you plan to spend yours? 📌 Don’t forget to add some molasses (debs el remmen)
Can you spot this little shop in the background? This is where the best ice cream in Beirut is freshly made daily. —————————————————————————— So many traditional flavors to choose from but my favorites are the Rose Water, Mastic Milk, Crunchy Almond, and Apricot. Try it out and let me know your favorite flavor!! 📌 Proudly voted the best ice cream in the world by the @businessinsider - no kidding 🇱🇧
It is all about the Salt at @saltedbistro !! Opened 2 months ago & already fully booked every night. The smokey presentation of food is really cool except that it gets too smoggy inside the restaurant. —————————————————————————— This Salmon Kale salad with a sprinkle of black salt is excellent and so are the Sushi Rolls. The burger wasn’t impressive but I’m definitely coming back to give the Tomahawk a try! 📌 The Pain Perdu makes a sweet ending!
There is nothing more discouraging than a bad cup of morning coffee and nothing more satisfying than good company. —————————————————————————— Well I obviously didn’t enjoy the Iced Cappuccino nor the Classic Cappuccino @lamiedoree but the quality time spent & the beautiful porch seat @abc.verdun was worth it.
When it’s Armenian food with a twist, a welcoming service & a Lebanese ambience, it’s @maallemarteen & this is the specialty tray - تزكة معلم آرتين —————————————————————————— Those Garlic Pickles are my favorite, the Lentil Kibbe is a yummy twist, and the Knefe for dessert is an absolute must!! 📌 A special Spinach Manti is coming soon, and I loved it; stay tuned - @maallemarteen
Ending a wonderful London trip with those highly needed wake up call Zingers from @jameswhitedrink —————————————————————————— More caffeine than a cup of coffee, with healthy ingredients & interesting vegan flavors. The Turmeric Zinger is a best seller with a dash of black pepper to assist with the absorption of turmeric benefits. 📌 Lime Chilli Zinger is my personal favorite 🌶
I wasn’t even hungry when I passed by @brasserieblanc & saw these Shetland Island Mussels on the door menu; I obviously had to check out this French Brasserie owned by the famous Chef @raymondblanc —————————————————————————— These Scottish mussels are steamed with saffron & served with fries - nothing impressive but nothing to complain about either. The Risotto was surprisingly below average. 📌 It was nice trying out this famous chain but not worth coming back for.
One of the places that I visit every time I’m in London is @busabaeathai - and I was terribly sad to know it closed down in Dubai before I got the chance to try it. —————————————————————————— This Tom Yam Goong is one of my favorite soups with just the perfect flavors of lemongrass & spice, and this Thai Calamari with green peppercorns & ginger is absolutely the best calamari you can ever have; ever. 📌 The Coconut Rice is beyond amazing & the Crunchy Seaweed is a very unique snack!
The weather is still super cold in London and it’s always the perfect time for a rich Cafe Au Lait from @cote_brasserie —————————————————————————— By far the best Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon & the most delicious Eggs Benedict Royale I’ve had in a while. 📌 Visit @cote_brasserie at St. Christopher’s Place @stchristophersplace - one of my favorite alleyways in London.
Had to make a stop @carluccios for a late night dinner and couldn’t but have this delicious Arabica Coffee ice cream scoop too! —————————————————————————— Gelatos & sorbets @carluccios are “Gelati Artigianali” - made traditionally with natural flavors & served with a crispy Carluccio’s wafer! 📌 Their cheese platter is served with truffle honey; a new addition to my addiction list.
Say hello to grilled cheese greatness @pickleandtoast - where your “homemade” cheese sandwich is much better than it is at home! —————————————————————————— This toasted Truffle Cheese Sandwich with a side of pickles is out of this world & I cannot wait to be back for more!
🇬🇧 Back in London 🇬🇧 One of the best crab salads in London, and definitely one of the least satisfying main courses as well. —————————————————————————— Enjoyed a beyond excellent King Crab Sweetcorn Salad at @fancycrabuk , an average King Crab Burger, a Singapore Chili Crab that has nothing to do with the original recipe, & a very disappointing Devonshire Lobster Bao. 📌 Very appealing decor & indoor plants, but the food isn’t worth the visit.🌱
Who said Icecreams & Unicorns are for kids only? This is what happens when you are at @ellascreamery - if you love surprises, this dessert is for you!—————————————————————————— Crazy about this Mermaizing Rock & Roll Special Icecream Cone filled with surprises, mermaid magic, unicorn dust and sweet dreams! 🧜🏻‍♀️🍦🦄 📌 Make sure you try their crazy shakes!
It’s been a long time that I haven’t been to @jonesuae and I remember it was excellent, except this visit wasn’t good. —————————————————————————— Had the Australian Strip-loin with the Melbourne Coffee Rub and even though it looked good, the meat was white from the inside & over cooked. The manager had it changed but it was even worse the 2nd time around. The meat itself is the issue. The Truffle & Mushroom Risotto was below average too. I’ll be back to @jonesuae on another occasion & until then will stick to getting my cheeses from their awesome Cheese Room. 📌 Entertainer Friendly
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